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  1. Dunno about that but my take is how much I dislike how that Pocket 2 makes buildings lean in (with and without the wide angle adapter in both stills and video.
  2. Maybe more than most would think. Maybe not to so many buyers but I see some buyers getting quite a few. Six or so of these would be like buying a car to many businesses, just the right tool for the job for many.
  3. Price is what people will pay for it. Very niche but it MIGHT be a truly wonderful drone camera (in the right hands, IE not mine) or for setting up portable/temporary security system with multiple cameras. Most will be used where they do not need an ND filter I think. I am kind of bemused why they did not use the regular GH5 sensor instead in a modular camera though I guess this one is just better for the specs they wanted in it. Or maybe they over purchased on GH5s sensors and this will get a few more sold than otherwise?
  4. I agree if it is POOR lighting. If it is LOW lighting and the particular camera can handle it, no. Some cameras simply can not handle low light others handle it to varying degrees but every camera does have a limit. It is less of an issue with still photography because you can often use a longer shutter speed.
  5. While I think it is crazy to not light something when you CAN, a lot of the time shooting in available light is the goal or even all you can do and in that case having better DR and colour depth and tonality with a camera like an A7s beats a camera that starts off better but falls away a lot quicker. I disagree that shooting in lower light levels makes an image "thinner" necessarily (though it CAN).
  6. Nah, 80s music sound best when played live by the original bands playing pension fund tours (though mostly with young backing musicians doing a lot of the actual playing).
  7. Makes a lot of sense to me. Cheaper and works well and a lot lighter and smaller than otherwise. I did have a mirror lens years ago (forgot about it) though it was not for long since I destroyed it but it was ok. Makes more sense to me than the new Canon long lens pair though they are still good. When I still had a LA-EA4 adapter I considered the Minolta 500mm auto focus mirror lens but since i have always had the old Tamron I passed.
  8. I would NEVER use it for SUBJECTIVE choices (like colour choice). DXO is a great GUIDE but I would never take it as gospel. If choosing gear, it is just one of a half dozen sites I would look at (including this one when it comes to video). I have always found Sony to be more ACCURATE colour than most (other than the AWB in some light issue) and when i have had Canon cameras and just shooting Jpegs or video, I have set them to vivid so hardly accurate.
  9. Some quick and dirty shots with three different Canon lenses adapted on my FF A7s. The APSC kit lens and two (much older) Canon Ls, one FD and one EF. Not for image quality, all taken as close as possible from the same place with the same view but were all hand held and two used the same adapter so I would go back in and change the lenses before going back out in the corridor. I used a different adapter to the cheap Fotga I normally would use because it shows the focal length while zooming and the Fotga does not. I do not use it normally because it plays up a LOT and needs di
  10. For those interested, Google seems to work. Mind you I can not find anyone with a definition on how to work out colour depth, but plenty on working out file sizes. Makes sense really given that not all photos are the same size but can have varying colour depth for varying size sensors. https://www.google.com/search?q=color+depth+calculation&oq=co&aqs=chrome.0.69i59l3j69i57j0l4.2659j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  11. Multiplying resolution x bit depth will give you file size but NOT colour depth. I am no expert on this but I would suggest to anyone doing research from those who ARE qualified as with anything photographic would be much more useful other than as general interest.
  12. I said SOME and I purchased a couple of vintage photographic magazines (as in magazines selling photo gear) recently and the colours were terrible As for the rest, since I disagree with you on many things and do not want to get into another five pages of yes, no, yes, no, I will leave it at that with you.
  13. NOTHING wrong with the Gh5. IF you go to higher ISOs, it does not hold up as well as modern cameras with larger sensors but it is still ok in lower light and if you control the light is just fine. Canon 5D3 is a very nice camera but its sensor was a bit behind some other FF sensors of its time I think the 700D IS a pretty capable stills camera. I keep thinking I want a Canon DSLR to use my Canon EF mount AF lenses (Sigma 150 2.8 macro for a start) and the 5D iii, even 5Dii and 6D as well as APSC cameras like the 700d and others are on my radar.
  14. Agree (sort of), there is a lot more to it than that. Still, there is nothing wrong with trying for accurate colour in itself and sometimes even for a portrait it IS desirable, it is an individuals choice. Then again, I probably take fewer photos (or video) at base ISO than anyone so for ME, a camera that does well at base ISO but better at higher ISOs is more desirable than one that might be better at base but falls off a cliff as you go up (for colour depth and DR and anything else really) and that is why I still have not found anything better for me than my lowly old A7s. Even t
  15. I sometimes forget I have this thing. No photos now but i might take it with me and compare to a couple of other lenses later. In short, this lens covers FF on my A7s from about 23/24mm and up. It gets a tiny bit of vignetting in the extreme corners again close to 55mm but still ok I think. Works fine in APSC all the way and is slightly wider on Sony than Canon AF is very slow since the A7s is a CDAF only camera but I am amazed it works at all and IS works quite well (this is actually currently my ONLY stabilized lens on the A7s since I sold my Sony kit lens and a coupl
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