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  1. Wow now your Pro colorist but also have connections with Canon! 😄 by any chance are you from Egypt?
  2. You have to give credit to Canon for making such unique adapter , i wonder why others like Sony or Pana not releasing one? , i mean it would sell like hot pancakes all day long.
  3. I was actually thinking the same! this fella sounds dodgy claiming hes pro colourist etc knows his stuff but yet hasn't got a thing to present keep avoiding members questions by interpolating them.
  4. Hi Andrew. could you post some video samples of this lens the images look outstanding.
  5. The creamyness of the image and bokeh i like it
  6. How can you use viewfinder while the mirror is locked up during recording.
  7. Cinematographer Griffin Conway also mention this issue... id suggest you email Canon support.
  8. Question , would Neutral be ideal matrix for matching footage between S1 V-log and C-log ?
  9. Hmm Panasonic did claim releasing Raw via Hdmi to S1H at start of the year what happened ?
  10. Hey! this might be handy to anyone who wants to shoots manual focus in 1DX mark iii i just discovered if you have your lens set on autofocus you will not get focus peaking in 5.5k 60p RAW. Switch it to manual focus and peaking appears which is weird.
  11. Id turn off internet leave your room and just go film 😂
  12. Any test footage we can play around? if was posted early i missed it 😞
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