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    Mad Mike case

    Are you really that shocked there are people who believe in a flat earth, considering all of the other ludicrous things people believe? We're humans, we're fallible, our brains look for patterns and connections that may not actually exist. We've always been this way and we always will be. Why would he, or anyone for that matter, be forbidden to launch a rocket (assuming all of the legal aspects had been taken care of)? I'm not sure if you're asking seriously but who would be the arbiter for allowing or forbidding freedom of thinking? Seems to be a slippery slope to me... It appears this man was very much a proponent of questioning the world around you; what's wrong with that? Did he take it too far? Probably. "It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.” (Carl Sagan) I'm just disappointed he wasn't able to successfully launch the rocket and see for himself that the earth is, indeed, spherical.
  2. https://***URL removed***/news/3598229881/nasa-astronaut-drew-feustel-explains-how-he-captured-racetrack-images-from-space It seems the NASA astronauts use whatever tool is best for the job or maybe just whatever they prefer. Hmm, what a concept!
  3. Has anyone seen Ken Rockwell's RP review? https://kenrockwell.com/canon/eos-r/rp.htm Interesting to note: 4k has ALL-I (480 Mbps) or IPB (120 Mbps). IPB only for 1080p. Canon Log internal?? Uncompressed 4K UHD 4:2:2 10- or 8-bit HDMI output with Canon Log. Neutral (Rec. 709 or Rec. 2020) and Cinema EOS Original (Rec. 709) color matrices. Am I reading this correctly? His reviews are extremely in-depth I can't imagine these are oversights.
  4. Maybe because those that have bought and used the NX1 haven’t been able to find another aps-c sized camera that compares to the colors, usability, autofocus, ergonomics, specs, experience, etc. since Samsung abandoned their camera division. The XT-3 would be, to those people, the camera that comes close to/bests the NX1 and they would like to discuss it in this thread.
  5. Yeah, how dare people discuss their personal experiences with cameras and compare them. What do they think this is a camera forum or something??
  6. This thread should be closed immediately. This place is here to discuss affordable mirrorless cameras and DSLRs. This is just a dull work tool and it has no place on an artistic film-making forum.
  7. https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-rf-lens-specifications/ 95mm filter diameter on that 28-70 f2 ?
  8. Get the vertical battery grip and an extra battery
  9. https://www.simmodlens.com/product-page/simmod-77mm-variable-neutral-density-0-4-0-8-filter Hard stops and controllable polarization.
  10. has anyone tried this from GenusTech? It combines VND and polarizer. I wonder if it would alleviate any issues with skin and natural reflections.
  11. Look at his/her post history. It doesn't seem human.
  12. iamoui


    @jonpais He complimented you ("Great images as always") then made an observation about the model not looking natural, which she doesn't. Why are you taking it so personally?
  13. What lynch mob are you guys referring to? I saw people ask for evidence of a claim, which is reasonable, I saw one person act like a jerk, and I saw a few people do some detective work to pretty much show the claims made were most likely false. Now this “kid” is running away because of the way he was supposedly treated? How can I be impatient if I’m not waiting for anything? I’m simply making an observation. I do, however, enjoy watching all the virtue signaling of “guys he’s just a kid take it easy on him, goooosh”. He’s got a long road in front of him if he can’t handle a few people on the internet being rude. That is, if he is even a “kid.” It’s not rude to be skeptical on the internet when pretty much everyone is anonymous. I also enjoyed your generalization of New Yorkers. Very tolerant and liberal of you. The story never ends.
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