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  1. Hey guys! Is S35 FULLHD 60p or 120p a full readout too? with no artifacts like aliasing or moiré? Thanks!
  2. @aquinox I have one I'm about to list in impressive conditions with clamps and rings everything. Let me know if interested.
  3. Hey Sage, are you talking about the OFX plugin inside Resolve? Or another solution? I use EC with my GH5 but I'd love to use it also with my Micro (Pocket V2 sorta)
  4. he he great! did you try already? how is the focus control with canon lenses mounted on a metabones adapter? is it smooth enough? thx!
  5. Nice! What about focus control with an external rotary encoder with a clamp to be used with 15mm rods/handles/gimbals? ?
  6. Frankly, I'd say skip it and go for a little jewel which is about to explode... ZCAM E2...same sensor but MUCH more of a camera than the P4K can ever be... form factor, mindset behind it, 120 fps @ 4K with full sensor readout, build quality, power consumption, 4:3 and 6:5 ANA support, ethernet, wifi, remote control, realtime streaming to mobile via USB-C...you name it...
  7. Ah! Yeah I'd be really happy to learn more about your post workflow for diffusion, I always find it a little bit fake... Yeah, was it with SB or straight?
  8. Ninja V solves this for you...and it's a great monitor too...
  9. hey guys! any news about this? maybe someone is still in contact with Atomos about a new firmware with this fix? Thanks!
  10. so you converted these stills from CineD to Vlog?
  11. do you mean soft VS uncompressed vid coming off the hdmi or VS the best quality option of DNX inside the Atomos?
  12. @Sage Why 8bit? Isn't the output 10bit? would this still apply? To get 4k 60p 10bit out of the HDMI you have to disable internal recording...that's why I'm so invested in this he he BTW I always set the WB when it changes with my white card so no worries here, I lean towards OCD a little so this helps too ?
  13. Hey Sage! I love the LUTs!!! I have the Ninja V and it even loads the full 65x versions ! ! ! ! In fact I'm considering realtime recording with LUT applied straight to your REC709 versions using the LUTs and even to the LogC variation he he It would be a godsend to have files already in ProRes and in LogC ? What do you think about the LUT processing inside the ATOMOS recorders? Have you tried one? Is the internal interpolation/math for LUTs good? Is it tetrahedral? I'm a math noob he he just asking to understand if the LUT algos inside the recorders would be of the same quality of Resolve... I mean potentially it would be even better because occurring on an uncompressed signal and BEFORE compressing the signal to ProRes ! ! ! What do you think?? Thanks!!!!!
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