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  1. More actual information here also: https://www.heliguy.com/blog/2020/11/24/dji-drones-retrospective-ce-class-marking/
  2. Any noticeable difference between 100% DCI P3 OLED and 165Hz sRGB 100% NTSC LED for real? By the way, and compared with 144Hz 72% NTSC LED?
  3. Still wondering how you dared... Really.
  4. Belle

    Skydio 2

    Wondering what's better image? Evo 2 or Skydio 2?
  5. flickr has great collections. Henri Cartier Bresson for example.
  6. Great videos, obrigada. I like this one too:
  7. Yes, without mention the price difference, internal RAW, Resolve is a walk in the park.
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