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  1. @Kisaha when it comes to dealing with China remember Ferengi Rule of Acquisition 48... The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife. So many here are quick to side with China, believing them over western intelligence agencies. I’m not saying that the west is perfect... but at least for most here they are the home team.
  2. I live outside of the holographic construct that represents the underlying plain of information.
  3. China was perhaps trusted too much... they are still a hostile power. While I understand that the NSA has backdoors in most smart hardware... including lightbulbs and microwave ovens; the NSA is not considered a hostile power to those living in the western world. It's unlikely that they will steal you credit card information, or bank account info. China is yet another story. I understand that many here like Huawei phones, but how many here would like their phone to be used to remotely initiate a cyber attack unbeknownst to them? Such an incident could leave the owner of the device with some difficult explaining to do. I'll pass, I don't need to expose myself to that kind of liability. Truly random numbers can be generated on a smartphone by using data from the sensors to seed the PRNG. You can do this in java or kotlin. It's an extra step, which means more time to code. The original issue arose from that fact that the PRNG utilized non-random seed values (serial numbers etc...). If you know the seed value used by the PRNG, and you know the algorithm used to generate the random key, well you can crack the code. It's all in what you are securing and how secure it needs to be.
  4. Huawei puts backdoors in their phones. It's a poor choice to trust such a device with any valuable account information. I won't miss them. And frankly I'm glad to see that the government took action to protect consumers and security.
  5. Did you buy one? It doesn’t do Panasonic’s sales figures any good to produce a camera that “would be” customers claim to love, but nonetheless fail purchase. For myself, if I wanted one I would already have bought one. I have zero interest in purchasing either of these new full frame Panasonic’s. However, I do look forward to seeing the next iterations of these S series cameras. Hopefully, the successors will not lack woefully absent features of the current models. Sporting Sony’s newest 100MP sensor, the new Hasselblad could be an amazing entry into the market. For me, it would need to be stellar to warrant the investment. If it doesn’t blow me away I’ll pass on that also. The bar has been raised, as most of the current cameras are pretty good. Granted, none are perfect... but what is?
  6. @zerocool22 I watched it on my smartphone so I missed the detail. I'm going to rewatch on my LG Oled TV. Ok, now that I have viewed the footage on my HDR 4k TV, we'll it's not great. I think it's not ready for prime time.
  7. I believe this might be the first footage from their new S35 6k camera... And perhaps more interestingly, footage from their new global shutter variant... the E2G
  8. Oh my bad, yes I own Amazon, “my list” is from a year ago, that’s why the EOS R and Nikon Z6 are on there🙃 even though neither camera has been out that long. Is it really that hard to believe that the Panasonic S1 is not selling? Did you buy one? I can tell you I know of no one that did.
  9. Why not? They have a great return policy and excellent customer service.
  10. I noticed that you missed that the Canon EOS R is #11 on that list and the Nikon Z6 is #18. This is Amazon's data... not mine. I'm just a messenger.
  11. Word on the grapevine is that the Panasonic full frame cameras are a total flop sales wise. This rumor is also supported by taking a quick peek at Amazon's full frame mirrorless cameras sales rankings. The Panasonic S1 and R are nowhere to be seen on the top 100 list. Expect price drops... but even then, it's a big gamble that Panasonic took by releasing these bodies without PDAF. For most hybrid shooters reliable AF is a "must have" option.
  12. I predict that the 360 camera will eventually revolutionize the way how video is shot. It will replace all of these action and stabilized cameras. Picture an interview scene where you only need one camera that sits between the interviewer and subject. I think once they get good enough it’s going to be huge.
  13. For me it would have to really be special. If neither one blows me away, I’m not investing the $20k or so to enter into the system. I just do this stuff for fun. Rolling shutter might be less than ideal... but maybe not as bad as we think.
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