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  1. MeanRevert

    Sony ZV-1

    The counter argument seems to be that even phones can do it now.
  2. So any reason why no one’s talking about the R6? Seems like 4K is enough for a lot of people.
  3. MeanRevert

    Sony ZV-1

    Sony can’t seem to put together a camera that can do 4K/60 that isn’t a big one you carry on your shoulder.
  4. I remember when the bmpcc4k could only do 1080 before the firmware update. It was a big improvement afterwards..
  5. For the 120P, BMPCC6K also does 2.8K while the S1H can only do 1080.
  6. MeanRevert

    Sony ZV-1

    Looks like a cheaper RX100, which was overpriced to start with. Sony’s biggest mistake with this is that for a vlogging lens, it’s not wide enough. At arms length, it’s much too close. Having said that, it does have a 1” sensor and HLG so would look better after some work in the editor vs the iPhone
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but you still gotta buy and haul around that $500 Ninja V in order to do the RAW thing, correct?
  8. It would be cool if Panasonic followed BM and ZCam and reduced their pricing.
  9. Pretty obvious that there's a big quality jump. I think you have to use an external recorded though. And what is the file size difference between the 2?
  10. Thanks so much! I see a slight difference btw the 8-bit 60p and 10-bit 24p although I didn't see much difference between the H264 and H265. This does help me making a decision so I'm starting to lean towards that S1 now. I'd like to hear more about that firmware upgrade people are talking about now..
  11. Where can I find details about this next S1 update?
  12. Oh so you don’t want to use h265?
  13. Thanks much. It looks good so I'm looking forward to seeing if the 4:2:0 downgrade when using 60p matters much. I'm used to Blackmagic now so also would like to know, how have you guys been exposing without False Color?
  14. Great! Looking forward to it. Is this internal or are you using the Ninja?
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