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  1. If you don't care about: timecode, unlimited record times, a more substantial build, slightly more usable screen configuration, top LCD, better EVF (I never use it for video anyway), then I would get the S5. I don't notice a huge difference between 400 and 150 10-bit recording, so you should be fine there. Can always get 6k or ProRes Raw (soon) or All-I ProRes recording with an external recorder.
  2. I haven't used the S5 yet, but I do own and have used the S1H for the last year. I love the camera. For me, the biggest advantages are timecode (a must for my doc work when I have external audio), the All-I 400Mbps (sometimes required), and the unlimited record times. The ProRes Raw is great, but the S5 will be getting that soon. Otherwise, I think the S5's more compact size, better AF (though the S1H is confirmed to get it), and the already amazing 10-bit 422 150Mbps codec that I most often use on the S1H anyway, make it a pretty compelling option.
  3. Wonder if the EVA-2 with L-Mount will have similar specs to this (probably impossible until 2022) S1H upgrade: https://www.panasonicff.com/rumors-panasonic-lumix-s1v-l-mount-cinema-camera-coming/ I personally would rather have great 4k (codec options, frame rates, raw, low light, etc) than 6k or 8k. These specs below would be excellent. SPECS: Panasonic VARICAM Look 11.8MP Full Frame CMOS Sensor Dual native ISO WDR OFPD Enhanced DFD Autofocus 4K @ 96p 3:2 OpenGate 4K @ 120p DCI 4K 4K @ 160p 2.39:1
  4. It's a bit confusing. If this had internal NDs and 120fps in 4k, that would make it tempting to just always have on hand for action/gimbal shots. But, definitely seems to be targeting a specific market for higher-end webcam and live recordings.
  5. Has there been any mention of EVA-2? What is Panasonic doing? Where is their L-Mount, full-frame, highly-specced video camera to compete C300 III, FX9, FX6, C70, and Komodo? Just put the S1H sensor in an EVA-1 like body (hopefully a bit smaller), add in 120fps in 4k, ProRes Raw over HDMI/SDI, and get on with it.
  6. And therein lines the problem with the RF Mount right now. The RF lenses are AMAZING, many of the main zooms are all stabilized, and are just wonderfully built, designed, and more modern AF systems than the EF lenses. However, to get the most out of the RF-mount cameras for video, it makes a lot of sense to use EF glass. For th R5 and R6, so you can use the variable ND adapter (rather than having a variety of variable NDs for the front of you lenses and dealing with the issues that brings (like not being able to use a lens hood, difficult in wet weather, etc), and for the C70, you can use a sp
  7. With all that being said, a speedbooster takes care of the issue on the C70, because now you can use EF full-frame lenses, either the 24-105mm lenses that have great IS and still get you f2.8 or snag a 24-70mm and have an f2. Pretty great.
  8. Sure - I guess I'm mainly talking about observational, verite documentary filmmaking (or any run-n-gun situation), where you don't know where you are going, what the light conditions will be, and what type of space you'll be in. And you may not have time to switch lenses. And it is up to you to cover a short scene so that an editor can make a decent 2-3 minute scene out of what you capture (wides, closeups, multiple angles, etc). So, for those scenarios, 24mm on the wide end is close to a must and at least 70mm on the long end. So, on a full-frame camera (or at least on a full frame fiel
  9. For me, Canon's RF Mount has been a bit frustrating because using EF lenses actually gets you some really useful features on RF cameras. For the EOS R, R5, or R6, it's being able to use the amazing variable ND filter adapter, making swapping lenses so much easier. And now, for he C70, you can get full-frame FoV and an extra stop of light by using a speedbooster. The RF lenses are amazing, but since they are full-frame, give you some awkward focal lengths on Super35. The 24-70mm would be amazing with the C70 since it has IS, but a 35mm FoV on the wide end isn't wide enough. And the 15-35mm just
  10. The first one should be solved very soon: Sigma and Panasonic are both great at making their more affordable lenses still very high-quality, unlike Canon and Sony who make their f1.8s with more plastic and cheap-feeling materials - so these lenses should be excellent. Wonder if they could add FF 4k60 to S1H with a firmware (and 120fps in 4k)? -- The S5 looks awesome and it's a hard decision between keeping the S1H and adding an S5 for B-Cam/Photo cam or go with the Canon C70. I want to stick with Panasonic, but Canon is pumping out cameras and lenses at an insane rat
  11. I thought the same thing about the EOS R. Why do Canon's expensive mirrorless cameras feel like toys? Sony's A7 series does too, as well. But man, the Panasonic cameras are built SO NICE. Love their design, the way they look, feel, operate, and how they feel like professional tools.
  12. It's so true. People freak out about this spec or that spec, but as a whole package, the C70 is WAY more usable than any mirrorless could ever be (as any dedicated video camera would be). If I wanted to use the R5 (or any mirrorless) vs the C70, the main differences would be: - ND Filters - I would need to carry multiple NDs or have high-end variable NDs (not allowing me to use a lens hood, which I greatly prefer) or get a mattebox. You break your ND filter (AND your backup) and your video shoot is done. Just like that. - Audio - I would need to have a MixPre-3 or some other reco
  13. I love Panasonic and honestly, this is what the S1H should have been. To me, this is nearly the perfect do-almost-everything camera. Been what I have been wanting and asking for for 5 years (ever since I wanted to upgrade from the C100 II). The fact that this can do 120fps with the full-frame FoV with speedbooster and all in 10-bit 422 is amazing. Would be competing with my S1H, but with Canon lenses, Canon AF, internal NDs, two XLRs on body, full-frame FoV in all modes, and that C300 III sensor (which is amazing, even though the S1H is also amazing IQ), The S1H really only has IBI
  14. Yea just saw this as well. Pretty tempting over something like the S1H, which I have and love, because of the AF, internal NDs, and 120fps in 4k. And that C300 III sensor is sweet (though, so is the S1Hs). But, knowing Canon, this thing won't have timecode, which has been huge for me with the S1H and hard to not have once you've had it. Plus having full-frame and IBIS is excellent. Hoping Panasonic updates the S1H with 120fps in 4k. Seems like they have to to compete in the new R5, A7sIII, and C70 market - unless they're aiming to put out a S2H soon (which would be sort of crazy soon) or
  15. I've had to sell a couple clients on the S1H but both have been amazed with the quality next to a C300 II and an FS7 II, both of which I think the S1H image trumps. They didn't ask for anything else the next few times I went with the S1H. Add in that a 24-70mm f2.8 can cover almost every situation on a full-frame and the stabilization is amazing, I can just get better shots and images with the S1H. I wonder if they could give us a firmware update to add-in 120fps in 4k. That would put it back in the specs league with the R5 and A7sIII - as it is way more usable and better camera than tho
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