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  1. Wow, DUAL IR ISO toasting! I want one now. This sandwich looks so cinematic, and the motion cadence is epic, must be raw material for sure.
  2. Thanks. Basically 1. Shoot raw 2. Import the raw in AE, do some basic color correction there 3. Export in intermediate codec in 10 or 12 bits. Usually I like Cineform or ProRes 4. Throw the videos in my regular NLE (premiere or DaVinci) for final editing with the full resolution 10/12bits timelapse videos. This is very intensive for the computer (raw + high resolution) so I usually stack my rendering and launch it at night before going to bed. But you can speed up the process by changing step #2. Instead of doing the raw import in AE, do a raw to TIFF conversion in LR which is much more efficient than AE, then import the TIFF in AE and it will render much faster without degrading the quality (16bits TIFF). Tks, it's a mix of drone and timelapse/hyperlapse
  3. I shoot a lot of timelapse. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm not too bad at it.
  4. No. I fly 100k+ miles a year all over the world with my GH5 and other cameras and I never had that type of issue or heard about this from other travelers. This is a non issue.
  5. We do But the workflow is kind of horrible. This is a great news from Nikon and hopefully Panasonic will follow. I can't wait to see the powerpoint presentation from Tony, he's going to bust to many myths about it! Finally, I can film in RAW like a real pro. Fro would be so proud of me. 🤣
  6. Who gives a damn about canon here? The R was just a bad joke, this RiP will be a reheated 6DII with late 2000 sensor tech. It just becomes entertaining at this point to see how they continue screw up. But why would they change? They propose outdated products at premium price and they fly of the shelves. They make good margins and sales with minimal efforts so there is no reasons to stop. Good for them.
  7. True, I'm talking in the context of Fstoppers, when you already have a good business that you can manage remotely. In this case PR is a good choice but it's true that most locals struggles, the economy, public debt, and local government suck. On top of that, hurricane Maria was very bad.
  8. Kind of disappointed to be honest. The S1 seems to be a fine camera but it's the most expensive camera in this range with limited and expensive lens selection. There are no legacy lenses and nothing special on the specs sheet. The huge crop in 4k60 is a deal breaker for me. I was expecting a FF GH5 and I just discovered a Z6/A7III + Looking forward for the review.
  9. Looking good. The S1 at $2,500 plus an extra for 10bits. Very similar to the GH5 and GH5s introduction prices but this is FF this time!
  10. Seriously this is great for them. I love Puerto Rico, a beautiful underrated island. Unlike many Caribbean places, the island is quite big with a lot of diversity. Not much tourism beyond San Juan and a few stupid places. You can totally find beautiful pristine beaches with 3 people standing there. There are jungle, coast, mountain, lakes, surf spots, rivers, etc. The food is delicious and the criminality is not bad for the region. As a US territory, it has the best of both world: the relative good infrastructure and service of a developed country (highway, stores, emergency services) and the exoticism of a tropical island. No need to deal with customs, immigration and shipping tax. The island is very well connected by airlines with plenty of cheap flights that deserved many cities in the east coast (Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, NYC, etc.). Hell, I would go there to if could. They got plenty of tax incentive for their business and they probably got this mansion on the beach for the price of a 2 bedrooms in a major US city. I did this short video showing the island lat time I visited, super cool place
  11. This is such a defeatist approach. Instead of looking at the market with a passive attitude and maintain profitability by recycling old tech as much as possible, they could create new trends. There is a huge market ready to be tapped for Vloggers and instagramers. These guys just need something practical and easy to use, that connects to their smartphones without roaming through menus for 10 minutes. Yes Canon is behind in some areas most people don't need 16 stops of DR and 8k. Imagine a Canon Osmo with Canon colors and DPAF. Or some type of M50 with decent battery, 4k, and full smartphone App implementation to pair it with Instagram... No, Canon just extrapolates CIPA figures to forecast the number of 5Dmk4/T7i variants they can sell in this market... So yeah, it's not going to be pretty.
  12. It's true that h.265 at 200mbps should give better results than h.264 at 150mbps (IPB) and 400mbps (All-I) BUT you should compare that to 5k resolution. C4K is 8.8mpx (4096x2160 pixels) 5K is 18.8mpx (4992 x 3774 pixels) Basically, a factor 2 between 4k and 5k. Therefore, even though the h.265 codec is said to be 50 to 100% more efficient that h.264, the 5k mode also has twice the amount of data (and the reasoning could go further, saying that C4k is only available in 24p whereas 5k has 30p). That's the theory at least but no one knows exactly how Panasonic uses the codecs and compression between the two modes. In the end, I really think that we are splitting hair here. Both modes are good, the GH5 is an amazing camera whether you use it in 4k or 5k. I haven't noticed any difference personally with grading, sharpness and noise. As for downscale keep in mind that 4k comes from full sensor readout anyway so there shouldn't be a major difference. One downscale is made by the camera, the other one by your NLE. +1, that the main point. The GH5 is a fantastic camera for the price.
  13. Yeah, it's nice. I use it sometime, useful to reframe during interview. Gives you a lot of extra room but you must attach a very sharp lens otherwise you gonna loose resolution (something like the Sigma ART 18-35mm f1.8 will do) If my memory serves me well, the 5k mode is h265 whereas all the 4k modes are only in h264. The 5k is 10 bits 420 instead of 10 bits 422 in 4k so it might not be the best option for keying on green screen. 5k is limited to 30p max. I haven't found much downside except the codec that will put most computers under stress. But I use proxy so it doesn't matter much for me.
  14. +1 for the Turkey but this isn't completely absurd neither. The launch price is below what it was with the a6300 ($1,000). The a6500 started at $1400 if I remember correctly. So this new a6300 is the "cheap no IBIS" entry level segment while the next a7000 will come with all the fancy specs. That said, I doubt that Sony will fix the ergonomics and usability on this one...
  15. Plus, it doesn't explain why there's never been any Zebra, Peaking, or Log on 1DxII while it's been added on the 5D4, etc. The C200 doesn't have an intermediate codec option and external recording is limited to 2K. This is pure crippling and has nothing to do with hardware. As for the Tech versus video, of course you can't create a descent video camera if you design it with a shitty processor. Plus Canon cameras are always under-equipped but overpriced like the EOS-R. Most likely this 8K thing means Canon will come up at some point with a C300 or C500 R that will cost $10-$15k+
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