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  1. Maybe asking Sony might be the best option? Probably cost a LOT but if you can get them interested in what you are doing, who knows?
  2. For what its worth, My favourite 50 or near 50 at 1.4 or faster I have had was a Canon FD 1.2 L followed by a Pentax K mount 50 1.2 but my favourite lens of that focal range is the Sony Zeiss 55 1.8 which is simply a much better lens than any other 50 ish lens I have had (and that is quite a few). The 50 FD L was in great condition when i got it (and still was when I sold it when I needed the money, the Pentax 50 1.2 I got almost new and used it for a couple of decades until it literally fell apart from overuse and being tossed around in my bag and I threw it out in the garbage.
  3. Price range? 50mm exactly or 49/55 ETC? Sharpest would be an Otus 55 1.4 but they cost thousands. The trouble with older lenses is that many actually ARE very sharp wide open but ONLY in the tiny area they are in focus and that is for new/unused ones before you consider copy variation and the biggest issue for second/third/fourth hand ETC lenses is how they have been treated (have they been dropped? kept in really hot/really cold weather? Have the coatings been worn at all? ETC. So someone posting on the internet may well have a great example of a lens that is excel
  4. Original A7s has a greater dynamic range at higher ISOs than anything consumer still. Yes, the more recent high megapixel cameras are better in even light that used to be regarded as low not so long ago but the A7s just ramps down in a lot shallower line. I mainly use mine for stills but in low light I still do not want anything else for my uses. I doubt any of these sot of cameras is what the OP is after though.
  5. That Sony does not show as discontinued on the Sony site I looked at. Closest would be the Canon ME20F SH but that is only full HD. It seems like it is fairly rugged though. Also the ME200S SH but that is super 35.
  6. I should say I did sell that Minolta 85 on Ebay for multiple times what I purchased it for at a pawn shop so I liked it for THAT (it was ok optically but not much different optically to several other 85s I had.
  7. I have no love for old Minolta MC/MD lenses. Nothing wrong with them really (I did not like the MC lens 85 I had in how it opened up after stopping down but workable) ok but nothing special to me, I still have an old MD 50 f2 but no adapter for it right now. The one Minolta MC lens I would love to try is that 24mm VFC with variable field control though rare and expensive. Mind you, if I found a cheap 35 tilt shift I would give it a go too. Minolta A mount lenses on the other hand are absolute bargains right now and if only the LA-EA# adapters were not such lumps I would still
  8. https://www.zeiss.com/content/dam/consumer-products/downloads/historical-products/photography/contax-yashica/en/datasheet-zeiss-planar-1750-en.pdf
  9. Well I am spoilt since getting the Sony Zeiss 55 1.8 By far the best normal lens I have had (and I had a couple I really liked like the FD 50 1.2 L and Pentax 50 1.2 K) even the Nikon little 50 1.8 AF (non D made in Japan) was a great cheapy...lots of others (Canon EF AF and FD 1.8s, Sony APSC 50 OSS, about a dozen 50 1.7/1.8 and f2s from all sorts of makers), an ancient Biotar 58 f2 with 17 blades but I think the Zony is pretty special (LOCA can be an issue but not a problem for me so far). It is because of the Zony I probably will not get this lens at any price no matter how cheap (ok I
  10. $200 Australian is about $150 US at the current exchange rate. If it gets put down to $100 or even $150 for its condition that will be a bargain. Since it is a charity, I wish they would put it on Ebay but they are not allowed to do it locally for some reason. I think even $300 is a great price for it (not that I would buy it for that). Will look at the serial number today hopefully for an 8## serial number! (must read up on it again, it has been a while).
  11. AEG (pretty sure I checked that but forgot to mention it).
  12. Oh and it has had $200 Australian on it for the time on display.
  13. Looking at Ebay for sold prices, it seems to range wildly for what people have actually paid (not what is asked for). $116 (Australian) for one for "spares and repair with haze" from the UK, $137.93 for one in good condition with a Fuji X adapter also from the UK (this one seems an absolute bargain), $141.61 working but some dust and not so smooth focus (UK), a $143.45 for one with fungus (UK again). User ones in ok condition generally seem to be around $200-$250 with the better ones seemingly in the $300-$400 dollar range. I would rate this charity store copy as a very good one
  14. Thing is I do not want to out it on Ebay. I actually had it on Ebay about two years ago and would have taken around $800-900 but not a single bid. I will get nothing like $4000 selling it in a major camera store via commission (they take %20) but again, I will be happy to get enough for something i will use more often. That said, i really do love this old lens, I just do not think it is worth anything like what they sell for. It will be a couple of months before I take it to sell though so will use it for a little while yet. Who knows, I might even change my mind (though
  15. You should see the Japanese prices...plenty of mint in box ones for over eleven grand (Australian)!
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