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  1. Was so inpired by that MaxMara piece, that decide to shoot my first wedding in this style. It was shoot with Fuji X-T20 and 18-55mm F2.8-4 with Tiffen HDFX 1 on it. For some stupid reason i shoot at 4k, so that's a lot of rolling shutter. More then that I turned off the stabilisation on lens... Yeah, im not good cinematographer. Any way, client like this thing and i like it too! But next time no 4k and Stab -> On. PS pass is maxmara
  2. How dp you change your apperure on Sigma 18-35? Is it EF or Nikon mount? I thouth Lens Turbo doesnt have electronic contacts, so its only some manual way to change apperture. On a Nikon speedbooster, there is ring for change it, but what about Lens Turbo?
  3. Does it have any sense at all to shoot ALL-I if you deliver via youtube and vimeo?
  4. Hey guys! Realy need some reference. Do you know something similar trippy stylish like this one https://vimeo.com/207288397 ? With parallel reality/dream.
  5. What adapter do you use to use Nikons? Is there any Nikon-FD adapters?
  6. Uh, i do my research and realize that canon FD is a really nice option for vintage lenses to adapt. But FD-EOS adapters have that poor quality optic element on it (on a cheap adapters) and ones with good optice out of my budget. Well, i dont need EOS, but also i dont find any AI-FD to adapt Nikors i have. One more problem - there is no EOS-FD to make Ai-EOS-FD combo... Any suggestions? What vintage lenses do you use, guys? And how you adapt them?
  7. srgkonev

    The Sweet Spot

    What smart speedbooster are you talking about? Metabones? Or what brand?
  8. Uuuh, so many great suggestions! I have D5500 for a year and enjoy the image. But i realy like that liberating possibilities, that comes with 5 axis IBIS. So i just purchased GX85 and original 12-35. But a havent seen any great examples with this camera and not certain about image. I`m plan to buy cheap focal reducer and some vintage lenses for shallower DOF and more cinematic look. But again im not certain can i get simmilar image i have with d5500. What about AF on Oly? I plan to buy gimbal, so AF is important for me. I just want to learn more, experimenting more, so i look for IBIS to free my hands and creativity.
  9. Hot topic! Guys, so what about non-log "flat" profiles like Cine-D and Flat Nikon profile? If its a linear color space, do we completle lose those information opposite to logarithmic color space?
  10. Ok, thank you for response! Any suggestions on which brand of focal reducer to buy? I almond find 2 options - Roxen (around $80) and Turbo Lens II (around $160 on ebay). Is there any difference between two?
  11. Ok, it make sense! But is FD worse then EF in this terms?
  12. @maxotics and what about other flat profiles on 8bit cameras? Like Cinelike-D on Panasonics or Flat profile on Nikon?
  13. Thank you for an answer, Tim! I just don't understand why EF, coz most of them don't have manual aperture ring.
  14. Hey there! Just've ordered gx85 and looking for some cheap focal reducer to adapt vintage lenses. I actually don't have any, so want to have options. What mount is most adaptable? So I can buy focal reducer with this mount and then just buy simple dummy adapters to use on this reducer. For example FD to m4/3 focal reducer and some OM to FD, Nikon F to FD, m42 to FD. I live in Russia, so some m42 options will be good. And what focal reducer do you recommend? Except metabones obviously (for a price reason).
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