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  1. OliKMIA

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    +1 for the Turkey but this isn't completely absurd neither. The launch price is below what it was with the a6300 ($1,000). The a6500 started at $1400 if I remember correctly. So this new a6300 is the "cheap no IBIS" entry level segment while the next a7000 will come with all the fancy specs. That said, I doubt that Sony will fix the ergonomics and usability on this one...
  2. Plus, it doesn't explain why there's never been any Zebra, Peaking, or Log on 1DxII while it's been added on the 5D4, etc. The C200 doesn't have an intermediate codec option and external recording is limited to 2K. This is pure crippling and has nothing to do with hardware. As for the Tech versus video, of course you can't create a descent video camera if you design it with a shitty processor. Plus Canon cameras are always under-equipped but overpriced like the EOS-R. Most likely this 8K thing means Canon will come up at some point with a C300 or C500 R that will cost $10-$15k+
  3. OliKMIA

    Mean IQ Of dpreview Members?

    Looks like DPR forum now!!! 🤣
  4. Breaking news: Canon responds to the Nikon's move by reducing the 4k crop by a factor of 0.1x. However DPAF will be disabled in this mode.
  5. I built my own monster PC a few years ago. My setup is still modern but I use proxies nonetheless because the PC can't keep up with complex 4k/6k project with a lot of effects and grading. I can't tell you for sure 100% if working with proxy files is as good as original file in terms of color correction but in my experience, I haven't noticed anything wrong in my workflow. I use proxy all the time for project with 4k resolution or higher. The only limitation is that it may take time to render the proxies if you have a lot of files. Usually I launch the proxy rendering at night before going to bed and everything is ready in the morning.
  6. OliKMIA

    hi which interal HDD do you suggest me to buy?

    Internal HDD are kind of slow, especially for 4k raw footage. They are ok for archive but in this case you would need at least a Raid 1 (mirror) solution. For editing, they will be too slow. There is no ideal size and model brand. It all comes down to your need in terms of speed/capacity and budget. As for the brand, the two main players are WD and Seagate. Check this link for more information, I explain the current offering and HDD options https://fstoppers.com/originals/price-performance-and-reliability-which-hard-drive-should-you-buy-and-why-298942
  7. OliKMIA

    merry christmas

    +1 Merry Christmas
  8. OliKMIA

    Why Is Sony Fanboyism So Bad?

    Any Fanboyism in general is stupid. Not sure Sony fanboys are worse than Canon or Fuji one. They should just use their brain and pick the best tool for the job.
  9. OliKMIA

    Premiere Pro: My First Mistake

    1. Change the export Codec (what are you using right now?) 2. Restart your computer 3. Clear the cache 4. Check the if you are using CPU or GPU to render (most likely GPU will be faster as it also uses the CPU, instead of CPU only) 5. Make sure you didn't check "use maximum rendering quality" or this type of box in media encoder Beside that, did you apply any grading or effect in your editing? What is the resolution and frame rate?
  10. OliKMIA

    ProRes and H.265 Comparison

    So basically you did RAW > ProRes 444 > h265 / ProRes SQ > ProRes This is 3 steps of conversions. Not sure it will change much but why didn't you convert the RAW directly to h265 and ProRes SQ without the 444 step? Also, in terms of size, a 3 sec clip is too little to really asses the h265 size. The sample should be longer with a variety of motion. But thanks for the sample, it's interesting.
  11. OliKMIA

    Urgent! - Transcoding H.264 to ProRes - Question

    For me, I noticed the problem after exporting the video but the issue was visible in the timeline also. I just didn't see it in the small preview panel before. But yeah, It just looks like another Adobe problem....
  12. OliKMIA

    Urgent! - Transcoding H.264 to ProRes - Question

    I had a similar issue with CC2019, the file were Cineform though and the tiny strip was white and on the right side of the frame (vertical line on the edge). I haven't noticed anything in h.264. I messed with Premiere for one hour trying to figure out what was going on but I couldn't find the source of the problem nor a quick fix so I decided to apply a tiny bit of crop on the entire timeline (something like 100.1) and the line was not visible anymore. Not ideal but it fixed the problem rapidly until the geniuses at adobe can fix their beta software in 6 months. If anything, It reminded me why I usually never jump on the latest version. I'm back to CC2017 now... #adobe
  13. OliKMIA

    DJI Announcing Something New On The 28th

    It looks solid but I'll wait for the first independent reviews... I always have my doubts about these release date "review" videos... Can these vlogers really be impartial when they have a special relation with a brand which sends them the product in advance? Obviously these day one reviews generate a lot of traffic (and thus revenues). What about the issues and flaws, are they going to talk about it and risk their lucrative partnership on the next major product release?
  14. OliKMIA

    DJI Announcing Something New On The 28th

    Looks real. Wondering if the camera comes with a one inch sensor. Hard to tell but the camera seems very small... The QR code is redirecting to a non active m.dji.net/mimo link
  15. Unfortunately the Moore law and hard drive technology are not developing as fast as the sensors. I can't even imagine the hurdle to edit 8k video in h265 and/or store it in raw. Proxy can help for editing but not much for storage. The latest high end CPUs are just expensive rebranded server processors. Most NLE don't use all these cores and Intel keeps postponing the 10nm architecture because they can't manage it. In terms of hard drive technology, the first HAMR and MAMR drives should be available next years with increased capacity but the prices should hurt because of the production cost. Right now I'm very happy with 4k and I prefer to focus in HFR, HDR and 10-12 bits codecs. I'm no against 8k but computer are not ready for this yet.