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  1. Yes, I've watched quite a few videos shot by the GH5 which is why I'm interested in it as a future camera. And what you have said on other threads about grading makes a lot of sense to me. An attractive straight out of camera look is nice to have (I'm thinking of Fuji or Olympus), but not so important as grading (knowing what you want and being able to achieve it using the software of your choice). And camera usability now becomes more important to me since the technical threshold of UHD resolution has been met for most cheap cameras. I favour Panny because they just get out of the way to let you go to work (I owned a GH1 years ago and have a G7 now). Regardless of what may come next, I think the GH5 will remain a viable camera for some time because of it's high levels of usability and economic 10-bit codec for advanced post flexibility. The GH5 is as close to the mythical pocket cinema camera as I am likely to need for my skill level; what it makes available answers a lot of video shooting questions.
  2. Many thanks, mate. Might be looking at getting this one later in the year (going to sell some lenses and books to help off-set the cost), so I wanted to get familiar with it early -- I have some reading to do 🙂
  3. I don't yet own the GH5 and would like to read up about it, but can't seem to find a download for the user guide -- anyone have a direct link to the PDF?
  4. Because I am of a certain age, in my youth I had a 16mm Bolex which featured a turret containing three Switar primes. You pulled the hinged chrome central stick to one side to use as a leaver and: click-click-click -- you immediately had a different lens in place. I don't miss the dark and dingy view through the prism block, though.
  5. More on the lens turret: https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/04/10/multi-turret-old-school-meets-new-school/
  6. The Panasonic press release for the paid-for SI upgrade is on DPreview. Should be coming by July, but still no price: https://www.dpreview.com/news/5805992591/panasonic-s1-10-bit-and-v-log-paid-upgrade-coming-in-july
  7. Although Panasonic design continues on the unitarian theme, I must say these robust mag alloy bodies look very good to me, especially compared to say the P4K (if they were painted bright yellow, I'd half expect water to squirt out of the lens). For full frame weatherproof cameras they aren't much bigger than the MFT G9, and quite dwarfed by Olympus's recently announced E-M1X with the built-in battery grip. Unfortunately, for ultimate usability they stop short of featuring a fully articulated rear screen (even if you swear you'll never use it, it's great for protecting the screen when not in use), though I'd give them full marks for featuring the high (highest) resolution EVF unit. Is the S1 too expensive at £2,199? I've previously thought it was a wrong move to charge near full frame prices for high end MFT cameras, though since the GH5S was the same body-only price (at £2,199 on release in January, 2018), I suppose I can't really argue against it now for an actual full frame mirrorless camera. If the promised firmware update doesn't deliver though, it may date these first FF Pany's quite badly in the next few years if you considered them as a long term investment. Still no details about the rolling shutter performance from the VistaVision size sensor in video mode, compared to the fast readout we have become used to now in the MFT format. So much will depend on that video update to bring the S1 alive, otherwise the future GH6 may prove to be too much competition for less money. And perhaps a little embarrassing if the S1 doesn't get certified as a Tier 1 camera by the EBU, when the two-year-old GH5 is.
  8. The standard definition 16:9 proxy frame size I use is 1024 x 576.
  9. Gerald Undone talking about the X-T3:
  10. An update on the Viltrox/Tamron 17-50mm situation. The lens does work again with the adapter now. I don't know what made me try it again, but I found that twisting the lens more firmly round when I mount it seems to achieve a more reliable connection with the adapter's contacts. But, I do not hear a definite lock when I mount the lens, so although the fit is firm, I never feel confident the lens is actually locked on the camera! The vintage Yashica prime locks fine, though. The issue with infinity focus: again, I thought I had turned the inner element as far as it could go, especially as it's not easy to do this, but having tried it again, there was actually more rotation to be found (it was becoming quite tight to turn, and you are never sure if you should really be turning it this far or not!), but it does now feel like infinity focus has been achieved. Just wish the lens would lock...
  11. If I remember the DVX100 hack started on the DVInfo forum (in the Alternative imaging section), then they got their own website and it was named Andromeda. There seem to be a lot of desperate stuff going on in those days - I was one of a handful of people trying to use industrial camera heads for video, RAM-recording about 20 seconds at a time of Bayer video to a laptop, great times!
  12. I also remember following this development all those years ago. It seemed as exciting back then as the start of the Magic Lantern RAW video hack.
  13. I tried the Canon-fit Tamron 17-50mm (f2.8 constant) on the Viltrox EF-M2 and it worked on that first occasion. But thereafter, it did not (ie. I could not change aperture). I have emailed Viltrox about this several weeks ago but never received a reply. So right now, I'd say don't consider the Tamron.
  14. Waited for ages for the Viltrox EF-M2 to arrive, and on the first day, my Tamron 17-50mm zoom worked fine. But that was the last time! Cannot change aperture since that first day. Very disappointed and wondering what I'll do with it now. Have been using an old Yashica 50mm prime because that's the only lens I have that fits via a C/Y to EF adapter (unfortunately, all my Nikon old primes have transmission pins that will clash with the Viltrox contacts, so I cannot use them). I have never used the Metabones so I can't compare it, but I would say the optical quality of the Viltrox is generally very good for the price. But infinity focus needed adjusting. You loosen the small screw (with the mini screwdriver provided) and turn the rear element. It's a bit fiddly - once I misjudged it and the screw came right out. Luckily, the screwdriver is magnetic which helps, but it was a hectic few moments trying to get that small thing back in. You have to use a bit of down force to get the rear element to rotate counter-clockwise while trying to avoid touching the glass. With it moved to the fullest rotation, I'm still not absolutely sure infinity focus is perfect, though.
  15. How far back was Panalog with the Panavision Genesis, 2005 or something?
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