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  1. For a lens that heavy, I'd expect some stabilization so that really hurts it. Cool comparison, thanks!
  2. It's funny that when I see these video side-by-sides, I can always immediate pick up which one is the BM just based on the highlight rolloff, DR and colors. You can do the same even against the S1H.
  3. You can rent those here. Both Lambos and REDs, Lol.
  4. Probably a cultural thing but 'mega rich' means tooling around in yachts, not with cameras here..
  5. I'm waiting for the Camera Conspiracies video...
  6. Now that Canon's shown its cards, does anyone seriously think that Sony will have a 'hold my sake' moment and release something superior? I dunno.
  7. For the Canon virgins among us, doesn't the MkII already do 4K 60 and 1080 120? Doesn't it also have DPAF as well?
  8. Is that screen still small and immovable?
  9. I can't believe people like that much crop just so you can have 2x anamorphic.
  10. If I understand it correctly, those PRE and POST adjustments are just for exposure and black levels. Why not just use the Resolve wheels to correct?
  11. You'll need an offset plate or a cage since the Pocket 4K is too wide for the popular gimbals out there.
  12. With the Accsoon Cineye now available, it may not be practical given that you can just use your app on the same iPad that you can control the camera too, by just switching apps.
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