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  1. If I use 4K longGOP 10bit in vlog- l internally, it will save the file as rec709 color space? It will save FULL or limited (video)? I need to know in order to use properly DaVinci resolve color space transform. It ask me color space source and gamut source. Thanks
  2. What about use on GH5 of x color space transform from v-log L to z-log. Then apply to another node to Z6 and to GH5 the same chart transform of xrite chips passport video and then slightly adjust? is it a bad workflow? I tried also to use cinematch, but it seems a costly tool that almost do the same thing. Don’t you think?
  3. I did it but it really suck... doesn’t match properly..
  4. Hello, I’m on the way to produce an interview with my nikon Z6 attached to atomos ninja V and I I need to use a second camera as B-Roll. Actually I can use a Panasonic GH5 Or an old D800. Using D800 I can only record 8bit internally , and the file seems a bit softer) Otherwise if nothing can help I could rent another nikon z6 or a nikon D850. What about matching Z6 and GH5 that I own? I have criteri color checker passport. I tried some times matching them but unfortunately it seems hard to match them.. In nikon Z6 I don’t want to use proresraw but I would prefear log 10bit. In DaVinci resolve I usually I set the color chart (in GH5 I set blog in input and rec709 in output, in Z6 file rec709 input and output) but they don’t match well. I usually register 10bit log on Z6 and same on GH5 10bit 155mb/s. Any suggestions to have a good and usable B-roll with matched colours? Using xrite color match passport seems to doesn't work very well... @Andrew Reid Do you have any suggestion? thanks
  5. I meant in percentage of the cost of the editing? Because I put in the cost estimation the fee of the editing, and that after the first modification included I will charge an extra 20%. I also put that for structural changes the cost has to be rearranged depending on the time spent. I don't want that they are asking eventually for the timeline for skipping to pay these extra costs... not only for changing captions. Otherwise I could make a pre-comp prores timeline with only the music and eventually the srt file...
  6. In that case what would be a fair fee?
  7. Ok, I think they asked for an editable timeline for what I understood. I don't think they asked when they said "editable" for only the video with lossless codec as prores. Don't you think?
  8. So, basically an exported video in prores with an srt file that they can edit? Without giving the cutted timeline with transictions music ecc footage?
  9. Hello Anaconda, I will shot 5 mins of internal use video (tutorial video that they are going to use by sending it to users of different countries for training). I will shot with 2 camera (one with a slider and one static), edited with music. They asked to an edited version of the video, probably because as I said, they would let different local teams of that client to modify captions by themselves. Do you think that I could give only a pre-comp timeline with a srt over to be modified? Or I give the product without ask for this extra cost?
  10. Hello, I have a client that asked me an interview video, that is going to be used for internal use (promotional tutorial video sent by email to other clients). Now the problem is that this client asked me to receive after we will make this video an editable copy of the edited video. Because they will want probably to use different captions for different languages. Do you think that I have to charge for this? Or I can give this editable file to them without charging? Any other solution/suggestion? Thanks
  11. Oh thanks. What about nano in vertical movements? Have you tried it? How it works? do you get the standard version or the bundle one with bag and batteries?
  12. Hello, I would like to buy a slider for my corporate job. I used in the past a ginball but I’m not a big fan of that tool, and after only a couple of time used, I sold it. It stayed almost all the time at home because it needed too much time to calibrate and most of the time not so usable. And for me that kind of movements are also too floating. For this reason I’m oriented to buy a small portable slider. What do you suggest for product and interviews (second camera)? - motorised one - or manual one? I recently saw these too piece of gear: - edelkrone sliderone V2 - ifootagegear shark nano they are on the same price range. What about your point of view, which system is more usable and fast to use? Thanks
  13. what about them instead? /1 /2 /3 /4 I am full of bags to put things inside, I want something small only for the audio wireless set.
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