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  1. Totally. I'm about to ditch Premiere for Resolve and want to use B-Raw for fluidity's sake. I can get that out of the S1H and recorder or BM Cameras (which I do not like), so hoping the next generation of Panasonic cameras have BRaw built in. that would be huge for them. If they add BRaw and internral NDs in the GH6 and S2H, they might just gain quite a few more adopters.
  2. If they are sticking with 4k (which is fine if it is downsampled from 6k), then they really need to soup it up in other ways: - Raw to SSD (hopefully BRaw or ProRes Raw) - Internal electronic ND (this would be huge) - Some nice internal codecs like ProRes - 180-240fps in 10-bit 4k - Best IBIS in the business (which the GH5 had) - Full V-Log, 13-14 stops of dynamic range - Timecode! (which I assume it will have like S1H) - Great video AF - either ToF or PDAF. Too many (not that much more expensive) full frame cameras can do 120fps in 4k, 8k, raw over HDMI, etc to just put o
  3. Oh yea and the fan! Of course. I’m sure it will be even louder in 8k.
  4. Very strange they didn’t update the design a bit. The off centered battery causes tons of mounting problems, the screen isn’t that bright for $1600, and no SDI is very strange since these are basically raw recorders now (which wasn’t entirely the case when the first Ninja V came out). Pretty lazy upgrade.
  5. Being only electronic shutter, that's been my main concern with buying the FP (or FP-L) as a hybrid. The rolling shutter on the FP-L does look pretty awful and, since it doesn't have a mechanical shutter, that would translate to photos as well. Maybe not a big deal for landscapes or real estate, but definitely a problem for anything that is slightly moving - which is a lot of things. And I've always had bad luck with electronic shutter in mixed lighting or artificial lighting with banding and other issues. Any original FP users that can comment on RS performance? I love the concept
  6. Woah. I would sell a lot of things for something like this.
  7. Would love to hear your thoughts. I love the FP concept, body, design, internal raw, L-mount, etc, and have almost bought the FP a dozen times. Just looks like it would be fun to own and use with my Zeiss Contax lenses. But both the FP and now FP-L seem to have some strange quirks. Is the rolling shutter really as bad as some reviews have stated?
  8. Yes, the Youtube influencer machine is awful, but Gerald is the least offensive offender. He does all technical reviews, true, but at least he does a thorough and honest job. Only CVP is anywhere close to the usefulness of his reviews from a pure tech standpoint.
  9. Pretty surprised but I could play back the new 8k Raw codec in DaVinci Resolve on a three-year old iMac (souped up at the time however). I have always edited in Premiere but it's pretty insane how much smoother DaVinci is with everything. Need to make the full switch.
  10. That's what I was thinking - about an 8:1 compression. Whatever this compression ratio is, I'd LOVE it if they brought it to 4k in the the C300 III, C200, and any other future 4k raw cameras. 8:1 is sort of the sweet spot for quality and file sizes. For 4k, that would probably be closer o 400-600mbps, which is the same or a bit more than All-I.
  11. WOW. That's a pretty impressive update for the R5, especially C-Log3 and Raw Lite. I'd love to see whatever raw compression this is in 8k in their 4k raw cameras (C200, C300III, C500II). The 1gbps 4k still has massive file sizes, but if the 8k is 1.3gbps, then I'd assume 400-600mbps in 4k with the same compression is possible. Something like 8:1, perhaps?
  12. GH6 kinda has to have some giant features to compete in a full-frame world. PDAF and internal NDs seems to be the two big ones for sure, but timecode, high frame rates in 4K and 6k, and black magic and ProRes raw would all help.
  13. I think the Sigma "i" series or the Zeiss Loxia series are the perfect combination of size, build quality, and speed. f2 is my favorite aperture on full-frame and even if I get f1.4 lenses, I tend to stop them down to f2 for easier focusing and less of the blurred-to-oblivion look. But, most manufacturers neglect their f1.8, f2, and f2.8 lenses and make them cheap with plastic and are often loud-focusing and just aren't as well-made or as sharp as their f1.4 lenses. I get it - cheap lenses are great for budgets, but it's annoying how manufacturers neglect quality just because it's a slowe
  14. I love this. Dig the rangefinder style and love it for video as well because it keeps you from smashing your face into the back of the camera. Pretty darn excited for this camera. Will wait for specs, but hope they've beefed it up. Wish Sigma would make a streamlined battery grip that was just a big 50-60wh power bank (long enough for 6-8 hours of use). That'd be cool too.
  15. This is amazing. 470 grams! What a perfect gimbal lens for S5/S1/S1H or Sigma FP. Along with their new f2 primes, Sigma is making the L-Mount very enticing - and the S1H is still the best IQ camera under $10k outside of the Komodo perhaps (though I haven't tested it myself, just basing that off my old Reds).
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