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  1. Yeah. I agree with what has been said: the EOS line is mainly designed for video/doc, therefore this ranking is not going to be favorable for Canon. EOS cameras are all-in-one solution for small filmmaker and doc producer who don't have the time/manpower/budget to mess with DP, focus puller, and an army of PA. I've always been trashing Canon for crippling its DSLR camera but I purchased a C200 last year for a documentary because it was the best product for the job: I needed a well rounded camera with solid AF. I'm not a fan of Sony menu, codec, and colors. The EVA is great except for the pathetic monitor (couldn't they just copy/paste the one from the GH5?) and the AF, so I picked to the C200. The lack of intermediate codec is a pity but the C200 8bit log is surprisingly good and can be pushed reasonably well. For interview, once the lighting is in place, any idiot that can setup the right exposure and W&B will do a great job with the C200. No need to fill up hard-drives with hours of high bitrate interviews. PS: that being said, the C700 is a joke and probably a huge sale flop.
  2. Impressive move from Canon. Looks like they want to give a little B cam brother the the C500 MkII. Hopefully some of these specs will make it to the next EOS R or 5D MkV.
  3. OliKMIA

    Extreme telephoto work

    I've done a couple of 1000mm+ equivalent shots with the GH5 and FD 400mm lens. Mainly to capture the sunset and moon. I also use the Ex-tele conversion on the GH5 to gain another 1.4 crop (or shoot 6K mode and crop in post). I got this system to hold the lens, it's much better than a regular tripod attached to a super front heavy GH5. The key is to balance the system and place your tripod right above the CG. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/554350-REG/Manfrotto_293_293_Telephoto_Lens_Support.html Then, you need a solid and rigid tripod. I tend to keep the legs relatively short to maintain the stiffness of the system. In any case, I turned the IBIS off as it cannot stabilize that type of micro vibrations. I also use a relatively high shutter speed, it allows to do a bit of post stabilization if necessary. 180 rule will turn any vibration in a blurry mess. As for focusing, I focus directly on the subject or to something very far away, changing the ISO if necessary between the focus point and the real subject (eg, sunset). Finally, you'll need a day with little or no wind
  4. I'm not sure to understand how you work with your drone and camera. When you say "a camera trigger command is given, but the image is not written to the SD card.". Do you have a physcial switch (servo) that actually press the shutter? Or perhaps it is commanded via a command cable attached to the camera and mapped to a channel and your radio? On the other hand, it seems that you put your camera in "timelapse" mode and keep shooting during the entire flight. In any case, it seems that your problem is related to the camera buffer and/or memory card speed issue as someone indicated before me.
  5. Ok, the camera and codec is nice but let's talk about the main topic here: What is this super racing/gaming rig that you show in the pictures?
  6. Not hard to understand. There is a market, this is just a small one.
  7. Good point but even the director in the link said it "everybody else was on the C300s." This is a niche market for very high end production that can afford a bunch of $6,000 camera because it's convenient in some specific situation. If I remember correctly, a few 5DMk2 were used a stunt cameras during Mad Max production. Not really a mass market.
  8. Looks like another schizophrenic move by Canon: On one hand they don't want to be completely left behind and try to play the specs game by adding features for the stickers on the box But on the other side, the implementation will suck, it's probably going to crop and omit key video features to protect the cineline. In any case, who will buy this camera for the video specs? Pro sport photographers don't care about video. Pro video people can buy a real Cine camera at this price. Video enthusiasts and indie filmmakers won't be served by a brick DSLR cam (limited gimbal value), fixed screen, no video assist features... It reminds me the 1Dx2. The 4k60 on a FF camera was a big "wow" upon release. But then people realized all the dealbreakers: huge 800mbps file, no LOG, no video features, etc. I Haven't seen anyone using the 1Dx2 for video work: too big, to expensive, not video friendly, ergonomic designed for war and olympic games photographer.
  9. Disagree, there is a lot of useful content on internet these days. For instance, this channel has hundreds of clever videos. It's mostly about cooking delicate dishes but you can find computer tutorials as well. Highly recommended:
  10. They gonna have to let Mokara go, can't afford the licensing fee and his payroll. That's a sad news for this forum as Mokara was a constant source of entertainment.
  11. King tides in South Florida. Basically the entire region is just a few feet above sea level and the annual high tides (Sept-Oct) are becoming more and more problematic with water rising. It's called sunny day flooding...
  12. C200 and GH5 at the moment.
  13. How strong is the ND? Past a certain point/ND strength, you may want to use an IR filter as well.
  14. Didn't know about the PDAF update. But it was not available when I had it.
  15. Used one for a few months. Overall it's very good for the price and some of the weakness are to be expected at this price point (eg. small sensor, bad low ISO and weak DR). PRO: Very small and portable Excellent gimbal stabilization 4k60 100mbps bitrate in 4K60 (h.264) Screen on the handle (but very small, just use for framing) Good battery life (about 1h30), can be recharged with USB-C Price Nice tap to focus feature, relatively responsive even though it's hard to see on the tiny screen CON Poor dynamic range, same tiny sensor as the Mavic Air Noisy footage, especially in the shadows (like the Mavic Air and Mavic 2 zoom) The attachment with smartphone is very bad and unstable, unfortunately some settings can only be changed via the DJI App The smartphone connector is only provided for iphone, needs a micro USB adapter for other phones, which only adds to the instability of the system Manual exposure only available with the phone + App The 28mm focal is a bit narrow to my taste, this is especially noticeable when you start walking (up and down motion). I would have preferred something like 24mm. AF is on the bad side (a later firmware update improved the AF, but I haven't tried it) Poor low ISO performance, normal for this sensor size though
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