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  1. Yeah, this camera looks amazing. It looks like it'll be a PITA to fly on a gimbal though.
  2. Wouldn’t the camera have to be a lot bigger to accommodate some cooling?
  3. I use the same exposure method - green card and false color. It's a shame that Sony doesn't have it built in like BM.
  4. Good info, thank you. So any V90 card can handle all the modes including slow mo and All I?
  5. RAW tab. You need latest Beta Resolve release.
  6. So which SD / CFExpress cards you guys gonna use with this cam?
  7. Hmm.. mine doesn't work on Win 10. H264 is fine. Resolve is fine.
  8. What player are you guys using for the H265 files? I can't see anything with Potplayer in Windows.
  9. It looks like some are 4:2:0 and some are 4:2:2, however.
  10. What lens was used to shoot this? And anyone understand the comment made about using Gamma Assist to set exposure and WB?
  11. I'm sure you guys already have seen this but there's quite a bit of non-impressive-looking footage out there.
  12. That sample video looks great although you can also see how close the Blackmagic came to it.
  13. Their smaller version of the S1
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