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  1. Looking good! I know this is just a little teaser but I'd love to see how this version tracks a person moving around the frame, toward and away from the camera. Focusing manually between two fixed points is easy and still produces a more organic focus pull but I can see this being more useful to track a person moving in frame or when on a moving gimbal. Do you have any geared manual only lenses to try this on?
  2. Gerald said that? I have lost a lot of respect for him then. How is the S1 "Obsolete"? Is it no longer usable?
  3. You have had the camera for a year. That's a fairly long time when it comes to tech but, your camera is just as good as when you bought it. It's still a great camera. You have either made your money back on that S1 over the last year and if you haven't......then the S1 is still better than what you really need and will still serve you well. I know a few ACS (Australia) accredited DP's who still shoot on FS7's despite better cameras coming along since it's release many years ago. Oh, and full articulation screen is only an advantage if you are a Vlogger. Personally, I hate fully articulati
  4. Generally, the quality of a lens is better in the centre and usually gets softer toward the edges. Using a straight through adaptor with no glass means you are using more of the centre of the lens which, in theory, is a good thing. Saying that, Metabones claim that using a speed booster actually increases sharpness and clarity but i doubt you will see any difference in reality. I really wouldn't worry about the image quality. The 18-35 1.8 is a fantastic lens with or without the speed booster. Having the two adaptors is kinda like having two lenses.
  5. I wouldn't say the Voigtlander primes are "significantly faster" than the speed boosted Sigma 18-35 1.8 (as it becomes a 1.2 with speed booster in terms of light gathering).... but yes, still faster. If I was going for native lenses, I would definitely go Voigtlander or SLR Magic Hyper Primes. I owned a GH3 a while back and had the 12-35 2.8 and the 35-100 2.8 and while the images were kinda nice (if not a little boring) I found I hated their focus barrel's fly by wire. Felt very disconnected from what was going on. It was workable, I just didn't like the experience. Maybe the Olympus are
  6. Yeah, I assume the same....I'll test it when I get my camera back. I haven't done the latest v6.9.5 camera update either so will do both.
  7. It would seem Viltrox have released a firmware update just a few days ago specifically for P4K! http://www.viltrox.com/en/index.php?m=index&a=show&cid=149&id=298 Unfortunately my camera is hired out for the next week so I won't be able to test for a while.
  8. This is true although I have never needed to use touch AF.
  9. The 18-35 is a fantastic lens! Stick with that and go for a .71x speed booster if you are planning on using APC-C lenses such as the 18-35. When I got my P4K I had a job coming up soon after. I couldn't get a Metabones adapter here in time so ended up buying a Viltrox as an interim adapter for the job. That job was a car commercial and we used the P4K as a car mounted B Cam and for gimbal shot's. The images looked great, I never bothered getting an actual Metabones adaptor, the Viltrox adaptor has not left the camera body and the camera continues to get used as a B-Cam to FX9, Alexa
  10. Yep, both good choices. All the work I do with the P4K is recorded ProRes anyway. I can't think of one paying job I've done with the P4K that has requested RAW so I don't think it's a huge loss IMO. If I'm shooting a personal project, I'll switch it to BRAW and it's nice having that flexibility in post but otherwise..... The P4K does take some rigging to make it usable on longer form work. I was lucky that I had most of the required parts already so mine is either powered via V-Lock batteries, or NP-F if the job requires a smaller camera build or gimbal work. Nothing wrong
  11. Get a Speedbooster? I'm using the Pocket4k (also M43 sensor) on jobs as a B Camera next to FX9's, Alexa Mini's, C300's, UMP G2's etc and haven't heard any complaints either on set or from post. DP's have often commented on how nice the P4K image looks. There are so many great lens choices from native anamorphic's to easily adapted full frame and cine lenses and everything in between. I actually really like the M43 format for video capture, it's extremely versatile although if stills was my main game, i probably would go larger.
  12. Maybe Tilta can join the legal fight. After all, they spent time and money developing a cage and cooling system for the R5 that will never work as the overheating doesn't exist! https://tilta.com/2020/07/tiltaing-camera-cage-for-canon-r5/ Just goes to show that companies these days don't do ANY product testing before releasing products. If they did, the R5 wouldn't be on the market and Tilta wouldn't be offering a solution to a problem that will never work. Pay your $4000 to be Canon's guinea pig. That'll show em!!
  13. Before I can suggest some cameras to you, what do you shoot? Specifically, what type of stills, what type of video, pro or hobby? What scenario do you shoot that requires a Full Frame 10bit camera but the same scenario allows the camera to be out of action for up to 3hrs at a time to "cool down" as is being reported? You saying that a camera that isn't Full frame, 10bit and has Canon's AF isn't usable? Maybe the camera isn't the issue then? And what have you been using until now that all of a sudden, the R5 is the only 'usable' option? Yes, I can still shoot 1080p50 on the R5 but th
  14. So, in reality i'd be spending nearly $4000USD ($6500AUD here in Australia) for a camera limited to 4k 24-30p? I like (and sometimes need) to shoot at 50p every now and again.....I'd have to worry about the camera shutting down after a few minutes (minutes!) and then being inoperable for 30-mins to an hour? Really? You find this OK? What good is 4K 10bit if you can't record it because the camera won't let you? I have zero care for 8K and the difficult to edit files the Canon produces without transcoding so that feature is a non issue and shouldn't even be marketed by Canon with the c
  15. PM also did a video recently stating that 'content is everything' after this whole R5 fiasco blew up. These two are really back-pedalling hard! The problem with their argument is this....sure content is king, being productive and actually making something with your camera is more important than pixel peeping and agonising over camera specs BUT when the camera you have stops you from being able to create content or stops you from being able to be productive because the camera is NOT WORKING, then it's time to ditch that POS and move on. A 4K, 1080p, 720p or even SD camera is better a
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