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  1. I don't bother with gimbals, they tend to look expensive and frustrating. A good old handheld and tripod is the best for me. Sometimes I don't even use tripods but instead stack boxes and books to place a camera on. I have tried to keep up with the shoulder rig phase that some of us have had, but it got too expensive and cumbersome.
  2. There will be certain times of the day where you can not record video or take photos because of the lighting conditions, so you have to make do with the times of day you are working with unless you bring in more light. I am struggling with learning this but I'll say it anyway, be fine with 0 Likes and 10 views and even 1000 dislikes. You tried your best.
  3. I don't know what is best for you because I am not in your shoes. Lots of people telling you what to do is best, and you may still have the same answer you had before and after this question that you made.
  4. From what I read on the net, IMAX resolution of 70mm film is 12k. The latest RED camera goes up to 8k resolution. What if someone who makes the next 65mm sensor like that of the Arri Alexa 65, could very well make the next 12k resolution camera? Thus making the idea of film having the most resolution than digital no longer, and digital being better because of technology. I think we are getting close to that point of digital cameras being as good as film cameras. The flatbed scanner for 35mm film is 6k resolution and already there are cameras with the same color scheme and grain texture quality as film cameras. More cameras are having more sophisticated dynamic ranges too.
  5. Simple Man I meant in terms like Hank Hill from King of the Hill. Ya'know down to earth, traditional, and organized and clean?
  6. The issue with strobe light now is.... people who happen to get seizures from flashing lights...
  7. I came up with a new company name: Flashing Light Films Only one search result came up and it was this, http://www.surfline.com/templates/article_html.cfm?n=5&id=7153&p=1 and I clicked on the website and it is no longer in business. I checked domain.com for the website name and I found nothing, which means Flashinglightfilms.com is avaliable for me. So what do you all think? Here is a concept picture I made.
  8. Zach Goodwin2


    I noticed this picture of this stove top this morning, if you look closely you'll see a smile.
  9. Zach Goodwin2


    Edmika is not the most practical solution there is to getting an FD to eos conversion. Honestly the most practical solution to video is with a specialized video camera and lenses with autofocus and image stabilzation kind of like b4 lenses. Heck, not even using a canon dslr is even practical. Edmika is a solution, which can lead to some interesting results. Do research on the lens mount adapters by Edmika, and make sure there is a good amount of instruction on the lens and also that you know a lot about the lens distance from the camera, but I can assure you the product is real.
  10. Zach Goodwin2


    I like showing off the pictures and videos from my camera and lens.
  11. Zach Goodwin2


    I am kind of surprised this time that I haven't gotten any likes on my stills. 😐
  12. Zach Goodwin2


    Here is a video still with the Canon T2i with the FD 35-105 F/3.5
  13. Zach Goodwin2


    New photo taken with T2i on FD 35-105 F/3.5
  14. There have been films that I have watched that looked good on VHS quality or DVD quality and still look good to this day.
  15. Make sure you are able to tell where the subject is from the contrast of the camera.
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