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  1. Merry Christmas everyone, hope you had a good one. Here's hoping for a better New Year -- all the best.
  2. I've gone through the PDF manual but can't find the answer: do you still have IBIS when shooting UHD in Ex. Tele Conv. mode?
  3. I don't know, you're probably right; be interesting to see how it shakes out. Everyone has their ideas, ultimately we'll have to wait for the Fuji announcement.
  4. On his YouTube channel Theoria Apophasis believes it's too early on the T series cycle to be an X-T4, so perhaps an H camera with a built-in battery grip to mark the Japanese Olympic Games. If so, expect it to be at least the launch price of a X-H1 plus the battery grip, maybe a bit more. Be interesting to see how this one shapes up, and what gets carried over in a firmware update for existing X-T3 owners. Fuji is very much on it at the moment.
  5. Thanks for the info. In C-mount I have a Schneider 10mm, Angenieux 15mm and a Bausch & Lomb 26mm which would be fun to try out.
  6. Is the UHD crop mode on the X-T3 only available for high speed shooting? I was wondering if you can set lower speeds like 25 fps in crop mode (with a view to using some old C-mount lenses on it).
  7. Sage, why does the 10-bit HLG profile use the reduced range of 64-940 - wouldn't the extra tones in the extremities be an advantage?
  8. Potato Jet buys a cheap Arri classic:
  9. When Andrew looked at the G9 he mentioned pincushion distortion in the EVF which he thought was distracting. I understand you can change the relative size of the generous EVF view in order to have the information icons appear outside the image area, so maybe that would help reduce the distorted view of the picture area? The only other comment I read about the G9's EVF distortion was that it was slight, and the user soon got used to it. Anyone here own a G9 like to comment on this?
  10. If someone had hacked this two-year-old camera for 10-bit UHD video, the forums would have been amazed; the fact that Panasonic did it themselves is even more surprising. Makes amends for the relatively pointless G90 release.
  11. This track is a recent addition to my playlist at the moment:
  12. Happy Valley - two-season box set (small town realistic police procedural investigation). Such good writing by Sally Wainwright; she seems to understand that not only does something need to be interesting, but the main characters need to be likeable too. Many times I find this is not achieved in TV drama - there's action, production values, hip cinematography, smart one-liners, but it goes for nothing because you just don't care about the people enough. It's almost as if aliens had written them and in a subtle way, got the wrong idea about us. The main characters in Happy Valley are ordinary,
  13. "I think people would be surprised if they ever went back in time and watched the projections of most movies on the film circuit." -- The second (or third) run houses were pretty bad. I remember seeing Chariots of Fire at my local, and a few minutes coming up to every reel change the image was so scratched it looked like it was raining (a bit strange on the interior shots).
  14. One thing I experimented with was "Two panel Cinerama". Historically, the real Cinerama process in the 1950s used three separate cameras, locked together, and the resulting three projected images were brought together on a single ultra wide screen. The two overlapping edges were blurred by using moving combs to help fuse the presentation together. I did not hope to replicate all that stuff! As a simplification I used two camera positions, and in fact I just used one camera which filmed the two panels one after the other (two cameras would have been used for a "live" shoot). I had my camer
  15. Anyone seen this video exposure shift when using manual adapted lenses, or is it just confined to Fuji auto lenses?
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