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  1. I think the footage actually grades really nice. Although, this is, literally, my very first attempt at grading r3d footage. https://player.vimeo.com/video/446362143 <iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/446362143" width="640" height="270" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. Carl Zeiss Contax 28mm f/2.0 “Hollywood” Lens - Near mint, excellent condition - No fungus, or scratches, or dust; only slight normal wear on body - Focus and aperture rings are smooth - Inlucdes original lens hood - Includes step up rings to 77mm - 77mm pinch style lens cap - Original end cap - Cine-modded focus gear Asking $950 OBO
  3. Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k EF – plus extras for sale - Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k EF camera - $5k - Does Include Blackmagic Davinci Resolve Studio Dongle – ($300) - Blackmagic V-mount Plate for Ursa - $100 - MAXOAK 177Wh (12000mAh/14.8V) V Mount Battery and Charger - $200 - Two (2) 256GB C-Fast 2.0 Cards - $600 = $5900 MSRP // I'm Asking $4000 plus shipping Includes the original box and all cables/manuals. Also includes a third party top handle. Could also be talked into including a Rokinon 16mm f/2.2 EF lens into the package as well. Everything you n
  4. Honestly, if it was the ursa mini 4.6k sensor (in terms of color and DR) but 4k and small enough to be a "pocket" I'd be over the moon
  5. John Bradley (who I believe would know) confirmed it as real! Very exciting!! What's everyone hoping for? I'd like 4k (seems safe given the billboard) Either m4/3 or s16 sized With cdng raw and prores options Maybe up to 30p at 4k and up to 60p or 120p at fullHD Maybe an anamorphic mode with desqueeze? Built-in ND filters would be amazing A little longer lasting battery would be nice For around $1k I'd buy that instantly
  6. Since a few people have asked, here are the pics (sorry they came out a little blurry): Includes the Kowa 8z in excellent condition. Kowa has both front and back caps. Plus a plush lens case. Plus a rafcamera lens clamp. It goes in the back on the Kowa and clamps it to the taking lens.
  7. Hello all, First, thanks to everyone in this forum I was able to shoot my most recent project anamorphic! However, am in need of some cash and thought I might spread the love around. Just seeing if anyone would be interested in buying my Kowa 8z. Excellent condition; works great. I've even got an extra clamp I can throw in too. I'm in Austin, Texas USA - would prefer a local transaction if possible. I paid $720 for it in December of 2016. What's a generous price? $600? Maybe $540 if it's local? Let me know if there is any interest and I'll get pictures up. T
  8. Okay thanks. This is all a little hard to keep straight. To handle a 50mm on APS-C and achieve a sharp close focus with the CoreDNA what anamorphic do you recommend? I prefer warm flares to blue. And what price should I expect for your recommended lenses? Kowa 16-H is one? What others? Sorry for so many, probably newbie, questions!
  9. Hey everyone. Just some background on my setup. I've got an URSA Mini 4.6k (so slightly larger than APS-C image circle). I'd like to get my first anamorphic. Preferably something that can sharply focus as close as 2 feet (or better) after adding a Rectilux CoreDNA to it. And handle a 50mm wide (or wider) taking lens. Is this a good / possible option? http://www.ebay.com/itm/262666642926
  10. Price dropped by $200! Now $1000 or $800+shipping If you're interested and price is the only holdup - make me an offer!
  11. For sale is my barely used Lanparte support rig. Changing camera systems and no longer need it. Excellent condition all around. I used it with a BM CInema Camera, but would work great with a DSLR too. This sale includes the following items: - 15mm rods - Height Adjustable Bridge Plate - C-Shaped Support Arm - Top Handle - Dual Handgrip System - Shoulder Support System - 7" HDMI Monitor (with peaking, zebras, histogram, etc) - Magic Arm EVF/Monitor Mount - V-Mount Battery Pinch/Plate with HDMI Splitter - All cables (hdmi and battery
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