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  1. Not possible : Apple Prores raw is a raw pattern bayer image. GFX is a normal bayer sensor , not the case of XT serie with an Xtrans sensor.
  2. What are your settings? XT3: external mic level adjustment? MixPre3: stereo out gain? and the tone level you used?
  3. BrunoCH

    Fuji X-T4

    Just a few bad and boring shoots to test my XT4 https://vimeo.com/416181826 password : xt4anamorph 1 / 48s, ISO 1600, ND16 filter, F-log, 400Mbps, NR-4, SH-4 IS mode : IBIS/OIS; IS mode boost : off anamorphic Sirui lens 1.33, F1.8 Exposure adjustment with declic aperture ring with the zebra as a video instrument. XT4 hand-held. Editing FCPX; colorgrading Resolve (RCM no LUT)
  4. Ready ! Waiting for the end of lockdown
  5. I have the same problem with my nikkor zoom 25-50. Back focus need to be very precise and it can move just with a change in temperature. This is why there is a back focus adjustment ring on the zoom fujinon MK. This Ebay seller https://www.ebay.fr/usr/ramir73?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 sells M42 adapter to Fuji X with a back focus adjustment. I have exchanged messages with him and he will see if he can do something for a Nikon to Fuji X adapter. I’m waiting !
  6. Very good idea. It was with Nikon AI or AIS lenses on my Canon 550D (T2i) that I started shooting my short films in 2011. You get beautiful pictures. Here is a site to identify all the nikon lenses that exist. http://www.photosynthesis.co.nz/nikon/lenses.html
  7. That's it. Start with one standard lens. 35mm for an APSC sensor or 50mm for a Full frame sensor.
  8. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Une_noce_chez_le_photographe.jpg https://www.ader-paris.fr/lot/19598/3860018?npp=20&
  9. Try to put Gaffer on all buttons and holes on the back of the microphone. The wind may not be passing there.
  10. I know but I can’t properly shim the lens or I don’t know how I can. I use a cheap Nikon mount adapter to Fuji X. It’s all metal and well build and no play but maybe it isn’t precise enough about focal flange. Me too I impressed by my test and I’m sure I’ll use it on some projects.
  11. I was wrong it is parfocal. I just found the manual in pdf. But honestly when you focus something near you (about 2 m) there is a small focus shift when you zoom. I filmed in F-Log. DeLog with Color space transform node in Resolve without LUT. Correction expo and WB and I added a bit of contrast and saturation. http://allphotolenses.com/pdf/c_18/p_3.html
  12. When looking for a zoom for my XT3, I discovered the existence of a 25-50mm nikkor AI. Originally, it was a wide zoom for 24x36mm which went from the standard focal to a wide angle. On the XT3’ sensor, it is a zoom very well centered on the standard focal, a bit like an 18-55 but with a narrower range. I found a copy in very good condition on Ebay for 105 $ + 24 $ shipping. I received it yesterday morning and I did a few quick tests in the afternoon. Pros : Optical quality and build contruction Price All manual with 3 rings: aperture, zoom, focus. Cons : Maximum aperture at F4 (too soft, it must be opened at 5.6 at least to have the full quality of this lens) Not Parfocal. The focus moves when you change the focal length. I chose the AI version because focus throw AI version 130° vs 75° AIS version. If you want to view some boring crapy shots. password: nikkor2550 https://vimeo.com/397291419?activityReferer=1
  13. No hope on the side of old lenses all designed for the 24x36mm. Maybe a company like Meike (when I see the quality of their cine lenses) could release a cine zoom 18-55 mm T 2.9 constant parfocal 10 blades iris a focus throw > 200 degrees APS-C (mounts : M4 / 3, FujiX, SonyE) Around 1500 dollars. Or Sirui by an indigogo campaign. Maybe we could suggest them. An email isn’t expensive. A daydream isn’t expensive too.
  14. Thank you for sharing. But this 28-85 is centered on a basic focal at 50mm for 24x36mm (full frame). I don't have a zoom but only fixed focal lengths. On my shorts I think I use 35mm for 5/10 shots (basic focal length in APS-C) 24mm or 20mm for 4/10 shots 50mm for 1/10 shots I could use an 18-55 instead of these three fixed focal lengths. But a 28-85 would be too off range for me.
  15. BrunoCH

    Fuji X-T4

    This two Meike cine lenses are fine. Manual focus is very precise with a 270 ° focus throw and with a very smooth feeling. https://meikeglobal.com/collections/meike-cine-lens/products/presale-meike-t2-2-cine-lens-for-fujifilm-x-mount-mk-35mm-t2-2-with-aps-c https://meikeglobal.com/collections/meike-cine-lens/products/meike-25mm-t2-2-large-aperture-manual-focus-prime-low-distortion-mini-cine-lens-compatible-with-fujifilm-x-mount-cameras-x-h1-x-t3-x-t20-x-t10-x-t2-x-pro2-x-e3-x-t1-x-a2-t100-x-e1-x30-x70-x-m1-x-a1
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