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  1. Kipon BavEyes Contax/Yashica to MFT focal reducer Adapter 65.00 shipped within the US Yashica ML 50mm F1.7 lens 35.00 shipped within the US ( no longer has rear lens cap )
  2. **** Price adjustment ******* 50mm f1.7 reduced to 60.00 shipped within US
  3. BavEyes Booster adapter for sale: Yashica ML 28mm f2.8 - $95 Yashica ML 50mm f1.7 - $85 Kipon C/Y-m43 Bav-Eyes Lens booster x0.7 - $100 The kipon adapter is like new condition, ( recently purchased ) comes with both caps. The Yashica lenses are obviously used, as they are vintage lenses, but they're in great condition for their age. Both lenses have clear glass, free of haze or fungus. I am located in the DFW Area of Texas. Prices are USD, Paypal only.
  4. Got my tracking number from Hot Rod Cameras, shipped today will have it in my hands by 10:30am tomorrow. Illya, Lisa, Dain, Kevin, and Max always come through A1... and once again, I couldn't be happier with their, sale and service!
  5. Pretty much the same thing here in the states, only 50 cameras arrived this week, and all were demo cameras for stores. This info is from Hot Rod Cameras. I'm first on their list, and they have promised me a camera next week as they have been promised by US BMD distribution to receive another order next week, but they do not know the volume of the shipment yet.
  6. Just received word from Hot Rod Cameras that only 50 cameras have been shipped to the US. ( I assume these cameras were all demos for the stores ) as Hot Rod Received one. They did tell me that they have been promised that some of their ordered cameras will arrive next week some time.
  7. Back with the OG Pocket I felt like B&H was telling me anything they felt they needed to, to secure my order, they pretty much told me I was within the first 10 orders they had received, and I was guaranteed to get my camera before I would ordering elsewhere. During my first call inquiring about delivery and my place in line, the first 10 statement I received when ordering was refuted by different sales rep. They told me something different each time I called. Late I found out a small camera shop had a few in stock, I called placed my order, received my pocket with in three days ( this was after all the ebay price gouging ) Since then I have avoided B&H just because I think they arent going out of there way to be upfront with B&H pre-orders. Since then all my pre-orders have been with Hot Rod. I like that if they don't know they will tell you they don't know. There is no estimate games, and no changes in delivery times because they will only tell you what they can guarantee.
  8. You're probably right about him not receiving a pre-order, but the guy does have a few feature films in Hong Kong, maybe that was his ticket? Either way, he's got camera, and we dont make those decisions... 🤷‍♂️ Your post make it seem like you'd be happy if no one get's the camera because you didn't. Anyway, It's your site, I'll leave you to it. No more responses from me on the matter.
  9. But are we not considering that maybe it's possible the camera was his pre-order, or the fact that he was director, actor, and producer for a few films in Hong Kong? I hoped you were past all that since you decided to go with the X-T3, guess not 😕
  10. I also pre-ordered through HOTROD the day of BMD's NAB announcement. I'm 1st on their list, and that is the same feedback I received from them on the ship date.
  11. Are you kidding? You gotta be... Say it isn't so
  12. Does calling him a troll negate the constructive criticism he posted?
  13. Andrew, Jun could also view your comments about him as snide. All because he got a camera, and you did not... It feels like you're jumping to critique all video's uploaded by someone with a Pocket 4K in another attempt to support your stance that BMD is giving cameras to the wrong people. I remember a thread here, some time back where more than a few guys critiqued your color grade on one of your Canon videos, and you responded like you never thought you'd receive criticism. You have threatened to quit this whole thing more than once, and people have always begged you to keep at it. People are here because they appreciate what you've created, but you pay way too much attention to the negative... No one can argue the numbers your site gets, but your victim attitude isn't winning.
  14. What the thread feels like, 😂 but aren't we all in the same gang? 😶 :
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