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  1. I will try answer you both. I think that to make it realistic it all came down to "order of operation". If you add a diffusion fx in post, make it to be in the very first step of the chain, or at least after the WB/exposure corrections. The grading, look and fxs have to come after that. raw footage ▶️ Diffusion ▶️ corrections ▶️ secondary corrections ▶️ grading/look/ mastering or raw footage ▶️ corrections ▶️ secondary corrections ▶️ Diffusion ▶️grading/look/ mastering Tiffen has it's Dfx plugins witch are really nice, but i also use the Red Giant Looks diffusion, those look great also. Oh! and make sure you are working on 32bit color space. Thanks! Yes. I use the Viltrox EF-m2 its way cheaper. Also, it's a tiny bit softer than the Metabones, but for my taste it helps to reduce the super sharpness of Panasonic cameras.
  2. I used Tiffen black pro mist in the past, but more and more often im opting for using diffusion in post production. Except for some very minor thing i found no difference in using diffusion in post, and you got the advantage of adjusting it shot by shot. This was a very tight production, and time was short. So I decided to shot very clean and then finish in post. Although the vintage Pentax glass has some very particular look.
  3. Regular GH5 I have a 50 f1.4, really sharp wide open, but not acutance. I have used the 35mm f2 in the past, its excellent but hard to find. The only problem with my 50mm is that when you stop it down color start to vary every stop, its prone to go more to a yellow tint.
  4. Hello! I have new stills from a recent shot I was DPing. It's another theme, Kinda of game of thrones thing 😉. I think this is a good point of reference to see how color look in this type of forest/swamp with those costumes and production design. Here i used some old vintage Takumar lenses because of the organic look they have, i think they help to sell the fantasy theme. I use the same procedure I always do, and my style of grade using GHa Daylight to LogC. And diffusion LOT of diffusion!
  5. Well the p4k has the advantage of raw, the IQ is better.
  6. I mentioned it but the director really wanted the full frame look, also there are some situations of low key lighting and despite i always light my scenes, the sony do respond really well in low key. On one hand i did some test shots and was able to get some nice color from the Sony. But honestly i prefer the GH5 for IQ and if i can I'm gonna steal some shots with mine for the film.
  7. Hi @Sage is there a Sony a7 version coming some day? I'm currently DPing a Feature and we are using the Sony a7sII.
  8. Love the push is Nikon doing for this 2019... Raw Hdmi output, more body for different budgets. The only thing that is weird for me is the D5700. Imho i't does't make much sense to launch a new "DSLR" style for the lower market, because in general the entry level user looks for the more "practical" features and easy to use. New shooters are in general younger people, and they come from using their phones or some type of hybrid camera. I Think they should aim to a Aps-c mirrorless like the m50, cheap but more prosumer and better build. The DSLR market are more the old professionals, the people with experience that still like the mirror system. i don't know, is the way i see it.
  9. I usually never record or register my productions layout but if I find some time I'll try to write something about it. If you have any specific question you wanna know, write me a private massage and I'll try to put it on a different thread so we don't go off topic.
  10. Hola, yo también hablo español 😄 es mi primer lengua. Los consejos de GHAlex de los PDF son una gran guia! Yo implemento lo que recomienda en respecto a filmar con Cinelike D, luego vario un poco en respecto a mi flujo de trabajo tradicional. Si, luego lo convierto a LogC y ahi parto de la base de ya trabajar con LogC de costumbre. La ventaja de LogC es que es reconocido como estándar universal. El grading no lo trabajo ni en Premiere ni en Davinci, lo hago todo en After effects. Si, se que es un proceso engorroso, pero es una costumbre que tengo de hace varios años, en algun momento me terminare de pasar a Davinci. Premiere es lo peor para grading, nunca trabajas en una buena profundidad de bits para tener alta calidad, un desastre, en cambio After effects en sus 32 bit es muy preciso y obtienes renders de muy alta calidad. That was all natural light, no fill. 😉
  11. Nop. As i mentioned before, I have keep using the camera and never faced the issue again. it's obviously a fixed noise pattern issue, there's no fix. Just don't underexpose too much!!!
  12. Yes! Yes, it is different! Also it depends how you grade it. In know that maybe using the GHA lut for converting to LogC for doing B&W seems a waste, but I just like going this way. That's why i shared some stills in color, i wanted to see the result just by curiosity. 😁
  13. No, I STILL use CineD, I shared the frames in Vlog just because is the more requested one.
  14. I downscale in the final process when mastering. The GHA is a different approach, with LogC makes the GH5 more universal to work with, its a style i´m more used to.
  15. Thanks! Yeah the short you mentioned is called "Best-Seller", is now on some streaming services, also in youtube. You are right, when watching this color, is very tempting to go for this look. But the B&W style was something i already decide in Pre-production. Is gonna take some time, I just made a first-cut, then come sound design, scoring and Mastering. But is looking neat! I shoot in 4k, then down scale. Looks better and you can push it more in post. Here i used a lot the Sigma 18-35, and then a 50mm Super takumar(super filmic!)
  16. And this is the final look i'm aiming... For this I use the V3 to LogC and then a B&W film lut.
  17. Hello everyone! I'm been working in several projects lately, here i wanted to to show some still of a new short film i shot last week. The final look will be in black & white, but here i will put some stills in color with V3 and my grade. Also some Vlog stills. Vlog:
  18. Hi Sergio, it's been a long time since i had this issue. I have send my camera to panasonic, also tested 2 more models, tried different recording modes, NTSC, PAL, etc. 4k, 6k... Nothing changed, it's there. So a came to the conclusion that it's a fixed noise pattern in the sensor, something that seems all GH5 have. It's a pity but I found it's an issue that rarely bothers, it generally appear when you underexpose too much the image, like any noise pattern. Since then I had the opportunity to work in several projects with the camera and this have never bothered my again, it's not something that appears in general use.
  19. Yeah, i like the lower highlights but film, back in the day, when processed had a very bright punch and higher ceiling. Love that punch with film, which with this LogC conversion is more achievable. Different looks from different eras.
  20. @Sage i wanna tell you, if next year everything goes great, i'm gonna be shooting my next feature and i'm really considering using the Gh5 with your lut, a really portable and cheap Alexa!
  21. I shot a music video this weekend, here are some stills using the new V3. This are from HD slow motion, so there is a little loss in quality. I applied noise reduction to smooth the compression and make the grade more seamless. All was capture with CineD. The first are with the "Main" lut and then corrected, and the second ones are my grade with LogC.
  22. @Sage Sure! here are Vlog stills.
  23. Hi everybody! here i wanna share some stills from a little "fiction/experimental" project I shot with some friends. All this are graded with GHa Log-C.
  24. That rolling shutter looks like from the old Nikon D90!!! I don't want to attack to any youtuber in the list, but it's really weird nobody mentions that Awful rolling shutter. I mean, they have a big responsibility been the voice of influence to costumers when come the time to make a buying choice. For me it feel irresponsible to not cover this type of details. There are even videos with the title "what nobody talk about the..." and they say nothing about rolling shutter!!! what the hell is wrong with this people!?!?
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