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  1. Hi, I would like to be interested in visual effect making in filmmaking, could anyone tell me what software do filmmakers use the most? I am somewhat familiar with Adobe After Effects.
  2. Canon Rebel Series or Canon 7D series? This is the Canon Rebel filter: http://store.mosaicengineering.com/VAF-TXi-Moire-Aliasing-Filter_p_14.html and this is the Canon 7D filter: http://store.mosaicengineering.com/VAF-7D-Moire-Aliasing-Filter_p_11.html I got the Rebel filter off the store they had.
  3. I apologize you all, due to business rights and privacy and out of respect, I am unable to completely document my small town, as I do not have the credentials or experience required to document it completely and properly. The documentary project is "too ambitious". Although I can maybe document one small business instead. Oh and HGTV was already documenting my small town.
  4. Well, I may need to tidy up and organize my room. Here is a photograph of my cat in my dresser, taken on the Canon FD 35-105 F/3.5 on the Canon T2i.
  5. If you were stuck with a choice between having to be overexposed or underexposed, go with underexposed as you will have the most data and can bring it back up in post. But ever so slightly underexposed, because overexposure causes loss of data. As with white balance, if you were stuck with a choice between being warm or cool, go with warm, as that is the most appealing, and have it ever so slightly as well.
  6. Focus your camera on the brightest and most colorful parts of the image as much as you can while keeping good composition. Also try to get the best focus in camera as possible.
  7. I remember from a phone call with an FD lens repair guy from a distant country him saying that it is cheaper to buy another FD lens than to repair it.
  8. Sometimes writing without a script can get a video made quicker than making one with a script. And in some ways do not be a perfectionist... Unless of course you are required to. Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space was still entertaining to someone.
  9. The documentary I'm working on may take some time to get to as I have a lot of focusing to do on college.
  10. I know some of you all may not like talking about this or am bored of it, but if you were thrown in the ring of Hollywood scandals and drama how would you feel? Since a lot of us are from the film industry, and I think we all are familiar with how crazy Hollywood can be, if you were apart of it all, how would you react?
  11. To me, the idea of Youtube paying for you with ad revenue is a myth. Pewdiepie who has millions of subscribers I would say would just have enough to pay for his rent and bills, because of youtube, and he's not like super rich with his own mansion or private condo.
  12. Oh, it's the documentary I was working on months ago about what my town is that snowfall suggested. I still may need some transportation to get to these place to make the documentary.
  13. Okay, I have done the videography list for the Dadeville Documentary: introduction of Dadeville, 1. Slideshow images of Francis L. Dade 2. Video of Lake Martin 3. Video of people in Dadeville town walking or people working 4. Video of people fishing or boating or swimming in Dadeville 5. Video of inside of car plant 6. Video of the outside of a nice home Wickles Pickles, 7. Video of Wickles Pickles jar 8. Slideshow of the brothers who made the Wickles Pickles and picture of the factory of Wickles Pickles 9. Video of me eating a Wickles Pickle Renfroe's, 10. Video of outside of Renfroes 11. Slideshow pictures of father and son who owned Renfroes 12. Slideshow pictures of locations of Renfroe's 13. Slideshow picture of Renfroe's as Dadeville Foodland 14. Video of inside of Renfroe's 15. Another video of inside of Renfroe's Home Plate, 16. Video of outside of Home Plate 17. Video of inside of restaurant 18. Video of food in restaurant 19. Video of waitresses helping out 20. Video of cash register being used 21. Slideshow of people in store Sigger's Barber shop, 22. Video of outside of barber shop 23. Video of inside of barber shop 24. Video of memorabilia 25. Video of me getting my hair cut and being told to have a "blessed day" 26. Video of me walking out of store Floyd's Feed and Seed, 27. Video of outside of store 28. Videos of stock 29. Video of Inside of Store Places nearby Floyd's Feed and Seed, 30. Videos of those places PNC Bank, 31. Video of exterior of bank 32. Slideshow of history and previous locations 33. Video of drive thru and ATM machine 34. Video of people waving at camera Other Stores, 35. Video of other stores mentioned on list 36. Video of palm trees outside Eagle Gas Station 37. Video of exterior of churches 38. Video of other places mentioned in paragraph Conclusion, 39. Video of Dadeville sign 40. Video of Dadeville forests 41. Slideshow of weather report during summer 42. Slideshow of weather report during winter 43. Video of Dadeville sign
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