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  1. Hello I finally bought this new macbook pro with 32gb ram and radeon pro Vega 20 (4gb). Can you suggest the best settings to improve fast gnu rendering? Here what I use (it go to 8 to 10 fps during rendering) it seems to slow for my configuration.
  2. Hello I'm using davinci resolve 15 in an old MacBook Pro late 2013 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB I use OpenCL, Manual, limit memory 12.0gb limit fusion 8.3gb. I deselected easyDCP and use GPU for RED debayer I used an hd not ssd usb2.0 1tb, it least 120gb. I-m trying to render 1920x1080 25p files, with settings for youtube (48000kbps) AAC 192 Some days ago all worked slowly but worked. Now that I have to export some projects, it start to render at 0.5 - 0.... terrible slowly. I know that my current configuration will not be so fast, but, why some days ago it worked and I will go until 5 frame-sec and now 0.5 (if I'm lucky), it-s a bit impossible to export 27mins of videos in this way. I-m waiting for my new MacBook Pro at the end of this month, but I have to deliver these fails as soon as possible. Any suggestion? Please help
  3. 400$ for 1tb..... too much. That write/read speed is really needed to work on the fly with external disk? Can’t be sufficient t3 or Sandisk Extreme portable as you told before?
  4. Hello my new MacBook Pro, have only 500gb of ssd inside. I would like to buy a new working external portable solution ssd to use for projects where I,m working, then I usually backup in an external Drobo and on cloud as well. I found this solution: - Sandisk ssd extreme portable 1TB USB3 (max 500mb/s) around 180eur -and this extreme samsung x5... but it costs too much Do you think that working with videos (resolve) with sandisk is a good solution, or would lag with 500mb/s?
  5. Hello, anyone tried the new media composer from AVID? I'm trying Avid first (the free versione, that have limit of full hd videos..) Now I'm using DaVinci resolve studio 15, but I was always attracted by AVID system...
  6. Pro Vega 16 vs Vega 20 have the same amount of 4gb. Does the difference is huge? anyway I can’t afford pro vega 20 + 32gb ram, total = +840€ I can can afford only pro vega 20 +420€, total +420€ or 32gb ram +420€ + pro vega 16 4gb + 120€ total +540€ What do you think will be better?
  7. So go for a GPU, and what about the ram?
  8. At the end I bought 2 covers from kbcovers for my apple magic wireless (compact with AA batteries).
  9. Hello, I usually work with these programs, with this computer (MacBook Pro late 2013 2.3 i7 16gb 1600 ddr3, Nvidia geforce GT 750M 2048 ) - Capture one 12 (D800 NEF) - DaVinci resolve 15 (4K videos) - Adobe Premiere Pro CC - After Effects CC What can you suggest for extra configuration to better video editing for my new Macbook pro 15, that costs 3399€ stock. Here the extra cost for the extra features: - Intel Core i9 8‑core to 2,4GHz (Turbo Boost to a 5,0GHz) +220€? - 32GB di memory DDR4 to 2400MHz +480€? - Radeon Pro Vega 20 with 4GB memory HBM2 +420€? - Radeon Pro Vega 16 with 4GB memory HBM2 +120€? My extra budget will be max 500€ thanks
  10. I don't have any keyboard, only an external Apple magic keyboard wireless (without numpad). Any suggestion? I found that the Avid/Premiere keyboard cover offers better colour scheme for me is too expensive...
  11. Hello, I used Premiere for a while to edit my videos, now I switched to DaVinci Resolve, and I would like to buy a keyboard cover or a physical keyboard. logic keyboards seems to have better colour scheme. there is also editorskeys and kbcovers. What do you suggest?
  12. Hello, I worked in these days with my GH5 and miller air tripod in Valencia. I’m satisfied about this combination. I have just a question: during the flight, I separated head from from legs to let the tripod enter inside the checked bag. I used a manfrotto soft bag for the legs and a padded handkerchief to protect the head. I tried to bend the original padded cordura bag included by Miller to fit inside the checked bag, but is too padded and long and is not easy to bend without damage it... but in this way in Valencia I had to transport the tripod without bag... Do you have any suggestion for a bag that can be easily bended?
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