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  1. It’s better not to watch that channel (like most photography channels on YouTube).
  2. Thanks! I’m looking forward to try out the speedbooster, especially with the ef 35mm f2 IS
  3. Thanks. I’m shooting in the mv1080p 3x3 mode. The closest I can get to your resolution is the 1:1 mode at 1736:1040. I will try this with the SD card hack later. But I’d prefer to stay at 16:9 so I can match it with other material.
  4. What recording times do you get at that resolution and at what aspect ratio is that recorded? I’m looking to get decent recording times that have to be at least 30 secs. I don’t want to shoot in movie crop mode. Right now I shoot 16/9, 1736x584, 14-bit lossless to be able to record long takes. Any tip on what is the best set up to get long recording times with the highest resolution/bit depth? Thanks
  5. You also used that c300 log lut for the standard profile?
  6. yep not possible Yes I have seen it already. This is one of the great examples what the XC10 can do! And I thought that was all done in C-log.. Can you elaborate a bit on what your grading process was like with the XC10? I like the natural look of your footage. When you say standard, do you mean profile 1 or 2? I am testing 4k c-log 500 iso now, looks much better already! It seems like it is best to ETTR just a bit from reading of the camera's meter.
  7. Thanks! I guess it’s time to tryout the 4K ? I got mine for $700 ? So it’s best to keep the aperture above F3.5? ? I did shoot a lot of test footage at F2.8..
  8. At the moment the footage is kind of too mushy, and of low definition. I understand what you are saying about the flat lighting/flat image, but I had better succes with the g85 in the same conditions.
  9. Have you found a way to get the right exposure? I’ve also tried the shutter priority mode with iso 500 in C-Log. I’m not sure if the present weather conditions work well with this setting. There is no sun or light to be found at the moment in Shanghai. I am not getting satisfactory results yet.. Maybe one or two stops exposure compensation will bring life into this grey mess. Or is it just better to shoot in manual and crank up the iso? I will try the eos standard profile tomorrow. Maybe that is a more suitable profile for dull weather conditions.
  10. I’m having more difficulty in the smog of Shanghai..
  11. Thanks for the tips Kye, I’ll do some tests!
  12. Thanks. Do you use the mp4 or mxf codec? Is there actually any quality difference between the two?
  13. Exactly! For the type of work I do I need to be able to rely on the camera to get the shots without attracting too much attention. Especially in China.. This camera is perfect for that. What are your settings (in HD)?
  14. Thanks Kye! My xc10 is a pal version, so somehow 24p is not an option. Too bad because that’s what I’d normally use. At the moment I want to work in HD since I plan to record a lot of material for a docu style project. And my computer had already trouble to handle the 4K g85 files.. I’ve read that the HD quality in good light is rather good, so I’d like to try that our first. So you prefer 25p over 50p? In this mode there is also the option to record in mp4 file structure. Will that degrade the quality in any way? I’ve read posts from Van Daven and others that they prefer the 50p mxf
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