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  1. I think the footage actually grades really nice. Although, this is, literally, my very first attempt at grading r3d footage. https://player.vimeo.com/video/446362143 <iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/446362143" width="640" height="270" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. Honestly, if it was the ursa mini 4.6k sensor (in terms of color and DR) but 4k and small enough to be a "pocket" I'd be over the moon
  3. John Bradley (who I believe would know) confirmed it as real! Very exciting!! What's everyone hoping for? I'd like 4k (seems safe given the billboard) Either m4/3 or s16 sized With cdng raw and prores options Maybe up to 30p at 4k and up to 60p or 120p at fullHD Maybe an anamorphic mode with desqueeze? Built-in ND filters would be amazing A little longer lasting battery would be nice For around $1k I'd buy that instantly
  4. Since a few people have asked, here are the pics (sorry they came out a little blurry): Includes the Kowa 8z in excellent condition. Kowa has both front and back caps. Plus a plush lens case. Plus a rafcamera lens clamp. It goes in the back on the Kowa and clamps it to the taking lens.
  5. Hello all, First, thanks to everyone in this forum I was able to shoot my most recent project anamorphic! However, am in need of some cash and thought I might spread the love around. Just seeing if anyone would be interested in buying my Kowa 8z. Excellent condition; works great. I've even got an extra clamp I can throw in too. I'm in Austin, Texas USA - would prefer a local transaction if possible. I paid $720 for it in December of 2016. What's a generous price? $600? Maybe $540 if it's local? Let me know if there is any interest and I'll get pictures up. Thanks!
  6. Okay thanks. This is all a little hard to keep straight. To handle a 50mm on APS-C and achieve a sharp close focus with the CoreDNA what anamorphic do you recommend? I prefer warm flares to blue. And what price should I expect for your recommended lenses? Kowa 16-H is one? What others? Sorry for so many, probably newbie, questions!
  7. Hey everyone. Just some background on my setup. I've got an URSA Mini 4.6k (so slightly larger than APS-C image circle). I'd like to get my first anamorphic. Preferably something that can sharply focus as close as 2 feet (or better) after adding a Rectilux CoreDNA to it. And handle a 50mm wide (or wider) taking lens. Is this a good / possible option? http://www.ebay.com/itm/262666642926
  8. Gave a shot at grading the NX-1 Log footage from a page ago. Let me know what you think! Full quality file is here: 00086400.tif
  9. Ah, actually the car mount is the only shot using something else. A GoPro Hero3, graded to match.
  10. Hahaha - well, I forgot those tags were on the vimeo page! Ya bunch of cheaters! Anyway, yeah, thanks for taking a look. Obviously wasn't going for color accuracy - it is a movie after all - so this is heavily graded. Not pissed at all - was interesting to see what people thought. The trailer is more of a teaser trailer type thing, mostly for mood and some images, not really for story. Full thing runs 35 minutes for the curious. Anyway, while I liked the BMPC4k somewhat, I struggled with field pattern noise a lot. Low light was pretty bad. That stuff at night by the blue truck was blasted with a 1k and a couple 650s. Plus noise reduction. I think it all came out looking pretty good but I'm not really feeling shooting my next project on the bm4k. Any suggestions for a camera? I really only need it for narrative work. Films, music videos, etc. 5d3 with ML raw is interesting to me, but I worry about battery life and media storage. And to fix those things would make the whole rig awful big and I'd love to be able to be on something like a Ronin M often.
  11. Thanks for the welcome! Interesting guess. Was not the pocket. Can I inquire what it was about the images that made you guess the bmpcc? And, what did you think of the images?
  12. Just wanted to say hello. Only just discovered this site recently and I'm a big fan. I recently finished a short film (late 2015) and just got around to cutting a trailer for it. Was hoping you'd give it a watch, and, for fun, try to guess what camera was used! Then, we can discuss the camera, my settings, etc. And I can ask lots of questions I have before I get my next camera! Thanks in advance, looking forward to chatting! https://vimeo.com/153575899
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