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  1. I have been using the P4K with a speed booster since it's release and when the 6K Pro was released, said here on this forum that I was disappointed it had an EF mount. At the time, I would have preferred a mirrorless mount. Fast forward to six weeks ago and I needed a second camera so bought the 6K Pro. The mount has not been an issue and actually I have enjoyed not needing an adaptor. I work professionally in Film/TV production and both my pockets get used as B Cameras and C Cameras to much bigger A Cameras from Alexa Minis down to FX9's. While the industry standard mount is PL th
  2. Yep, fair enough. I can kind of see where you're coming from
  3. I’ll weigh in here from a professional point of view and say that while my P4K and now P6KPro get used constantly on professional shoots, I just couldn’t get away with replacing either of them with the FP, but then I’m sure I’m not really who the FP is aimed at. So not sure I’d agree with the statement that the FP is aimed at the same customer base. Just a few weeks back we used the P4K as an A cam on a large global ad campaign for a fast food chain after a Sony Venice with Rialto wasn’t available. (The camera needed to be small). DP’s love the easy menu system and image, sound rec
  4. It outputs the -20db safety out of the receiver on one track alongside the normal level output on the other track to the camera. The safety is not recorded by the TX unit, only output by the RX unit.
  5. Thanks for this, the performance looks very good. Does the unit have to be mounted at the sensor plane or is there an option to specify an offset in the menu? Also, can I toggle between manual focus and autofocus from a button on the Nucleus N or Nucleus M hand units or remotely somehow? cheers
  6. i really wanted to pre order but am waiting for better videos of the unit in use. The demo videos going from one bottle to the next were not very good real word scenarios IMO. I’d like to see how smoothly the AFC tracks a person moving away and toward the camera when paired with Tilta motors and a cine lens. Also, throw in a change of direction in there.
  7. Yep, the body alone is much beefier although I have a speedbooster mounted to my P4K 100% of the time so once you take that into account the difference is less. I also like the feeling of it in the hand more than the 4K. The battery is also sooo much better. I always used my P4K with a Vlock as the LP6N batteries were pretty unreliable and has short run times but I'd quite happily run the 6kPro on internal NPF. For me, the size is an advantage..... the internal ND's save so much time on set and the second XLR input means that the sound recordist is happy being able to feed two channels o
  8. I got mine yesterday. Didn't bother with the EVF so can't comment but the ND'S work well and no noticeable colour shift on mine. Definately 'pro enough'. This is the upgrade from the 4k I was hoping for. I will be picky and say that I'd rather the camera was in more of a box form like Komodo or zcam but the fact that it had a great usable screen now and internal ND's more than makes up for its form factor. Fan is much noisier than 4K but still acceptable.
  9. Have been using Samsung T5's since getting my Tilta cage for the P4K when it was first released. I chose the Tilta cage because it had, by far, the best cable system for USB-C and HDMI compared to ever other cage. My P4K has been used on major car ads mounted to vehicles, used in long form dramas and TVC's mounted to jibs, cranes, gimbals and used on docs in some rough and tumble environments. Never had a single issue with any of the 4 500GB Samsung T5's I've got. (touch wood!) Reliability wise, I have owned the P4K since it's release and received one of the first units and the only
  10. Modern Zeiss lenses not a fan of their ultra clinical look
  11. I also use the Sanho HyperThin's. They're fantastic.
  12. True but in his tests, he does usually have a section where he shouts into the mic to test for distortion.
  13. I used my Wireless Go II yesterday and I would have to say......"Don't buy it!" unfortunately. I too had Rode Central App crash randomly while playing files and also when trying to export WAV's more than 7mins in length. I can confirm that these issues have been fixed by the latest Rode Central app that was released today. Unfortunately the biggest bug with the system is that both my Transmitters failed to record internally on 3 out of 8 of the interviews I recorded despite me always checking that the record light was on. I have the in camera recording, which luckily is fine, but th
  14. Unless you work professionally in the industry, it's hard to get excited about this camera as the tech specs are similar to the A7SIII. Features that make your job easier and a camera easier to work with/ more reliable are overlooked by most people. Internal Fan: woohoo what a boring feature for most people but this makes the camera a far more reliable tool professionally. XLR inputs: Not sure how this isn't seen as a huge plus over the A7SIII. Tally lamps: again for most here its not a selling point but professionally very welcome. I would pay the price difference for
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