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  1. More BMPCC4K footage is starting to appear...
  2. The iBong is in production as we speak ; )
  3. @Andrew Reid I see you have reset my reputation to zero. That really doesn't bother me. But it does speak again to your character.
  4. I have no public image to cultivate and I'm not interested in invitations to events. You want to be perceived in a certain way. It's important to you to be considered important. I'm just letting you know how you often come across and how that can get in the way of what you want. No malice intended on my part.
  5. Actually as I said before, I wasn't trying to be snidey but to genuinely help you out. If for example, I was looking to work with a person on a project, my criteria would be have they got talent? - but also - can I get on with this person? You've always got to hide the hash ?
  6. You see - there you go taking offence again. I certainly wasn't being aggressive. If calling for tolerance and kindness is an act of aggression, then I guess we should be very concerned about that dangerous Dalai Lama fellow.
  7. Andrew, you do often come across as someone who is resentful, intolerant, often spiteful, takes offence easily and with a grudge against the world. I think if you were a nicer person, you know, showed kindness, tolerance, humility (unfashionable traits as they are these days), then you might get invited to more events. I don't mean that in any kind of snide or sarcastic way. I'm serious.
  8. Try hitting 'alt' and '3' to get the #
  9. @Andrew Reid You're very good at pissing over other peoples work. So what's your best video then? What are you most proud of? Go on, wow us.
  10. Have you seen his previous one 'Bubble Gum'? Plenty of slow-mo in there.
  11. The purpose of the Dreamcatcher footage was to show how closely the BMPCC4k footage could be graded to match the 'classic' BMD look of the original Pocket or Micro. Personally I am glad that the shots are quite ordinary so that I can judge them properly. If it was shot in slow motion at golden hour, it would look cinematic but then nearly everything shot in slow motion at golden hour looks cinematic anyway. The shooter had a Micro mounted on top of the BMPCC4K and that direct comparison footage is supposed to be coming sometime soon.
  12. Dubious about this. It includes footage from his previous upload in April.
  13. They're coming thick and fast now: 'Sunset At Changi' Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K ProRes 422, UHD 4K, 50FPS ISO 100-200 (the magic hour silhouettes), 400-800 (blue hour), 1600-3200 (twilight and nightfall) Canon FD 50mm f1.4 SSC lens Mitakon Zhongyi FD-M43 Lens Turbo II
  14. Personally I like the possibility of being able to use S16 cine lenses for UHD. Could be a very filmic result.
  15. Seems legit. They have posted pics on Facebook of their camera setup at the zoo (basically handheld with a Samsung SSD). As well as shots of it on a crane for use in a k-pop music video.
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