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  1. is that bad? i mean Sony has improved its color science since a7s ii also take look at footage that Mr Jacques Crafford has provided
  2. We are getting closer to announcement date ☺️
  3. Thanks! in Premiere Pro metadate tool? Thanks .
  4. I downloaded few clips of internet from 1dx mark iii 120p vfr files and when i imported them into the Premiere Pro it was interpolated as 4:2:0 10bit H265 ,is not meant to be 4:2:2 10bit ? Also did quick test on Crm Raw and my machine dint get along well as for Resolve it ran smoothly at 24fps at native resolution.
  5. Does it give any wiggle room for corrections as the Panasonic V-log lut?
  6. That was very good deal for refurbished S1H as new in stores are still 4k euro guess i will wait for price drop.
  7. What autofucus settings was used in this video ? every impressive work.
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