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  1. currensheldon

    M43 not dead Panasonic S1

    I think Panasonic will keep their MFT GH-line to push out awesome video specs before anyone else (like they did with GH5's 10-bit 4K, and 60fps 4K). Then they'll trickle up to their full-frame cameras a couple of years later. I wouldn't be surprised to see a late 2019 GH6 with 12-bit 4K internal raw (perhaps BM Raw, since it is open), 120 fps 4K, and maybe even a higher resolution like 6k or 8k at 30p. Also, they may just go all in on the video front and throw in the one thing I'm waiting for: an internal variable ND. Please? someone?
  2. currensheldon

    Sony A6400

    With all the new mirrorless combos, I'm really looking for a mirrorless system where I can use the same lenses for both a full frame, pro-body and a smaller APS-C, take anywhere, be more discreet body - as well as possibly use for higher end cinema stuff when needed. Unfortunately, Sony is the only manufacturer that has a good lens lineup and mount (FS7/5, A7x, A6500...) to achieve this. But wow - their ergonomics and image and color continue to be horrible in my opinion. Hoping the L-Mount lens lineup fills out soon, plus adds an L-Mount EVA-2 and Sigma APS-C camera. The Panasonic S1 is really exciting.
  3. currensheldon

    Olympus EM1-X Rumor

    A built-in variable ND filter is really one of the few things that can make mirrorless cameras stand apart from others - when it comes down to it, all modern mirrorless cameras (GH5, X-T3, Z7, S1 and S1r surely, and A7III) have amazing image and video quality. But functionality like good internal audio and (my biggest) variable ND will be the difference makers. If Olympus can really give us 7+ stops of IBIS + a variable internal ND, they become quite a bit more interesting to me than something like the EOS R, Z7, or even the Fujis (which I love). Get some f0.95 lenses or a speedbooster and you can get that shallow DoF that we all love. But, hard to overlook the usefulness of something like a variable ND - even compared to the holy grail of full frame. Hoping for it in the Panasonic S1(r) anyway - just really want that internal variable ND.
  4. currensheldon

    Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???

    Nice to see the high-res megapixel mode included. This wasn't announced initially but it was part of a few leaked specs not too long ago. One of the other leaked specs that has yet to be confirmed is an internal variable ND. What are the chances of that? Would automatically make these cameras top dogs for mirrorless video (which they may be regardless).
  5. currensheldon

    I might get the C200

    Really true on the cannibalization. Give me a GH5 with MFT mount in a smaller EVA-1 body (internal NDs + XLRs) and that would be good for me (maybe another stop of useable ISO to get it to 3200 or so). Fuji could do it, since they have nothing to protect, but not looking likely in the next year or so (or maybe ever). They also have those amazing affordable cinema lenses.
  6. Yea - Because the Pocket 4K already got so much bigger, they should have gone all the way and just made it even a bit bigger, added internal NDs, and a real battery slot somewhere. The 5-inch screen is great, but 4-inches would be just fine. Even at $2.5k - $3.5k, that would be right in line with my ideal A-Cam (though, I guess then there isn't much differentiation between it and the Ursa Mini Pro). Perhaps they'll make an Ursa Mini Pro Mini soon. I look forward to the day when a manufacturer makes a C100 II-sized (or a bit smaller) 4k 60fps camera. A workhorse that you don't have to worry about power, screw-on NDs, overheating, etc and can still get a beautiful BM Raw esque image quality. The only thing that comes ergonomically close is the FS5, but that camera may have the worst internal 4K image coming out of a $1k+ video camera. With that said, I LOVE the image of my Pocket 4K and will definitely be using it for a lot of applications. But not sure I can trust it on a professional shoot until I get some real power solutions (looking forward to the tilta solutions). With this sensor, codecs, ISO-ability, menu system, etc they could have really crushed the indie crowd market with a $3k-$4k camera that had real batteries and internal NDs - even the audio is pretty great for 90% of scenarios (with one xlr and one 3.5mm).
  7. Are you plugging this into a V-Mount battery? If so, what is the Wh and how long does it last? Thanks for the test and reply!
  8. currensheldon

    Panasonic Abandoning M43

    I think Panasonic will definitely focus more on full-frame and cinema cameras moving forward. The S1 and S1r look great and an upgraded EVA-1 with L-Mount would be awesome. Where MFT will exist and thrive is in Panasonic's ability to put more advanced specs with this sensor size. For example, they were the first to really get IBIS down (Olympus MFT too), the first to offer 4K internal for a high-end hybrid camera (GH4), first to offer 4K 10-bit 422 internal (GH5), first to offer 4K 60p (GH5) and the first to offer a quality XLR adapter for a hybrid camera. So, I think Panasonic will continue to use the less processing power it takes to read a MFT sensor and also add in advanced video features to the GH6 and GH6s, namely: 6k or 8k internally (or via HDMI) 120fps or 180fps in 4K Internal ND filter (rumored to be in the S1 anyway) Better XLR adapter for high quality audio Great battery life, like in GH5 - which is leaps and bounds better than Fuji X-T3, EOS R, and Pocket 4K (I hear Sony A7III does well too, but my A7rII ate through batteries). Improved IBIS and low light - perhaps matching the GH5 IBIS with the GH5s low light If they can do these things, while also adding lenses like the 10-25mm f1.7, MFT will be strong for awhile. They could also help it out by offering a small EVA-mini with MFT sensor, IBIS, and 96-120fps in 4k.
  9. This camera would benefit greatly from a battery grip that can be attached like every other DSLR/mirrorless camera out there. Surprised someone doesn't just make a battery grip style external power source. They'd sell loads of them. Not a fan of the Powerbase form factor from the looks of it, but interested to see how people like it.
  10. Yea hard to say what happened. If I had to guess, the battery meter was fine and the battery still had 85% charge left, but was then overwhelmed by the power draw, overheated, swole, and then shut down and jammed (due to slight expansion). But, got it out and all is in fine working condition with good batteries. Honestly, that drop-in variable ND filter is the best thing the EOS R line has going for it right now. That is HUGE for someone like me who prefers smaller cameras (like Pocket 4K, GH5) but really like video camera features like NDs (and double XLR audio inputs). I could see the RF mount being something pretty special if Canon attack it hard. Throw a Super35mm sensor into an XC15-like body with an RF mount and I'd guess they'd sell a lot. Maybe even ditch the XLR adapter and do what Black Magic did and put a mini XLR + 3.5mm jack on the side. A true C100 III. Surprised that Black Magic are really the first manufacturer to make a truly video-centric camera with a decent sensor size in that small of a form factor. Next closest is the FS5, but still quite a bit bigger. Also - wonder who will put Black Magic Raw in a camera first. Hoping Fuji or Canon, but not holding my breath.
  11. Quick update on the battery jam. I thought I had put in the Black Magic battery that comes with the camera, but it turned out to be a BONACELL (which I only bought for the dual charger and never really planned to use). Must have thrown it in the bag as a back-up and popped it in thinking it was the Black Magic battery (they both say the same thing on the top). Explains why it swelled, died at 85%, and got jammed. I had to krazy glue an object onto it and then pull it out (and never to be used again). Suffice to say - DO NOT buy 3rd party batteries unless thoroughly tested and approved. The Canon batteries have all worked great and the Black Magic battery that came with the camera also works great, so stick with those two. Battery life is still poor and has to be watched constantly, so still planning on an external solution, but approved LP-E6 batteries will work just fine for 40-45 minutes or so.
  12. It was actually the battery that came with the camera. I bought three genuine Canon LP-E6 batteries and have been using only those and never had an issue (have probably changed the battery 25+ times since I've had the camera). So, perhaps those are less prone to jamming.
  13. BATTERY JAM I read this yesterday and have not had any issues with the battery jamming for the two weeks I've had the camera. But last night, on the first real shoot that I've really used it on, the battery jams! And I couldn't get it out (battery also randomly died when it said 85%!) and missed some of the action. Luckily, I still had the GH5 and quickly swapped over my lenses and microphone and kept shooting. But man, not cool. Not when I was thinking of making this my A-Cam for all one-man-band documentary or lower budget commercial work. Battery is still stuck in the compartment. Andrew - seen any videos or reports of how to get the battery out once it is jammed in there? Definitely getting external power (the Tilta cages + power look fantastic), but still need the LP-E6 batteries to work. Obviously.
  14. currensheldon

    DJI X5R (4K RAW) + Osmo + Inspire 1... anybody else with the same idea?

    I wonder with a small adapter for the Inspire 2 SSD and some processing power, if the Ronin-S handle has the power to use the X5s - similar to the block that was in the X5r. Would be a good move for DJI because existing Inspire 2, Ronin-S, and X5s owners would benefit and they would also sell both more Ronin-S-s (for people who already have Inspire 2s and want the Osmo option) and more Inspire 2s and X5s cameras for people who already have the Ronin-S and want a super small and light gimbal package. Also the Ronin focus wheel that works pretty great with the GH5 would be huge here, since the X5s autofocus isn't great. Seem to make sense to me. Make the Ronin-S handle the high-end Osmo.
  15. Don't get my hopes up But man, an X-T3 collection of features + IBIS + electronic ND + some sort of xlr-adapter would be my dream camera. Even make it the same size as the GFX-50, and that'd be fine.