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  1. Be careful about this lens, some have a lot of micro-jitter issue due to the optical stabilization. The problem is widely reported on several Pana lens. Some got fixed via a firmware update. Not sure about this version now but just double check.
  2. The lack of innovation is debatable. In the past 5 years only we had: - Generalization of IBIS on many FF camera - 10 bits video files or even beyond that - Amazing and affordable lens selection from Sigma and other third part manufacturers (samyang, tamron, etc.) - Generalization of 4k and now 4k60 - Standardization of video assist features - Cheap, effective, and easy to use 3 axis gimbals. I built my first gimbal for drone in the early 2010s and just settings the PIDs of the controller was an immense time consuming pain. - Cheap drones everywhere thanks to DJI, Parrot and other brands like Autel, etc. So, yes I'm a bit amused about this level of whining and hysteria. Yes, we should have a lot of stuff in life, I would love to get a "Full Frame camera with full modern touch screen interface, DPAF with AI, Raw video and 4K60P 10 bit no crop, IBIS" but it won't happen ever. Each companies has strengths and weaknesses, technologies protected by patents and we will never get the silver bullet camera with the best of everything. Even Panasonic had hard time to come up with 4k60 in full frame. The phone and the photo industry are two different animals, sales are on the low millions versus billions for smartphone in volume. Not even talking about the margin. It's not hard to understand that the level of investment won't be the same. But Sony UI is just plain stupidity, it just happens everywhere. People like me denounced Canon conservatism many times in the past, just google my name and Canon, you'll find my articles, I even quoted Andrew there. But unlike a few years ago, Canon is no longer the only option so I just moved on, I got the right tool for my needs and went out shooting. Incidentally, I spent much less time on this forum crying about motion cadence, organic feel and other mundane stuff which are a bit irrelevant at this point. That said, I wish you the best of luck with your endeavor and your next video projects. Cheers.
  3. I am tired from all these Japanese camera crap company that give us 2010 technology at high price over and over again. >>> We have so many options now for video, GH5, Fuji, Olympus, Black Magic, Sony, Nikon, etc. Plus drones and cheap gimbals. The situation is radically different than it was just 5 years ago. If we can't produce great video with all that, Japanese companies are not to blame. DJI has been crazy innovating for years, they make the best drone with incredible cameras, the best gimbals, best action cam, .., When they enter the market with a new product it’s always the best. >>> They did push the envelop for sure but some product were poorly supported and/or abandoned by this company. For instance the X5 and X5R. The Inspire 2 has its share of issues and the X7 haven't been pushed since the initial launch. Their ground gimbal are buggy as hell and the Osmo Raw was a joke in terms of usability and workflow. There is a lack of consistency with DJI. They changed their LOG curve many times and the forced updates tend to bring many problems. Finally, have you ever tried to get serious assistance from DJI customer service? Hint: they are not very helpful even when you spend big bucks with them. They have given us 4K60 and 10 bits in 1inch sensor for years in super tiny cameras when Sony is not capable of doing so in a much larger RX100 in 2019. Ridiculous. >>> The first 4k60 was on the Phantom 4 Pro and the image quality was quite bad thanks to line skipping. Also, drones offer the advantage of natural air flow for cooling, either from the propellers or the motion of the drone. The architecture is very different than a regular camera, most of the time the sensor and the processing units are not stacked against each other in a small body. The design and heat dissipation parameters are completely different. This camera could be a game changer with modern touch screen controls and ergonomics associated with clean aluminium body with a last gen Sony sensor and massive specs like RAW, 10 bits, 4K60P and so on. >>> Why not, I wouldn't mind to see more disruption in this market. I own several DJI products and I would be open for more competition.
  4. Couldn't agree more. I wrote a detailed analysis of the difference between Fuji and Kodak. Diversification was key as the CEO of Fuji explained in his book. https://petapixel.com/2018/10/19/why-kodak-died-and-fujifilm-thrived-a-tale-of-two-film-companies/ However, unlike Kodak. Canon doesn't depend on a single line of product. The consumer segment of the imaging division only represents a small share of the Canon's profit (10-15%?). Therefore, Canon will survive the hit but they can only blame themselves for this. They stretched their brand and their outdated production line too far.
  5. I can understand your frustration and you raised many valid concerns but what's the point? Nowadays we have so many options to choose from: Sony, Panasonic S or GH series, BMPCC4k, Fuji, Nikon Z, etc. The video DSLR revolution was all about creativity for the masses (amateurs, indie and small prod). This is what triggered the inception of this blog I believe. That's it! We have everything we ever dreamed of: anybody can spend $3 or $4k and get an excellent 4K60 camera with decent lenses and add a drone on top of that. All of which fits in a backpack. But where is the film-making here?
  6. There is nothing nightmarish in this. Just the opposite, we have so many great affordable options to choose from now. Even though gear matters depending on the requirements, I don't really care because gear is not a limiting factor anymore. Unlike a few years ago, anybody can shoot a great film or documentary with very low camera budget. I don't necessarily agree all the time with Mattias but he has a point. All these endless topics about motion cadence, compression, bits, curve X and Y are a bit boring nowadays especially when there is very little actual movie making and demo real going on.
  7. Yeah, my main still cameras are a bunch of 6D and 5D3 for timelapse and I just don't see any upgrade path at this point: Canon R: basically a reheated 5D4, unusable video in 4k, ridiculously expensive lenses, outdated sensor tech Canon RP: RIP Nikon Z6 and Z7: ridiculously expensive lenses, the Z7 doesn't have a dual card slot which place this camera in a weird category (not pro but priced as such). Panasonic S1 and S1R: potential issue with the alliance, very limited selection of lenses, HUGE mirrorless body, poor battery life, issue with the AF Sony: horrible colors, horrible interface, lag, feels cheap, lot of sensor dust but at least it's improving (battery life) and the lens selection is good thanks to other manufacturers The Nikon D850 is great for stills but I don't want to invest in a dying system (F mount). So I'm sticking with my 2012 canon bodies for now. Keeping a close eye on Panasonic though.
  8. https://www.videomaker.com/news/vimeo-buys-short-film-editing-platform-magisto-for-200m/?fbclid=IwAR3K5meVnUtwVjudvAuUcpiSnGObiRQM3ACFjhIpyUSaBF9_Jka_eZtyovo News has just come out that Vimeo has acquired Magisto, a 100 million user startup focused on creating and editing short videos. This is a huge purchase for Vimeo. To put it into context, Vimeo in total has 90 million users, compared to Magisto’s 100 million users. So far the terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed yet. Israeli publication Globes is reporting it’s a $200 million deal. However, TechCrunch talked to a source that didn’t deny the figure but did say the deal’s final price won’t be settled on until the deal is officially closed. That should be happening at the end of Q2, according to Vimeo.
  9. Excellent, I thought it was the latest Brandon Li video at the beginning
  10. On one hand I can assume that a normal person would never buy any SL lens as soon as Sigma propose its optic in L-mount. I mean seriously, $5000 for cheap variable aperture zoom?! https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1192094-REG/leica_11176_vario_elmarit_sl_24_90_f_2_8_4_asph.html/pageID/accessory But then I remember we are talking about Leica and I don't see Leica fanboys buying "vulgar" Sigma lenses...
  11. I don't understand the decision to go with the L-mount... What does Leica brings to the table aside from a name and the marketing argument? Their optics are nothing special for the price, their cameras are designed by Panasonic already. Obviously Leica is not ready to open its system. Sigma is great but already has a foot in every system and they keep developing their own camera. Essentially Sigma, seems to be the default partner, they said yes to the alliance without committing much.
  12. When? When Canon will put all those specs in the Cxxx line plus two or three generations of Cxxx cameras after that so I would say a good 10 years... And by this time, these specs will be completely outdated in front of the competition.
  13. Nice, +1 for the written articles versus videos. Looking forward to see all this content. Thanks.
  14. Wow, DUAL IR ISO toasting! I want one now. This sandwich looks so cinematic, and the motion cadence is epic, must be raw material for sure.
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