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  1. DFason

    A7IV opinions

    I've used the 7IV on a few jobs now and love it. Next week I'll have my first video job with it. Excited to pair it up with my Siii! Its quick, easy to use and fits within everything I need it too.
  2. DFason

    A7IV opinions

    I put a pre-order in for the 7IV to pair with my Siii. I own a couple other Sony's and have a lot invested in the glass. I also have a set of FD's that I can throw on for manual lens. Like another user said, the AF is incredible on these. I am a one man band and it helps in so many ways. I like the S5 IQ but the modern Sony cameras are damn close. Few rolling shutter sucks, NR built in blows and no waveforms is a bummer. Oh and no 1/48th... I love the Sony cameras but I would 100% skip the A7iii if money is the issue. Save for the IV or pick up the S5.
  3. DFason

    Sony A7 IV

    Oh I know. I am all for the crop for the work I do too. But some of those YTers will literally not buy it for that reason alone. I extra crop on 120 would have been great but understand why Sony wont. Oh yea. I put the preorder in at 12:01. We shall see! I really like that they included intra on the RIV. I really like the codec on my M1.
  4. DFason

    Sony A7 IV

    I put a preorder in for one. I have a lot invested in Sony glass. I'll be using this for a lot of photography jobs but it will make a great second camera for my Siii. The rolling shutter sucks but I know that going into it. Being able to match the cameras will really help out compared to previous Sony models. A huge selling point is my underwater housing will also fit the 7IV along with the Siii. Cameras are incredible these days. So many great choices for someone and with rental houses it makes it ever easier to test what you need. I am happy that the 4k/60 is cropped. Maybe we will see less "cinematic" videos shooting all slow-mo of a women walking in a city or run down area. Now the wait begins. Fingers crossed that the late December shipping date is accurate!
  5. I agree. Using the KLR adaptor has really helped me out too. My biggest gripes. No shutter angle, preset 1/2/3 with no custom WB and the flip screen. I understand why they did the flip screen but one day a guy can dream to just have a normal shutter angle.
  6. Cant say enough good things about the Siii as well. While not perfect it is an incredible tool. I also have fell in love with the smaller file size and look of the photos. I really try to stay with 640 or 12800 as well. Frame grab for a short I am working on. Crazy bright day on the boat.
  7. Thanks so much for this thread! Just ordered my 300. First shoot next week! -Dave
  8. If anyone is looking for a micro package I have one for sale! I would love to sell to someone on here that would really appreciate the camera. -Dave
  9. Funny, I have the almost exact setup minus the Tamron 20. The sigma 24-70, Tamron 17-28 and Samyang 35 are all great. The 17-28 is such a great wide. I will also use a close focus adaptor on the 35 to have some macro work along with using it on my 75 Samyang.
  10. I am selling my entire kit. It is in the FS forum. I can ship DHL for EU if needed too.
  11. I think it is great they are thinking outside the box. However everyone is talking about how small this thing is. With a small grip and the EVF, wont that make it larger than say the RIV?
  12. I almost sold my micro the other day with prices so high but I just can't do it. Every time I shoot with outside I am blown away with the IQ. I love my Siii but there is something so nice about the micro.
  13. Worked seamlessly for me. My biggest gripe is why it won't work with Big Sur. Cinetone looks wonderful for simple projects. I wish they would give us an update with shutter angle and custom WB in preset 1/2/3 modes.
  14. If you browse the FM forums you can normally find a used A7iii for $1300 and under. I've even seen $1150-ish with low shutter counts. While I love my Rii the 7iii is the better buy. The battery life alone is well worth it. Unless you need the extra MP having a smaller file size sure is nice on the hard drives.
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