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  1. Apparently the new camera isn’t called ‘pocket’ anymore. Lots of people complained that it didn’t fit in their pockets I guess. Pretty silly really. I had a Kessler Pocket dolly many years ago…..it didn’t fit in my pocket either but I never complained about it but then I try not to take things too literally 😜
  2. Hang on!! just noticed that the new P6KFF only shoots BRAW and low res H264 proxies???? no ProRes at all or anything even remotely comparable. massive fail!!
  3. New Full Frame 6K camera looks great (internally). Love the sensor, OLPF, BRAW, open gate, DR looks impressive despite BMD still claiming 13 stops, internal proxies and a far better mirrorless mount (than EF) means adapting lenses is much easier. If using EF lenses, these is an adaptor that has a built in VariND ( I think Meike make it) so I’m not even too fussed about the lack of ND filters. Biggest issue for me still is the form factor. I’ve had a few BMD Pocket cameras from the P4K to th 6KPro and I hate the form factor. With this new full frame sensor, Black Magic have kinda made a budget Alexa Mini LF (BUDGET!) but I can’t see many film makers wanting this body style anymore.
  4. In another forum when people were speculating that it would probably just be ‘broadcast stuff’ John Brawley said “it will be worth watching” . As we know he’s pretty heavily involved in Blackmagic Cinema line cameras so 🤞
  5. Oh that’s a shame. Hope it’s better on the 15. I’m still on an 11!
  6. Can record ProRes to an external USBC SSD. 🏆
  7. It looks like it only has two audio inputs. As a solo operator, I'm using 3 or 4 channels of audio more and more. Apart from that, looks great although I'm not a fan of the EVF. Sony NEED to develop an EVF similar to the one on the Alexa Mini. It's the best of both worlds with an EVF and flip out screen in one.
  8. Yeah, if the FX3 had a good crop mode Id probably chose it as a second camera as I do sometimes need a B/C Cam when working with the FX6 and FX9 so having a FF sensor makes sense but while I can’t shoot S35 on FX3 I CAN shoot full frame on FX30 with the Metabones speed booster so to me, the FX30 is the more versatile choice. Also, when I’m B or C cam-ing to the FX6 or 9 it’s almost always with cine lenses so the lack of AF with the speed booster is a non issue. I’m also a big fan of the over sample the Fx30 sensor does. Looks great and makes the clear image zoom super usable. As an example, I used it today on a small shoot with my Sigma 18-35. Clear image zoom gives me an 18-52mm 1.8 internal zoom lens with amazing AF if I need it and an image that rivals many primes. So versatile!
  9. Of you watch the behind the scenes video I linked to above, you can see that most of the shots are actually done with a fairly minimal rig. P&S technik lenses and most surprisingly for me, a Tilta Nucleus M follow focus system! I have that system as a backup to my Teradek RT kit and really don’t know why anyone would choose it unless there were very strict budget constraints which this film wouldn’t have had. Interesting either way and with Cooke announcing native E Mount lenses l, it’s interesting to see where things are heading. as Iron Film said, I think the FX30 is a better buy. I’m a big fan of fast APSC lenses and pretty impressed how good the Sigma 18-35 1.8 performs on my FX30 with the MC11 adaptor. The AF when on a gimbal is extremely useful, fast and reliable. I’m now looking at replacing my Pocket 6K Pro with another Sony camera and while I initially thought about going FX3, I’m leaning more toward the Fx30. I like the native ISOs of the fX30 better and the price difference will be better spent on lenses I think
  10. One thing to keep in mind is that the FX3 (and FX30) are getting more video centric features via updates in firmware that the A7 series are not getting. It seems that for video creators, Sony is steering people to the FX series. I'd go for the FX3 unless you NEED an EVF
  11. Greg Fraser's latest film 'The Creator' is ENTIRELY shot on the FX3 and apparently getting an IMAX release...... Pretty impressive!
  12. Interesting but just because Samyang say they are 'Cine' lenses, doesn't mean they are. They are AF stills lenses that you can put an adaptor on to get a manual focus ring with hard stops. This will make lens changes all the more complicated as you have to remove the adaptor off the front, change the lens and then re attach the adaptor. A few extra steps. That's not to say they won't be a good option for many here.
  13. A_Urquhart


    If there is enough light indoor to play sport, there is more than enough light for an FX30 to get decent images.
  14. A_Urquhart


    ooops. Got my FX30 mixed up with my Pocket4k!
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