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  1. Perfectly working and in good conditions! Ready for Magic Lantern which produces some of the best images ever for 1080P imho...FULL FRAME RAW with Canon Colors as a base! Included in price: - Genuine Canon BG-E11 Battery Grip - A very fast Kingston USB3 CF Reader - 2x 64GB ML certified Compact Flash cards! Asking price is 1500€ for EVERYTHING ! ! ! ! I can include also some LP-E6 Batteries and a charger eventually for a good price if needed! I also have a gorgeous Wooden Camera Cage and handles and other aks to further complete the kit. I can ship in Europe with UPS splitting the price with the buyer. Payment with IBAN or PayPal (adding the fees), or in person pickup in Bologna, Italy totally welcomed! 😉
  2. dia3olik

    WTB: 85mm (OD) ring for clip-on mattebox

    @Grimor Happy you received everything so soon!!!! Let me know if you are looking for other accessories/lenses/filters/etc in particular, ok? I'm downsizing and have a ton of stuff for sale.
  3. dia3olik

    WTB: 85mm (OD) ring for clip-on mattebox

    I have a complete set of these from Cavision for sale in EU. I bought 2 for but now I need only 1 since I'm selling my second Zeiss set. Brand new.
  4. dia3olik

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Yes it can import LUTs.
  5. dia3olik

    Say Your Goodbyes to V-Log Lite and Cinelike D

    @dolzproductions have you tried CineD in the same situation?
  6. dia3olik

    Lets talk Cinelux and Ultra Stars!

    C/Y , ZF/ZE or Otus? Thanks!
  7. dia3olik

    Anamorphic on a Budget.

    Thanks for sharing Tito, nice move! ;)
  8. dia3olik

    Anamorphic 4K test, how does canon 5D hold agains 4K?

    Thanks for this test!
  9. dia3olik

    Anamorphic noob question

    first post! ;) Jonesy, in my experience it's the opposite... with anamorphics you get wider shots so in essence you almost always are using a longer focal length so to simulate the look you have to compress the depth a little using longer lenses and moving back... ;)