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    New picture I took with FD 35-105 F/3.5
  2. This is the story I wrote: A Grade By Zachary Goodwin It was afternoon, the sun was shining through the window. A teenager was lying on the bed. He has a backpack next to him on his bed. The bed has a blue blanket with white sheets, and a white pillow. The bedroom had a dresser and a closet. There was a light above the teenager and a light on the dresser. The room was somewhat messy. The teenager on the bed had on a logo T-shirt, jeans, and white socks on. He pulls out his iPhone and goes through his texts. The teen finds text messages with his father about how to clean his car, another one on how to mow the lawn, and lastly how to sweep the floor. One of the text messages he reads reveals the teenager's name is Thomas. The text message reads from his father, "Thomas, if you could tell yourself you can do it more you would not feel so bad everyday. You are very smart." The teenager opens up his backpack to pull out a math test which has a failing grade on it. The teen has a sad face. He pouts and says to himself while puting his hand on his face, "I'm going to fail high school." Thomas with a frustrated look text messages his father again, "How can you be so sure that telling myself I can do it would work? I have a quiz tomorrow." asked Thomas again. "You are my son and I care a lot about you. Just try telling yourself that you can do it and I think all will be well!" Thomas's books in his backpack are laid out and closed. It was now 5 PM. The teenager closes his eyes and has a tired look on his face. "I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.", he repeated to himself. Thomas falls asleep on his bed and snores. It is morning. He hears his alarm clock again. Soon Thomas rushes out the door with his backpack. Time passes by, and it is now late afternoon at 3 PM. Thomas opens the door looking at his math quiz grade, "Why can't I do well!" He then gets a text message from his father, "I heard about your quiz grade. Your mother told me after I was done with my meeting." Thomas text messages back, "It's just a lousy grade." His father texts back, "Just a grade? Thomas you have so much going for you, but you need to try in your studies. Read and go over your notes and read the textbook." "It won't work!" Thomas texted back. "It will be better. Anyway, I have some news for you, my boss told me that I need to work overtime. I'll be home at 10 PM. I understand you are a light sleeper, but you got to finish your homework and go to bed at a decent hour." Thomas feels somewhat tired still. He looks at his bed and then his bookbag, and then his bookbag again. Thomas looks there and there again. He sighs, goes for his bookbag, and gets to studying for his math test. Thomas reads the textbook and fills out papers. Time passes by until it is night. "Thomas, dinner's ready!" said his mother. In his bedroom is his meal his mother cooked. Thomas then cleans his room. He still focuses on his studies, reading and going through his notes. It is now 9 PM. "I'm going to fail again." said Thomas sadly. He slightly shakes his head and opens up his iPhone to reveal a text message from his father telling him to keep on telling yourself you can do it. Thomas sighs and he goes to sleep. He wakes up, grabs his bookbag, and he walks to the door. Thomas is somewhat scared he will fail the test; he then looks at his phone for his text message from his father. Thomas closes his eyes and then says to himself, "I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this." Thomas takes a deep breath, opens his eyes, and walks out the door then closes it. Time passes by and he slowly opens his bedroom door again and walks into the bedroom slowly. Thomas looks at the paper. On the paper is a 97 A+ test grade. "Yes!" said Thomas excitedly. Thomas then gets a text message from his father, "See Thomas I told you you could do it! Your mother and I am proud of you. Good work." "And I bet to you that I can get an A on the next test. Dad, I want to pass my classes and be as happy as I can be about it." Thomas texted back. Thomas lays back on his bed smiling. He takes a deep breath with his arms on the back of his head on the pillow. Thomas then opens up his bookbag to get the books out of the bag. "Just a grade." Thomas then laughed, "More like a great grade." He relaxed and smiled again. "I can do it and get through it. I'm going to pass high school." He then went back to studying for another class.
  3. I also finished writing a story that I will adapt to a short film it may be boring to some, but I enjoyed it.
  4. Zach Goodwin2


    It has a macro lens function and yes it is parfocal. And no I don't have any graded video frames.
  5. Zach Goodwin2


    New picture I took with FD 35-105 F/3.5
  6. Zach Goodwin2


    New picture I took with the FD 35-105 F/3.5
  7. In my opinion you should invest in the light with the most light output as in go for the light that's 10,000 lumens compared to the light that's 5,000 lumens. The more light the better and if your client has an issue with the light then perhaps I would put some diffusion in the front of the light to make the light maybe less harsh. However, go with whatever works for you. Maybe get the Aputure. What's your budget?
  8. To give an update on the town I am at documentary, I am still working on the documentary based on my town. I did write a new story though and it is based on what I went through with education, and I may make a short film based on that story.
  9. Zach Goodwin2


    New Picture I took on FD 35-105 F/3.5
  10. Zach Goodwin2


    New picture that I took with FD 35-105 F/3.5
  11. Be aware of the distance the camera has with the subject as well.
  12. It's just a camera and an idea that could be helpful for it. I like talking about technology, cameras, and the idea of filmmaking. I wrote this because I assumed someone could benefit from a question I asked about a camera. And in terms of buying or selling or renting cameras that is your decision.
  13. I did the math and found that had Francis Ford Coppla used the C700 FF on Apocalypse now he would save $5,000,000 on equipment. Apocalypse Now would cost $25,000,000 instead of $31,500,000 had it been made with digital cameras and used professional LED lights.
  14. I found this and I figured out that the highest low light performance of the C700 ff is 16,000 ISO compared to the C300 Mk II's 10,000 ISO. So overall the C700 ff is a good choice for low light filming. And this is what 16,000 ISO looks like, so if I use the C700 FF cinematically I get to save a lot of money on lighting:
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