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  1. On my phone, I couldn't tell the difference. On my big ass 40" monitor, the p4k footage looked like the 5dmkii. I keed, I keed..
  2. That side by side from altizer was surprising to me how much better the 6k looked.
  3. The latest Blackmagic cameras has excellent UIs, for sure
  4. Sony A7SIII with BRAW would be amazing
  5. The funny thing is that as soon as this new camera was announced, all the hurt feelings about BM stripping CDNG evaporated. BRAW it is then!
  6. Thanks for the summary. I hope BM is able to fix any outstanding P4K bugs as well.
  7. MeanRevert

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Does the cut page assume that you're only working with 1 timeline?
  8. MeanRevert

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I don't understand this numbering. Is it released or is it beta?
  9. Any listing of data rates required for new resolutions so we can figure out if our current media will work?
  10. Can someone please post summary of all developments for those of us who couldn't watch?
  11. The 4K Micro would have better specs and same pricing than the Pocket 4K?
  12. This can only mean that another Viltrox adapter will be available soon.
  13. Competition would be a good thing. Maybe we could convince that BTM Pix guy to do something. Lol.
  14. Once that MetaBones BM one comes out, maybe Viltrox will get their shit together and make a better version to compete. $700 is kind of out there for an adapter.
  15. Weren't you guys bagging on this dude's earlier P4K video where he blew out the highlights?
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