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  1. Funny, I have the almost exact setup minus the Tamron 20. The sigma 24-70, Tamron 17-28 and Samyang 35 are all great. The 17-28 is such a great wide. I will also use a close focus adaptor on the 35 to have some macro work along with using it on my 75 Samyang.
  2. I am selling my entire kit. It is in the FS forum. I can ship DHL for EU if needed too.
  3. Also willing to work on the price for someone on this forum. -Dave
  4. Selling my BMMCC and figured this would be a great group to start with. I love this thing but simply do not use it enough. It is in amazing condition. BMMCC Metabones EF - Made for this and regular pocket. Less crop. One Little Remote Grip with button NPF Battery convertor 3x 64GB SanDisk cards - 60FPS 3:1 RAW works Rawlite OLPF Filter Smallrig Cage Right Angle HDMI Sigma 17-50 EF Lens $1850 Shipped. I dont have feedback on here but have 100% on FM forums. -Dave
  5. I think it is great they are thinking outside the box. However everyone is talking about how small this thing is. With a small grip and the EVF, wont that make it larger than say the RIV?
  6. I almost sold my micro the other day with prices so high but I just can't do it. Every time I shoot with outside I am blown away with the IQ. I love my Siii but there is something so nice about the micro.
  7. Worked seamlessly for me. My biggest gripe is why it won't work with Big Sur. Cinetone looks wonderful for simple projects. I wish they would give us an update with shutter angle and custom WB in preset 1/2/3 modes.
  8. If you browse the FM forums you can normally find a used A7iii for $1300 and under. I've even seen $1150-ish with low shutter counts. While I love my Rii the 7iii is the better buy. The battery life alone is well worth it. Unless you need the extra MP having a smaller file size sure is nice on the hard drives.
  9. Watching it in the highest resolution helped but I agree, its Youtube. I always wonder why these videos are not on Vimeo too.
  10. Few things to note. They did not blast demo units to YouTube people. This is incredible. For someone that has invested in Sony glass over the years it is great to have a versatile hybrid camera by Sony. I am looking forward to seeing more over the coming months. This is the first Sony video that I've been impressed by the look. Same color as the FX series with Cinetone. I like it!
  11. Personal work I am trying to match the look of the BM with the Sony. I really enjoy the look of the micro and the modern tech of the Siii. I love the look of the BM for interviews and would love to get the look on the Siii as well with AF being so damn good. Plus the ability to punch in if needed. I do a lot of product YT/IG ads that need the modern look that the Siii does wonderfully. I hope I can make the Siii a work horse like my 7iii and Rii have been for me. I will share a few clips in the coming weeks.
  12. I picked one up. I'll be using the Siii and BMMCC together. My first big job is in a few weeks in Belize. Time to really test the Sony in the real world. This year I'll be investing in better audio equipment and lighting.
  13. I would love to see BM make a new square style camera. I ended up selling my P4K and keeping the micro. I love the Siii but the image from that little cube is so good.
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