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  1. More actual information here also: https://www.heliguy.com/blog/2020/11/24/dji-drones-retrospective-ce-class-marking/
  2. Any noticeable difference between 100% DCI P3 OLED and 165Hz sRGB 100% NTSC LED for real? By the way, and compared with 144Hz 72% NTSC LED?
  3. Still wondering how you dared... Really.
  4. Belle

    Skydio 2

    Wondering what's better image? Evo 2 or Skydio 2?
  5. flickr has great collections. Henri Cartier Bresson for example.
  6. Great videos, obrigada. I like this one too:
  7. Yes, without mention the price difference, internal RAW, Resolve is a walk in the park.
  8. Much better results. Incredible. How come same sensor?
  9. That 3X zoom (Pro) shows lower resolution...
  10. One+ 7T Pro... no 2X zoom with higher resolution? Only 8mp 3x?
  11. Pity they have limited the zoom to 8MP...
  12. Very interesting explanation. I didn't have idea of the proximity of this technology. Cameras so small... You can save lots of money not wasting resources with expensive cameras. We can use according to our needs. It isn't necessary to buy a Ferrari when I only need driving a car. A car that serves my needs. Great honest forum with rich discussions like these. I am sick of politically correct and useless teasers. Deceptive teasers. Thank you for truth and so informative speech. Equipment costs money. Art is also knowing how to spend better the resources of filmmaking. Important knowledge.
  13. Long time lurker. Funny to share the same feeling.
  14. This link is on topic: http://www.thevideomode.com/tuition/editing-4k-video-on-an-old-computer-or-laptop-902/
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