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  1. If you have a card now to work on, I'd suggest to wait a bit for Sandisk & Co to ship their cfexpress AND nikon finally releases the FW update to be able to use them. Much faster cards at the same price as sony xqd.
  2. Still nailing... The promised CFExpress support is missing too.
  3. Have you tried others, like 3200 and 12800? 6400 is the first "ordinary number" I see in this thread.
  4. It rather looks like a too weak AA filter to me (lots of Moiré). Can this be fixed in firmware?
  5. Any update on this issue with the most recent FW?
  6. Interesting, If they add 10bit internal recording and release it before Black Friday, I am all in 4k60p is missing though. I'd argue with that: why do we need fullHD@60-120Hz then? Computer power nowadays is hardly an excuse.
  7. First post on the Forum, nice to meet everyone:). I would like to step into the FF videography world, currently looking at the Sony a7 III and the Nikon z6. Watched a few comparisons on youtube but the latter is not the best way to get an impression thanks to its heavy compression. My preferences: - Good focus tracking (hence no Panasonic, sorry...) - Top image quality at high iso: supersampling of the entire sensor - Good color profiles, log Questions: 1. I do see some artifacts (Moiré) on Nikon's sample (Dpreview link), can these arise from oversharpening?
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