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  1. Hello, I worked in these days with my GH5 and miller air tripod in Valencia. I’m satisfied about this combination. I have just a question: during the flight, I separated head from from legs to let the tripod enter inside the checked bag. I used a manfrotto soft bag for the legs and a padded handkerchief to protect the head. I tried to bend the original padded cordura bag included by Miller to fit inside the checked bag, but is too padded and long and is not easy to bend without damage it... but in this way in Valencia I had to transport the tripod without bag... Do you have any suggestion for a bag that can be easily bended?
  2. That’s why I want to build a steel inox plate to have counterweight when I want to use the 12-35. Maybe I can force myself to use often ninja flame monitor that usually sleep at home. πŸ˜„
  3. Yes it has only 2 counterbalance, but changing 24-70 with 70-200 it stay in the same position as well. I think these 2 steps works well. The head itself is extremely smooth compared with my other 2 manfrottos heads. Waiting for my gh5 cage to test with penny 12-35 configuration. For now I'm very happy, the carbon fibre leg sticks are good and fast to open and close. They don't have spreader but for what I usually shoot it's ok!
  4. Yes it have 2 counterbalance for less weight and for higher weight. By the way I tried GH5+METABONES+nikkor 70-200 and is ok the counterweight. The biggest problem is only when I want to use this configuration: GH5+12-35 Panasonic, that is only 1kg this setting. I ordered a cage from smallrig with top handle and a baseclamp to give me arca swiss plate over the miller head. They are quoted 560g For the missing 500g or more for that configuration, I'm thinking on DIY a plate metal inox by a blacksmith, smallrig cheese style with some 1/4" screw. And will be perfect for my jobs.
  5. Godox is ok, but you have to use crowns add some modifiers. I prefer in my style and for portability a fresnel and Dedo seems good. Try Arri and Lupo light. In my opinion is better to save money and invest them in less gear but high quality (assistance and poxibikitt to have many modifiers), in fact for flash pictures I usually considere Profoto or Broncolor as a standard.
  6. I understand, but I usually work with different settings: - sometimes I have to use a ninja inferno monitor on tripod, with 24-70 Nikon + metabones + mic zoom h5n and the weight grow up. - sometimes I take videos only with my gh5 and 12-35 Panasonic for practicality
  7. I bought this version, in the optic to improve my gear, and to have a good and smooth tripod system for some years
  8. I have it, but I don't like much light color. I was oriented on dedolight then came-tv for its good modifiers that I could attach in front of the lamp.
  9. Hello, anyone who use this nice light? I would like to buy a Fresnel lens for my photographic and video works
  10. I bought a smallrig cage + top handle and quick release base plate: total 560g my GH5 camera + 12/35 Panasonic is total 1000g total 1560g. I need other 500g πŸ˜• uff any suggestions?
  11. What about smallrig cage? What model do you suggest to me?
  12. Hello, I recently bought a new tripod system: 3005 Miller Air fluid head + Sol 75 2 stages carbon fibre tripod. The head is designed for 2-5kg Now I would like to use my GH5 + 12-35 and some Nikon lenses adapted with metabones, but I'm experiencing some problems with counterbalance: in position 1 ( that is the lowest possible) the head in kick back tilting from front to center position, that not happens if I forward the camera. Do you think that I have to add some weights? If yes, what kind of weights do you suggest? And eventually where I can add counterweight? If I use for example my 14-24 Nikon 2.4G it seems a bit better.
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