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  1. I get that ML Raw would be too good, how about the Ptool hacks for the panasonic cameras? As they technically fails the "unmodified stock video mode" rule. If the ptool stuff is allowed, surely using ML just for the bitrate mod as long as you're not shooting raw should be allowed aswell? I didn't mean to complicate things 😅
  2. meudig

    $10 Adobe Plan Gone

    @KnightsFan Thank you, I'll check them out further. I've never heard of Reaper before.
  3. meudig

    $10 Adobe Plan Gone

    @Avenger 2.0 @Ivko Pivko Any suggestions on replacements for AE and Audition?
  4. meudig


    I contemplated getting it back when I had the bmpcc, never bit the bullet tho. Can't help but think it makes a lot of sense for the pocket cam, this video kinda gives that 16mm home video feel.
  5. I've heard of people losing the ability to use external monitoring through electrical damage too, from using questionable power solutions. (source needed) My bmpcc that I got rid of last summer (oh boy do I regret it), I bought second hand and while it did not have any obvious physical damage to the hdmi-port, I could never get hdmi signal from it.
  6. @Brian Williams I very rarely get stretched preview, and when I do it's (seemingly) when the module doesn't load properly. If I reboot the camera/ML and reload the module it usually fixes it. The off-center liveview seems more like a constant problem.
  7. @Emanuel My experience coincide with what @Alpicat has mentioned above, with an addition to me having had similar problems with the crop mode as well, albeit perhaps in an older version of ML. The problem of a stretched preview is easy to notice and all you have to do at that point is to reboot the camera and hope for it to be properly initialized. The crop and decentering can be harder to notice, but what you can do is to frame up your shots in regular video mode, before enabling ML - a method that works to combat decentering, but is a lot trickier regarding crop.
  8. @mercer That's with the eos-m. I've been thinking about getting a 5D3 though, but have yet to find a decent enough deal over here.
  9. In my experience, I lose about 1/3rd of the top of the image which I instead gain in the bottom of the frame. Meaning; what I perceived to be the center of the image in the live view is in actuality 1/3rd lower. If that makes sense.
  10. Congrats! I've owned this camera twice now and never got along with it, I am however about to try it out again... Across the pond here in Sweden they go for about 450-500 USD new, body only.
  11. meudig

    Color science

    The trick-question brand bias thing was interesting to say the least, but it would be outrageous to call his "study" scientific.
  12. Yeah, in terms of cinema, DoF have so many uses and not just because it "looks sweet". Similar to your example, shallow depth of field is a easy trick to make something look more "expensive". i.e no need for set design or mis-en-scène. This also, in my opinion tends to work against itself. When overused in narrative work, it can get so obvious that it looks cheap instead. It also greatly impacts realism in an image. Nothing is more impressive than when a technique is used for a specific audience reaction, and it works. But sure, it tends to look pretty too. Sorry for OT, interesting video.
  13. @Alt Shoo Luckily you can read all about it here. It's been posted in some em5ii discussions before.
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