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  1. I heard back from Atomos support as well last week. They said the exact same-thing to me. I called Fuji to report the feedback from Atomos and the guy told me he tried the exact combo himself and doesn't see it but his tone was shit… He seemed very uninterested and dismissive. He actually said its not a problem for the camera, blamed Atomos, and said just because 3 or 4 cameras have this issue doesn't mean its a problem for the camera. I’m thinking they have known about the issue and sitting and quietly scaling customer feedback. I emailed them last Wednesday and haven't received response to that email. I guess it's a shoot internally for now wait and see game. I really like the camera as its fun to use but for my first time dealing with Fuji support I am very disappointed. As you mention the dynamic range internally is better. I’m just gonna use my SmallHd indie 5 monitor and stick with F-Log2
  2. You're welcome. I will when I can as I am currently away from home. I had that image in my phone from when I first reached out to Atomos support. I did come across a post on Instagram where another guy mentioned the same issue in 6.2K raw. He said the pixel was in the same location as mine going off the image.
  3. I have them both, a X-H2s with two Ninja V+ recorders. Neither Ninja presented any stuttering but both units have a single pixel that is stuck on center of screen in 6.2K any frame rate. This pixel is also on the off loaded footage, but again in 6.2K only. It does not happen when recording 4K of any frame rate. I sent Atomos clips to review and they believe its firmware on their end. Not sure they'll move on it too soon if others aren't reporting it but to me it seems most X-H2s users are using the Ninja V and not the Ninja V+.
  4. Good to hear. I read your initial post on the 3.0 update and I was 🤷‍♂️ lost because from what I can tell with the small amount of time I've had to shoot anything since updating I definitely see improvement and I was pretty cool with the AF before the update.
  5. He didn't say never but he did say "they ( the s5ii and s5iiX ) are the new flagship cameras and there won’t be an S1H II" which sounds pretty close to the S1H line is history. Either way, I cant see how the newly released S5 model cameras replace the need for a S1H refresh.
  6. Yep, that is the only consideration to make. For just 200 more, the S5 II X seems to be the best way to go. I honestly would have expected them to have external raw options in the S5 II since the s5 already has prores and b-raw support.
  7. I had the A1 for about three months until I sold it, never experienced overheating during that three month period though.
  8. This site is largely responsible for me grabbing the GH1, my First camera. From there I picked up every GH release since all the way to the GH5 with a BMPCC stuck in there. You could say for sure Andrew and EOSHD was the OG camera influencer. I haven't logged on much recently but definitely lurk consistently cause even now it's one of the best sources for real info. Whatever is decided, I wish you the best @AndrewReid and will definitely stay tuned.
  9. DSI Pictures talking about his time shooting 8K in 34'c.
  10. Yes, it's not there, or it wasn't when checked earlier... they listed it on the US press release but it's updates are always kinda slow for the US site. I have made a habit of looking on the Japan site on release dates. anyways, I'm running 2.2 from the provided link, and have no issues seeing the files on FCPX.
  11. Did you get the Canon RAW Plugin 2.2 for Final Cut Pro X? if not: https://gdlp01.c-wss.com/gds/3/0200006353/01/rpfm-2-2-0-5-9l.dmg.gz
  12. L-rumors site says anonymous source says the Sigma fp L will possibly have IBIS, Sigma customized 60MP, MS shutter.
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