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  1. Hi @Sage, I haven't get any email. let me know if this is coming.
  2. In the technical side, there's nothing really wrong with 24FPS, the problem comes in the displays, most of consumer displays are not native compatible with 24 fps, so they end up "doubling" some frames and others don't, that makes the jitter. 120hz/240hz displays are better for this task as they are even numbers with 24. Now on the artistic decision, I shot in 24fps, but I choose to do so because I do narrative content and films. I prefer the abstraction that gives from reality by shooting in lower frames rates, I think that it gives some space for that imagination to play and induce
  3. I think that the copper heat spreader only is by far the best mos practical solution, and also good enough to keep it cool.
  4. The SOC is nice, and a new infrastructure is inspiring for the future of computers. But, let's be honest, 8k Prores is't not a hard codec to work with. I wanna se real h264/h265 performance.
  5. I trust Sareesh, he's quite knowledgable and at least he's a DP who works with the gear he shows. It is interesting to see how the camera will work now with this new update. The timer seems to still be present but it seems that it doesn't "bother" so much when recording, obviously it would be better not to have it present.
  6. That's whats I was thinking. Nobody (more even youtubers) will care if the camera "had issues".
  7. The sad truth is, that in the future Canon will surely launch a "firmware fix" and this problem will be solved, we will all forget about it because the camera will probably be great and in the end, Canon still wins.
  8. "It seems as soon as there is a card inserted, an overheating countdown timer starts, but doesn’t apply when an HDMI device is attached and the card removed" These get very fishy. I had commented in another post about suspicion and my crazy paraonic theory that the overheating limit is only a limit made by firmware, nobody believed me... Now I believe it more firmly, but we still have to wait for the truth to come out. For me, Canon's credibility is at stake in all of this.
  9. Yes, I know it sounds crazy. But ... bad press has worked better than good press in the past, it's not something new. I know, I know ... It sounds crazy. But if this problem is solved only with a firmware, it would be suspicious to me.
  10. Call me paranoid if you want, but I think the overheating of the r5 and r6 is quite a marketing trap. I have already seen several videos where it is mentioned that heating occurs at very different times and several times they have said that the camera is cold to the touch (or at room temperature). In my view, I believe that overheating is a limit set by Canon through software, I do not think it is a real hardware problem. Canon blocked the camera with a false heat alarm to generate all this debate and controversy on the matter. Then in a few months they will fix it with a simple firmware, be
  11. Panasonic avoid PDAF because they aim to "higher image quality" since PDAF pixels in sensor reduce potencial resolution. Now that's a debatable topic, but that's why they keep pushing Contrast detection.
  12. Fuerza y cariño para tu padre! Cheers!
  13. Thanks, the script was made by a friend trying to make the thing a little more collaborative. I didn't consider change the role because i wanted to leave the main character alone for the self reflection. it's more about the "inner my self" but itroducind the topic in a more enjoyable way. Although the puppet killing the man it's a nice too. Venga ese español!
  14. Thanks, I honestly don't know zach goodwin work but cheers for the puppets!!!
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