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  1. Thanks for sending it! And thanks for taking a look to Blanco o Negro, that's my baby, It took me 3 years to make it.
  2. Hi is this update out? Sage, can you send it to me to another email? I have the paypal registered to diegohumbertocarles@gmail.com, but i'm not using this anymore. Can you send it to me at: matiasjars@hotmail.com
  3. When can we expect to be able to get this new updates?
  4. Hi everybody, I'm here to share my test film of the GH5s. Everything was shot with a flashlight and bounced with reflector. ISO 3200, Nikon lens 50mm f1.8
  5. Now that the GH5S was shown to the public. It´ll be awesome to see if this Lut works with it as well.
  6. So this mean that i can have the same result using HLG instead of Vlog? (I don't own vlog)
  7. Yes i know, my problem is that I'm outside of US and that will take time. Eventually i'll send it.
  8. Hi everyone. I'm having a problem with my gh5, i started to notice a strange vertical line in the picture, is not noise pattern( i think) because it doesn't move, actually is like if the image has two slightly different exposures in the frame. This happens only(or at least is noticeable) in low lit situations. Also is visible when a strong light source hits one side of the frame, for example: a small lamp in a low light room, or the light of a windows in a normally lit place. here a show a more pronounced example (look at the right side) Can you see the perfectly vertical separation? (sorry for the image quality). I updated the firmware to 2.1 and it doesn't help. I'm thinking that could be more software related because, if this is a problem with the sensor, when i activate the IBIS then it should move, but it doesn't. Also tried different recording modes and resolutions, all pictures styles (except Vlog, i don't have it). Also in raw photos. If any can have an idea... Also i invite to anyone to try an recreate the problem and post it here to see if this is a bug or issues Panasonic didn't notice or address. Cheers!
  9. Hi, thanks. I just expose by eye, just looking the screen.
  10. Thanks a lot!!! Thanks! I still dont know wich camera will buy next, I dont mind changin brands. Lenses where old Nikons, because they are cheap. Light was very minimal in some situations, nothing very fancy in terms of equipment, a lot of simple light bulbs in some interior scenes. Sound was very changing, but most of the time it was a Rode NTG-2/3 and a Zoom h4n. then it A LOT of post-production time invested to make it sound like a "movie". I used a simple Neutral profile little tweaked to make it more flat. Most of the shots in the trailer are from the Nikon, including the girls hand and eye. Thanks i'm really proud :D
  11. HI everybody! Long time ago I shared my first Teaser and also some Super 16mm shots from my Feature, "Black or White". After all this time we finally made it so i wanted to share the official trailer. The film is beginning it's festival tour this November so we are hoping to make it travel around the world, finger crossed Activate ENGLISH subs!!! And here on Vimeo for those who don't like Youtube: If you are wondering, yes.. We shot all the film on Nikons D7100 and D5300. A little old by now (we started 3 years ago) with all the 4k cameras around, but i think the look holds pretty well. There is also some Super 16mm footage.
  12. It has to do with the contrast ratios and color that film manage, its hard to replicate in grading, its doable but hard. I shot with Fuji Eterna recently and looks gorgeous. Also in this test i don't think cameras where graded to mach, that makes more difference.
  13. Ok, nice to know it! I will take that note for the next time. Both cameras have the same kind of image. D7100 have banding but it wasn't hard to clean in post. D5300 is perfect.
  14. Hi, Thank you a lot! I am really proud of it. The final shot was made with a combination of Stills, 3d mapping and in last place a macro shot of the recorder, then al composed in a after effects, that was the only way, its kind of a imposible shot without a lot of expensive gear.
  15. Hi everyone, Merry Christmas! I wanna share my last short film, "Best-Seller". I shot it entirely with Nikon D7100 and D5300 on September 2014. I´m releasing it online now because it was circulating some festival during this last year. Hope you all can enjoy it. IT HAVE ENGLISH SUBTITLES just activate them.
  16. Yes, film still have a lot of advantages in IQ. This footage is a little deteriorated because the way it was developed, its pushed a little bit. Also the film cans have technically expired for they normal use. The most noticeable advantage i notice was dynamic range, if yo try grade it, you will see a huge difference between highlight and shadow, that was the thing that most impressed me. Motion cadence its nice, The "shitty handheld" look was in purpose indeed, the image needed more "spark".
  17. I still have almost one can, I think it have like 350ft. I still need to shot a couple of shots. Here are they like new
  18. I know Kodak has some really different tone that i like, but there was very low supply of film stock and Eterna was the only available at the moment. I still love Fuji look
  19. Well, Shooting in film was a decision of the DP, we already could get the SRII camera and equipment, film development and scan for free. All we nedded was to buy the stock. Super 8 never cross my mind, although it could look nice, it was going to be much lower quality.
  20. Hi. Argentina! Thanks. If you have some frame grab to share, please post it. I'm looking for ideas.
  21. Thanks. I Forgot to share the raw clip link, if you wanna try. https://mega.nz/#!hFh1hAyA!b0mxVAk1KtjL7guXYcRExBEcdTAVinaTLfMIQq5k-24
  22. Hi everyone. I have uploaded a test sequence with shots from a indie feature I´m doing. We Shot a small scene with film because we wanted a really particular look for this par in the movie, more vintage, like memories from childhood. Se we shot on a SRII super 16mm Fuji Eterna 8673 stock. Then scanned on an Arri scanner. I never color graded film. So wanted to hear some opinions about. If any one have questions, please be my guest PASSWORD: fuji test Also, i wanted to share the raw clip for anyone who want to give it a try. Remember its film log. compressed in DnxHd https://mega.nz/#!hFh1hAyA!b0mxVAk1KtjL7guXYcRExBEcdTAVinaTLfMIQq5k-24
  23. ​Thanks. It holds up very good grading, the internal encoder for h.264 its top quality. Although I always use a little noise reduction to fix some of the compression artifacts and chroma noise.
  24. Just made this. A little parody to Terrence Malick. haha. With Nikon D5300.
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