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  1. Since the organic sensor has obviously failed to show up this time, it would be good if they did something extraordinary for sensor dynamic range (precisely because of the smaller sensor size and fast enough readout). For example, pushing the dual ISO technology to instead make two separate (tone mapped) pixel exposures within the same frame as a standout and unique MFT feature.
  2. Many years ago when I used to regularly read the photography magazines, I was reading an article about "Classic cameras" and was surprised to see my own camera (at the time I had two Pentax MX bodies) was included in the article! Having bought them new it made me feel quite old, especially when it said: "These cameras are still capable of serious work" -- I thought: well, I'm still seriously using mine anyway! With digital things get older much quicker, so it's just my 1970's lenses that still shine now. That's progress I suppose.
  3. Yes, I was thinking of the older cameras which only shoot FHD as their native resolution. I remember years ago doing an UHD upscale of some FHD footage from the old Nikon D5200 which looked quite pastel and smooth with some careful noise reduction. I think that camera used a Toshiba sensor and had a nice cyan tint to it which I liked. Later I bought the D5500 to pair with it, but it was quite different from the earlier camera, looked more generic, more modern I suppose.
  4. I know it's probably not in the spirit of the thread, but with the passage of time there are some good quality and now cheap FHD cameras from the past that can make an organic-looking UHD enlargement during post. Some subtle sharpening can help if required, though the impression I get was native UHD can sometimes look too sharp for cinematic video. You can shoot in 2K and deliver in 4K - maybe that keeps you under $200.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone, hope you had a good one. Here's hoping for a better New Year -- all the best.
  6. I've gone through the PDF manual but can't find the answer: do you still have IBIS when shooting UHD in Ex. Tele Conv. mode?
  7. I don't know, you're probably right; be interesting to see how it shakes out. Everyone has their ideas, ultimately we'll have to wait for the Fuji announcement.
  8. On his YouTube channel Theoria Apophasis believes it's too early on the T series cycle to be an X-T4, so perhaps an H camera with a built-in battery grip to mark the Japanese Olympic Games. If so, expect it to be at least the launch price of a X-H1 plus the battery grip, maybe a bit more. Be interesting to see how this one shapes up, and what gets carried over in a firmware update for existing X-T3 owners. Fuji is very much on it at the moment.
  9. Thanks for the info. In C-mount I have a Schneider 10mm, Angenieux 15mm and a Bausch & Lomb 26mm which would be fun to try out.
  10. Is the UHD crop mode on the X-T3 only available for high speed shooting? I was wondering if you can set lower speeds like 25 fps in crop mode (with a view to using some old C-mount lenses on it).
  11. Sage, why does the 10-bit HLG profile use the reduced range of 64-940 - wouldn't the extra tones in the extremities be an advantage?
  12. Potato Jet buys a cheap Arri classic:
  13. When Andrew looked at the G9 he mentioned pincushion distortion in the EVF which he thought was distracting. I understand you can change the relative size of the generous EVF view in order to have the information icons appear outside the image area, so maybe that would help reduce the distorted view of the picture area? The only other comment I read about the G9's EVF distortion was that it was slight, and the user soon got used to it. Anyone here own a G9 like to comment on this?
  14. If someone had hacked this two-year-old camera for 10-bit UHD video, the forums would have been amazed; the fact that Panasonic did it themselves is even more surprising. Makes amends for the relatively pointless G90 release.
  15. This track is a recent addition to my playlist at the moment:
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