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  1. The FX9 is already gaining huge traction in the market here in Australia. Videocraft, Lemac etc are selling them quickly and I'm seeing them be used out in the field professionally often. Professionals don't just on the latest and greatest all the time. Look at the lifespan of the FS7.
  2. And the fact that it can shoot 4K BRAW.....which the 6K can't do
  3. But how much does it REALLY matter? Why is it that the world's best DP's are happy shooting on a camera with a 3.2K image sensor that has to be UP SCALED when recording 4k like is the case with the Alexa Mini, and yet people on forums think a 4K sensor is not good enough?
  4. Hmm, look at the tilt downs and pans ......bit of jitter in the motion. Not silky at all. Both cameras look great, if you cant shoot great images with either, you are doing something wrong. ?
  5. A_Urquhart

    Motion Cadence

    DELETED. Sorry, this is not how I want to spend my three days off.
  6. Good grief, maybe posts like this should go into the motion cadence thread eh? I never said motion cadence wasn't a thing. We are replying to your comments that all film motion is smooth as 'silk' and I'm stating that the motion cadence of that original clip you posted was "smooth as silk" because it was shot and even delivered at 50p! Now spare us all the posts that are as long as Gone with the Wind and a little off topic in this thread and stick to the other thread you resurrected about motion cadence.
  7. Yep this. And the fact that motion blur acts to hide the stutter. Skip, this same stutter happens in film (it's not limited to digital sensors, as you can read in the Cinematography thread I linked to. Adios, I'm moving on from this.....
  8. I still don't understand what you are trying to convey here. The industry accepts that images shot at 24p have 'stutter' for lack of a better word. There are ways to minimise it in the way you shoot, but 24fps can only provide smooth motion up to a certain point. https://cinematography.com/index.php?/topic/65391-a-question-about-motion-cadence/&do=findComment&comment=418530 Maybe read that thread and argue your case there. I don't know but I think this conversation is probably boring the hell out of people wanting to know about the P6K.
  9. So, to clarify, are you saying that motion film at 24p is just as smooth as 50p? ie, both are smooth 'as silk' and with zero 'stutter'?
  10. I'm really not sure what you are saying here. Yes, at 50p, there is no 'stutter' as there are double the frames. Films captured at 24p (whether captured on film or digitally) do have a stutter to them though. Most films are shot 24p and that is generally when we talk about 'motion cadence'....at 24p or 25p. If films shot at 24p were smooth as 'silk' then why does 50p look so much smoother?
  11. I wasn't saying that you are watching with image smoothing on, I was just trying to illustrate how film motion DOES have "stutter" (as you called it) and the proof is that TV's try to smooth out this stutter which is not how the film maker intended. If Films were perfectly smooth "as silk" as you say, there wouldn't be this issue would there? I don't know why you are getting so angry about this? And yes, I often watch YouTube on my TV.....is there a problem with that?
  12. OK Skip. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/12/5/18127329/how-to-turn-off-motion-smoothing-tv-lg-samsung-vizio-sony-roku
  13. Film motion is not like 'silk' at all. There IS a stutter to it. Most modern TV's have features now that attempt to smooth the motion out and the results are a little like watching 1080i or 50p at realtime speed, it looks 'videoish' I have a little mission in life whereby whenever I visit someones house, I try to secretly turn off image smoothing when they are up making me a coffee as most TV's seem to have it on by default. They don't notice anything and it is back to how the film maker intended ?
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