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  1. I had the A1 for about three months until I sold it, never experienced overheating during that three month period though.
  2. This site is largely responsible for me grabbing the GH1, my First camera. From there I picked up every GH release since all the way to the GH5 with a BMPCC stuck in there. You could say for sure Andrew and EOSHD was the OG camera influencer. I haven't logged on much recently but definitely lurk consistently cause even now it's one of the best sources for real info. Whatever is decided, I wish you the best @AndrewReid and will definitely stay tuned.
  3. DSI Pictures talking about his time shooting 8K in 34'c.
  4. Yes, it's not there, or it wasn't when checked earlier... they listed it on the US press release but it's updates are always kinda slow for the US site. I have made a habit of looking on the Japan site on release dates. anyways, I'm running 2.2 from the provided link, and have no issues seeing the files on FCPX.
  5. Did you get the Canon RAW Plugin 2.2 for Final Cut Pro X? if not: https://gdlp01.c-wss.com/gds/3/0200006353/01/rpfm-2-2-0-5-9l.dmg.gz
  6. L-rumors site says anonymous source says the Sigma fp L will possibly have IBIS, Sigma customized 60MP, MS shutter.
  7. L-rumors site says anonymous source says the Sigma fp L will possibly have IBIS, Sigma customized 60MP, Mechanical shutter.
  8. 🤣 No not at all... If I update firmware and lose a workaround it wont be anyones fault but my own. I've tip-toed into these updates since the beginning fearing that Canon was only updating to seal up some loose ends.
  9. 🤣 You're all welcome. Cant say I wasn't comfortably reluctant.
  10. Just confirmed that the Date change "hack" is still live with New firmware on R5.
  11. Add me to whatever list exist for the R5 visionrogue workaround works. I'm on firmware 1.1.0 with, and without the battery grip. Camera overheat warning flashes, make date change, pull battery, and then all times reset for all modes.
  12. Those R6 lens kits just released seem to be sitting in-stock in the bug guys warehouse, B&H and Adorama are showing in-stock status.
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