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  1. ​The Aztec Pyramic. I know its not the best timeline workflow for this kind of work. I wish Adobe give a mode to change it to look like Premier. Still you can have an incredible IQ rendering from AE. Here i share a link for a video i just uploaded. Download for max quality: https://mega.co.nz/#!kIxzjBQD!-9Zm5zyaReDy04LKSMtt0nFZXGsI_tcKWJHcPqjZoGc
  2. For PC I will recommend my workflow. Edit with the native on Premiere, then import the sequence on After Effects and grade in 16bit (or 32 if you prefer). Every thing is done with the native file. that recipe is banding free!
  3. Wild Ranger

    New Nikon D5500

    Hey man, I know what you mean with this Nikons. https://vimeo.com/82595265
  4. Thanks everyone! Yes, those are Nikon colors. That´s one of the main reasons why I chose for shooting the movie with this cameras (D7100, D5300). Also the image gave me some nice dreamy look that really help to sell the atmosphere of the film. Also, some old Nikkor 35mm f2, creamy shots are in this teaser ;)
  5. Now i corrected tha mistake, ha ha. Thanks for checking it out ;)
  6. Hi, I´m finishing my new film, and just wanted to share this little Teaser. can anyone guess what camera was shot with? ;) http://vimeo.com/82595265
  7. You can actually do it in After Effects, Transport your cut from premiere to AE, and work in 16 or 32 bit. Color grade, and if you export on 8bit(or even 10bit DnxHD) AE Dither the images because it has to downsample from your 16bit or 32bit project. ;)
  8. Wow really thank you guys!!! Nice u liked the teaser of "Black or White" (that is the english title) We are almost 70% of finishing shooting the film and I'm extremely happy with the overall results. Here a got a frame grab of what we shot this saturday: This Nikon are powerful, yes they have their flaws but is the same way when first canon appeared, just try a little bit and you can get something nice. PS: obviously next time I'll try the GH4 :)
  9. Hi, I'm not really going to defend Nikon on the way they design the D5300, yes controls are real shit. But over all I'm going to point out that image quality is really nice and you can shot a feature with it if you want to. SHIT I'M SHOOTING MY LAST FILM ON A D7100 AND D5200!!! Here I share a TEASER of it (IM SORRY IT STILL DON'T HAVE ENGLISH SUBS), its still private, the password is: teaser. Enjoy ;)
  10. Emmm, he is not wrong. Actually my D7100 has like 5 red hot pixels and Nikon already changed my body once, its a bummer :(
  11. Nope, the D7100 don´t have Moire and Aliasing. Image is Perfect. ;)
  12. I own a D7100. The banding pattern is there... but you can fight it. I'm really thinking on changing for a D5300 because of the image improvements, but the "Pro" controls is something that is holding me back, hard decision. Maybe just wait for some kind of "D7200" coming soon.
  13. Tripod my friend, the old fashion classic tripod :)
  14. Thanks! I like this camera, but after seeing the fixes that the D5300 has on IQ, I'im starting to consider a change. the FPN really holds you down when exposing in some situations. In other side i might wait if there is some "D7200" coming with the same fixes ;)
  15. I think that the D5300 must be resolving equal to the D7100, in my perspective. I Have a D7100 and it resolve very nice sharp detail:
  16. I been shooting a feature film this late part of the year, with a Nikon D7100, is't looking gorgeous. Hope I'll post some teaser/footage here soon. Here a frame grab ;) : Cheers and Happy holidays!
  17. Yes! The D7100 don't suffer from moire or aliasing, is very organic and nice color too. Only difference between them is body construction. D5300 might be good, but  you better wait to see some real footage and tests.
  18. Well, Actually the D5200 and D7100 has the same sensor, only that the D7100 has no OLPF. And as a D7100 owner i can say it has a beautiful image, very detailed, so come on D5300!  ;)
  19. Well, i have the D7100 for a couple of months and honestly it's very awesome APS-C sensor cam. Unless you really want the detail of a Gh2 o 3. The D5200 and D7100 are a good fight to canon (without the raw)
  20. Im having a lot of fun with my D7100. Would love to see some coming features, higher bit rates or raw... Meanwhile will still using the way it is. P.S: this is something i shot a few days with this lovely cam, enjoy. https://vimeo.com/68445370  
  21. I think that the problem with raw is that we are going to see a lot of "badly color graded" films or videos until people learn to grade it. It gives so much freedom that people tends to abuse of it. Takes time to master a thing as color. Over all its an amazing think to have it.
  22.  Thanks Andrew for the answer.   I already check that frame, It looks amazing. Thanks.
  23. I´m just asking... So, cloud it be possible to get rid of the weird process the camera is doing and record a very high quality image direct from the DNG to a H.264 video?
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