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  1. Kieran

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    It happens. In the very early days of flatscreen HD TVs, I bought a very expensive Sony Bravia with 'Reality Engine' blah blah. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first watched a closeup of a face on it. As the person talked, the eyes, nose and mouth would move slightly out of synch with each other. I went through all the settings but couldn't get rid of the slightly trippy effect. Needless to say I didn't have the TV for long and went back to having a CRT tv until the flatscreen tech was good enough. I decided then that being an early adopter was not necessarily a good idea. I have pre-ordered the BMPCC4K though 🙂 If it overheats, you can always eat it.
  2. Take a look around on this forum (particularly the blackmagic sub forum) and you will find lots of similar posts under many different user names. They will all include a line like 'I didn't find the solution on the internet' and then give 'reference links' which are spam. They probably get paid each time the link is clicked on The query itself is copied and pasted from a genuine post from 4 years ago on the official blackmagic site forum
  3. I always focus manually anyway. So for twice the price, I'd rather have two of the current BMPCC4Ks.
  4. Kieran

    What is music's equilvalent to "4K is the best!"

    Quadraphonic sound https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadraphonic_sound Or maybe - an amp that goes up to 11.
  5. That's great and very useful information. Unfortunately it's no good to the original poster who is a spammer (or a spambot). But all good advice to anyone reading it. And I for one found it interesting that you 'only' film in ProRes LT. The results are incredible for such a relatively lowly codec. Does this also go for film's you made with the BMCC like Shadow Warriors?
  6. Kieran

    Testing EOSHD Pro Color for Panasonic G9 and GX9

    Interesting. Would this be backwards compatible with CineLikeV or CineLikeD on the G80 / G85?
  7. Kieran

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Me too - but I've also been offered a lucrative editing job for next week so I'll probably have to miss the show.
  8. Kieran

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I suspect the Pocket 4K might make an appearance in London next week at the Media Production Show: https://www.mediaproductionshow.com/
  9. Kieran

    Tips for achieving this style if cinematography

    In case anyone is still interested in what the Max Mara video was shot on, I just heard back from Chris Bernabeo who was kind enough to reply to my email enquiry. He said he didn't shoot it but he does work for the director. He confirmed "it's a mix of HD digital (most likely on an Arri Alexa) and 16mm film on a Bolex." So now we know.
  10. The biggest problem by far with Blackmagic cinema cameras is they tend to attract a lot of spam. I'm hoping there will be a firmware update to fix this.
  11. Kieran

    Tips for achieving this style if cinematography

    I also did some research, found Cass Bird and I have already emailed her earlier today asking her about the video. Well done on finding the potential cinematographer. It's looking very likely that you were right... EDIT: looks like he got that Bolex:
  12. Kieran

    Tips for achieving this style if cinematography

    Some of the Max Mara video may have been shot on film but I still think it's mostly digital. You can do a lot digitally to emulate a film look these days.
  13. Kieran

    Tips for achieving this style if cinematography

    This gave me a laugh: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1368143/Wedding-videographer-ordered-pay-compensation-dreadful-350-video.html
  14. Kieran

    Tips for achieving this style if cinematography

    To me it looks like Canon DSLR footage (possibly using the Cinestyle profile) with Filmconvert 16mm / 8mm effects added to shots in post. Add in a smattering of Light Leaks and there you go..