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  1. I haven’t really kept abreast with this thread so excuse me if this has been touched on before... I’m a long time Fuji user. Currently running with 2 X-H1’s and an X-T3. I make most of my money in the stills department but am pushing further and further into video... I have most of the native Fuji fast glass but found for video I much prefer the look of vintage glass. I was lucky enough to inherit my father’s set of Ai-s primes which I’ve cine-modded. Mounted to the X-H1’s (fantastic stills / occasional video cameras) I’ve gotten some pretty stellar results even with their limited 8 bit c
  2. I see the virtue of the box/brain form factor as dovetailing nicely with GS for handheld work... in my admittedly short time trying to master the art so much seems to come down to functional/dynamic balance of the rig... much easier to get a grip positioned on axis with the COG... of course weight helps smooth things out but one can achieve nice handheld motion with a well-balanced lightish rig.
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