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  1. Yeah, my main still cameras are a bunch of 6D and 5D3 for timelapse and I just don't see any upgrade path at this point: Canon R: basically a reheated 5D4, unusable video in 4k, ridiculously expensive lenses, outdated sensor tech Canon RP: RIP Nikon Z6 and Z7: ridiculously expensive lenses, the Z7 doesn't have a dual card slot which place this camera in a weird category (not pro but priced as such). Panasonic S1 and S1R: potential issue with the alliance, very limited selection of lenses, HUGE mirrorless body, poor battery life, issue with the AF Sony: horrible colors, horrible interface, lag, feels cheap, lot of sensor dust but at least it's improving (battery life) and the lens selection is good thanks to other manufacturers The Nikon D850 is great for stills but I don't want to invest in a dying system (F mount). So I'm sticking with my 2012 canon bodies for now. Keeping a close eye on Panasonic though.
  2. https://www.videomaker.com/news/vimeo-buys-short-film-editing-platform-magisto-for-200m/?fbclid=IwAR3K5meVnUtwVjudvAuUcpiSnGObiRQM3ACFjhIpyUSaBF9_Jka_eZtyovo News has just come out that Vimeo has acquired Magisto, a 100 million user startup focused on creating and editing short videos. This is a huge purchase for Vimeo. To put it into context, Vimeo in total has 90 million users, compared to Magisto’s 100 million users. So far the terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed yet. Israeli publication Globes is reporting it’s a $200 million deal. However, TechCrunch talked to a source that didn’t deny the figure but did say the deal’s final price won’t be settled on until the deal is officially closed. That should be happening at the end of Q2, according to Vimeo.
  3. Excellent, I thought it was the latest Brandon Li video at the beginning
  4. On one hand I can assume that a normal person would never buy any SL lens as soon as Sigma propose its optic in L-mount. I mean seriously, $5000 for cheap variable aperture zoom?! https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1192094-REG/leica_11176_vario_elmarit_sl_24_90_f_2_8_4_asph.html/pageID/accessory But then I remember we are talking about Leica and I don't see Leica fanboys buying "vulgar" Sigma lenses...
  5. I don't understand the decision to go with the L-mount... What does Leica brings to the table aside from a name and the marketing argument? Their optics are nothing special for the price, their cameras are designed by Panasonic already. Obviously Leica is not ready to open its system. Sigma is great but already has a foot in every system and they keep developing their own camera. Essentially Sigma, seems to be the default partner, they said yes to the alliance without committing much.
  6. When? When Canon will put all those specs in the Cxxx line plus two or three generations of Cxxx cameras after that so I would say a good 10 years... And by this time, these specs will be completely outdated in front of the competition.
  7. Nice, +1 for the written articles versus videos. Looking forward to see all this content. Thanks.
  8. Wow, DUAL IR ISO toasting! I want one now. This sandwich looks so cinematic, and the motion cadence is epic, must be raw material for sure.
  9. Thanks. Basically 1. Shoot raw 2. Import the raw in AE, do some basic color correction there 3. Export in intermediate codec in 10 or 12 bits. Usually I like Cineform or ProRes 4. Throw the videos in my regular NLE (premiere or DaVinci) for final editing with the full resolution 10/12bits timelapse videos. This is very intensive for the computer (raw + high resolution) so I usually stack my rendering and launch it at night before going to bed. But you can speed up the process by changing step #2. Instead of doing the raw import in AE, do a raw to TIFF conversion in LR which is much more efficient than AE, then import the TIFF in AE and it will render much faster without degrading the quality (16bits TIFF). Tks, it's a mix of drone and timelapse/hyperlapse
  10. I shoot a lot of timelapse. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm not too bad at it.
  11. No. I fly 100k+ miles a year all over the world with my GH5 and other cameras and I never had that type of issue or heard about this from other travelers. This is a non issue.
  12. We do But the workflow is kind of horrible. This is a great news from Nikon and hopefully Panasonic will follow. I can't wait to see the powerpoint presentation from Tony, he's going to bust to many myths about it! Finally, I can film in RAW like a real pro. Fro would be so proud of me. 🤣
  13. Who gives a damn about canon here? The R was just a bad joke, this RiP will be a reheated 6DII with late 2000 sensor tech. It just becomes entertaining at this point to see how they continue screw up. But why would they change? They propose outdated products at premium price and they fly of the shelves. They make good margins and sales with minimal efforts so there is no reasons to stop. Good for them.
  14. True, I'm talking in the context of Fstoppers, when you already have a good business that you can manage remotely. In this case PR is a good choice but it's true that most locals struggles, the economy, public debt, and local government suck. On top of that, hurricane Maria was very bad.
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