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  1. Devon

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Newb question here. After some reading, it sounds like I need to create a display LUT to monitor more accurately with my GUI monitor. To get as accurate as I can with a GUI display: I have a SPYDER colorimeter, and will use displayCAL to create the LUT. Once it's created, I should disable "Use Mac Display Color Profiles for Viewers" and use the LUT for output monitoring? Right? Or should I have "Use Mac Display Color Profiles for Viewers" ENABLED in combination with the display LUT?
  2. I just got me an old set of Yashica auxiliary lenses from the antique store. See the image below for the included manual. Doesn't an auxiliary lens keep the same aperture in relation to it's COMBINED (taking lens + auxiliary) focal length? For the wide auxiliary lens, why does it specify "f4" for the maximum aperture? (I think the multiplication factor of the wide auxiliary lens is really .84x aside from the manual stating "0.8x".) These lenses were usually sold for the Yashica Electro 35, which came with a fixed lens: 45mm F1.7. For example: Electro 35 Lens with no adapter: Focal length: 45mm Entrance pupil diameter (aperture): 26.47mm (f1.7) Add the wide auxiliary lens: Focal length: 45 x 0.84 = 37.8mm Entrance pupil diameter (aperture): 26.47 x 0.84 = 22.23mm Divide focal length by entrance pupil: 37.8 / 22.23 = 1.7 (f.17) Electro 35 Lens WITH wide auxiliary adapter = 37.8mm f1.7 Can somebody help me understand where "f4" comes from? Is my math/thinking wrong?
  3. I did! Looks like it is. But how is it achieving that? Is it line skipping, pixel binning, or super sampling?
  4. On the 5DMKIII, Is RAW using the full width of the sensor? I can get 1920x1280 12bit continuous RAW/.MLV with sound (using the experimental 10/12-bit RAW video "magiclantern-raw\_video\_10bit\_12bit.2019Mar24.5D3123" build. NOT Crop_rec build.) That said, on my 5DmkIII, it’s getting the full width of the sensor (I believe? Yes?). Is it pixel binning/skipping to get the full width? Or is it super sampling the whole sensor? Also, with the "mlv\_snd" module, do I still get sound if I’m doing a FPS override at an even 24.00fps? (FPS override says that it disables sound.) Thanks all!
  5. @rawshooter @Chris Whitten Really good points! Thanks! Yeah maybe I’ll avoid gray market 😕
  6. Thanks for the reply @rawshooter! It’s sounds like there not many lemons when it comes to the FP. What are your opinions on buying an FP grey market?
  7. Thanks Andrew. I guess my issue is taking the risk with gray market purchases. It seems people buy grey market camera bodies less often than grey market lenses. Do you have an opinion on gray market cameras?
  8. Have you had any issues with cameras from gray market? Are they perfectly fine? You think I’ll get updates for the FP if I buy gray market?
  9. Thanks for the info @padam! Have you purchased any camera bodies from the gray market? Einfinity?
  10. https://www.e-infin.com/ww/item/4052/sigma_fp_mirrorless_digital_camera Does anyone have experience buying camera bodies (not lenses, as the risk seems lower) from gray market sellers? They offer new cameras for about the same price (or better) than used condition cameras. So to me, if the Gray Market warranty is shoddy anyway, there wouldn't be one with a used camera anyway. So no benefits buying used in that regard. The only thing that would stop me from buying the FP from the above link is that, Ken Rockwell states on his site "In the case of digital cameras, you probably won't be able to get software and firmware updates... (https://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/gray-market.htm)" Since the FP definitely relies on the update coming out this summer, I am a little hesitant. Did anyone buy their FP from gray market? Were you able to update the firmware? Does anyone have any insights to buying camera bodies (not lenses) from the gray market?
  11. Devon

    Fuji X-T4

    thanks for the info! Is this what you’re referring to? https://www.eglobalcentral.com Looks like e-infinity has better prices still. I assume the price fluctuates between the two?
  12. Devon

    Fuji X-T4

    Thank you! Have you purchased any camera bodies grey market?
  13. Devon

    Fuji X-T4

    @Andrew Reid Have you purchased anything from E-Infinity? Is it worth it? Anybody else buy from E-Infinity/grey market?
  14. What does Davinci do with Adobe DNG embedded previews? They are ignored right?
  15. I think I’m getting there! Thanks so much Paul! I’ll keep reading about color management and scene referred workflows!
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