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  1. What frequencies would you suggest for europe? I know that in usa you have some problems with frequencies over 600mhz. Here they sell: A1, A 516-558 MHz, B (626 – 668 MHz), G (566 – 608 MHz) The thing was that for SONY UWP D26 I have to spend 200eur more then the same G4 new set.... In Italy is not too sold that kind of set, and also for service Sennheiser is faster and there are many services center...
  2. Ok, I think after research, to go for EW112P G4 A1 (470 – 516 MHz), that seems to work almost all around the world for now. For now I can't find a deal for an used G3 or a decent price for a sony UWP D26. The G4 new has a better price in this period.
  3. Hello, I need a wireless system for my interviews (documentary,...) what system do you suggest for Europe? I’m oriented in these 2 system: - SONY UWP-D21 - SENNHEISER G4 ew122p Eventually, for sennheiser there are these Versions: G4-G 566 – 608 MHz G4-E 823-865 MHz G4-B 626 – 668 MHz G4-A1 470 – 516 MHz What do you suggest? I’m in italy i found g4 ew122p new for 513€
  4. Thank you! and what about this: Do you think that I have to set in Z6 /microphone sensitivity to 1 (the lowest possible)? In GH5 I used to put microphone sensitivity to -12dB It's better if I connect straight the zoom to the atomos mic/line)? What about the lag?
  5. Yes, I have xritevcolor checker, only used in the past for pictures, using it at the beginning of each session could help? Any specific advise to use in davinci? what about the audio with zoom recorder?
  6. Hello, I-m going to use the first time these two cameras together for a work. I currently used GH5+v-log+ghalexv3, I would like to match as possible the footage with my new Nikon Z6+Atomos ninja V. I'm going to use 4k 25p in GH5 and v-log. What setting I have to use for Nikon? 4k 25p N-log on Atomos? Another doubt about the audio record, I currently use a Zoom H5 with cavalier for interviews, connecting line-out of the zoom to my GH5 mic out (setting mic level adjustment -12db). What setting I have to use on my Nikon Z6 to put zoom audio to the video? Do you t
  7. ehi bro, your machine is faulty, mine doesn't produce this problem...
  8. do you think that Apple will change my new MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019) 2,3 GHz Intel Core i9 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro Vega 20 4 GB. With this new one?
  9. I don’t have a card, I only have the Atomos Ninja V in this moment
  10. Hello, I recently bought a third camera a new Nikon Z6 essential movie kit with Atomos ninja V for some video interviews/conference works to be paired with my GH5. I would like to ask if you think that I have to wait using only the ninja V to record, and wait the new firmware update for CFexpress or try to buy a 120gb xqd. Here in Italy these cards are not too reliable (sony XQD)....
  11. Finally bought Nikon z6 essential movie kit (ninja v) + 24/70 (of another kit). 2800€ Italy I think not a bad price at all. I’m waiting for CFexpress firmware compatibility, anyone know something about? I don’t want to invest on xqd
  12. The 24-70 2.8 S is usually to heavy for the gimbal? I never had a lens so slow
  13. What do you think about the 24-70 f4 for the videos?
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