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  1. No poll love for the Sigma, or is that selection something weird? Should at least be a few fp users. ?
  2. consistent jitter/shake made me dizzy. Subtle at times but tripod needed.
  3. Still emphasis with a few video samples but a good look at the camera.
  4. I'm no law expert but it sounds like this is basically asking Apple to try again.
  5. Yes ran one over the span of 4 days, got battery level indication throughout. Now using the Sigma branded battery and seems to be consistent behavior between the two so far. These are DMW-BLC12's
  6. $450.00 OBO for the Tamron 70-210mm f4 with Tap-in Console . The lens has been updated to the latest firmware.
  7. mechanicalEYE


    Tompeter is the EOSHD undisputed spam champ. The guy/bot is always Working double overtime doing the good will of posting hundreds of random eBay links for cameras and other gear listed on eBay by random people from all over the world.
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