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  1. Not on a 85" TV it isn't... and not if it's on VR.
  2. @mkabi the 85" is priced at $5500. But that is still mighty cheap considering it's 8K HDR and 85". I really think 4k is not enough for such a large screen unless you are more than 10' from it. Depending on what I'm using the screen for, I am not alway far from it. So the option to have 8K goodness is appreciated.
  3. I think the day where we have oleds in place of windows will be here before you know it. In some cases this will take the form of transparent oled screens, so your window will be smart. The resolution needed to drive an entire wall could easily exceed 8K. Imagine a room with any background you want. For those that think 8K is overrated you aren’t thinking ahead.
  4. We took a trip to Best Buy yesterday to check out the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. After playing with the phone... which looks next gen btw, we decided to have a look around. We eventually found ourselves in the TV department, where we were surprised to see they had an 8K television on display. It was a Samsung QLed 85" model. Even a couple of feet from the screen the image looked sharp. You can pull that off with a 4K screen at 65"... but at 85" the 8k resolution makes a noticable difference. Now to the punchline... the 8K models start at a reasonable price... only $15,999 🤠 just kidding ... they start at $2999. My conclusion: $hit just got real... 4K is dead... long live 8K.
  5. Well that's one of them. Currently using the Note 8. I don't have the iPhone handy. Just preordered the Note 10 Plus 5G... but that's not arriving until the 23rd.
  6. I do not own an S1... so I don’t depend on it. No one knows what the S1H will bring... because it’s not out and all we know are teasers that Panasonic gave us. That said, my Canons have fantastic AF.
  7. Not with those tiny sensors. My current setup works great. I choose to work with what interest me and gives the look that I'm after. Sony color science is not my first pick. If they made this with a S35 or FF sensor, with interchangeable lens option I would be interested.
  8. I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m live streaming a corporate meeting. You seen to assume the use of this gear is making independent shorts.
  9. I suspect you don’t get it... AF is much better than it used to be. I’ve seen many would be filmmakers with lots of out of focus footage. Fyi: my motion control rigs run unattended for live shooting with no issues.
  10. I'm not sure what you are talking about? Are you saying AF is not "Pro"? Honestly I could care less what is "Pro"... I use a gimbal and motion controllers and often times control multiple cameras at once. AF is a needed feature for these situations. I'm not talking about elaborate focus pulling... I'm taking about locking onto a subject and keeping it in focus. The primary reasons I do not buy Reds and Arri are: size, weight, lack of AF and convenience. If that changes I might have to rethink things. This new "pocket" camera is simply too large and bulky to be the kind of camera I would carry day to day. It's size and bulk relegate it to planned shoots. The kind of shoots my C200 is used for. The only thing this camera has going for it imo is price. But honestly, price is not a dominant factor in my purchasing decision. The more important factor for me is convenience of use... because if it is not convenient to use, well... I don't use it.
  11. I'm not spitting on it, but I'm not buying it. I do this for fun, it's just a hobby for me. I'm a prosumer... a enthusiast that will buy pro gear. But the P6Ks cameras plastic build, lack of good AF, bulky proportions and absence of any weather sealing makes it a pass for me. It's also doesn't help that it's been beaten hard with the ugly stick. The Panasonic S1H, Sigma FP or the Komodo(pending specs) are more my speed.
  12. Well the Sigma is full frame not S35 like the 🙄 Pocket 6k, and yet it’s not called a “pocket”. It doesn’t depend on ones perspective of a cinema camera... it depends on ones reasonable expectation of what can fit inside a pocket. The original camera with a pancake lens could fit inside a pocket, this thing has not a chance in hell. Frankly, it sounds comical at this point. While I haven’t actually measured, from the images it looks like the P6K is larger than all of the hybrid cinema cameras, including the admittedly large Panasonic S1H. The P4k was not the first thing to include the word “pocket “ in its name. Most people are familiar with a pocket knife. There are expectations for how large such a item should be. You wouldn’t expect a Bowie knife to be described as “pocket”... and that’s not because most people don’t understand that swords exist.
  13. I really think it’s time to drop the “pocket” designation.
  14. This is also intriguing...
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