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  1. Yeah, I've shot in bright sunlight so need a lot of ND. It's there so IR Cut or that SLR Magic IE filter.
  2. ^ this guy edits. Always surprised by how much he knows.
  3. Oh yeah for sure but try saying 'problems should be expected.' and 'taking orders now' in the same sentence, much like what happened on CNBC. Lol.
  4. CNBC just had a segment with one of their reviewers whose phone broke after 2 days. Not the kind of press Samsung would want. Lol.
  5. Way to go, Fuji. Keeping your word and improving the camera once again.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. How does that attach to the gimbal? Another mount?
  7. Hey fellas - I'm looking to mount my phone onto a gimbal with this app to start/stop/adjust focus. Can someone recommend a mount? Thanks!
  8. If you're a results oriented person, I think your rules list runs counter to the biggest YouTubers out there. Perhaps you meant this list for Vimeo?
  9. MeanRevert

    Davinci Resolve 16

    That's how I learned Resolve..watching Casey Faris.
  10. Don't know about y'all but that Gudsen Slypod is cool AF. I want one. https://www.gudsen.com/moza-slypod
  11. Well..Sharp did get one thing right. Vloggers really need flippy screens. But they also really need stabilization. All I want is the perfect camera. All I want is the perfect cameraaah!
  12. If it hasn't been said already, that flippy screen is awesome!
  13. MeanRevert

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Installed Resolve 16 beta and got a lot of black screens working BRAW files. I think I'll go back to v15 since it's working and let this v16 stew cook a little while longer.
  14. I can see Tilta's version now. It'll be lighter, cooler looking because it'll be available in colors like Tactical Grey or OD Green. It'll cost $150 but you'll spend $75 to ship it to you from China since they'll be backorderred for months and you can't wait 1 month for it to arrive via tanker.
  15. At least we know now.. BMPCC 4K Pro = BMPCC 4K + Battery Grip
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