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  1. Heya! No, that won't work because optics don't work that way.
  2. nope. that's not how the optics work.
  3. The ratio is skewed. Hollywood held the vast majority of the anamorphic shooting. but the projectors needed the lenses for proper screening of the films. Since Hollywood exports American culture to the whole world, endless theaters had to have their projectors capable of anamorphic screening. This is a poorly written sentence. I just woke up. But you get the idea, right?
  4. Yeah, the flares are hardcore, but you can tone them down in post in a few seconds. As for price, the Compact goes for $500, while it's hard to find a good anamorphic under $350. In the end, it's personal taste/budget. I don't have any SLR Magic lenses at the moment, nor any 2x scopes, I only held onto an Iscorama pre36, because I don't want to deal with double focus/single focus attachments. 😛
  5. Yeah, the Sankor 16-D or Elmo I will vignette like crazy on a Helios 44 speedboosted to full frame. Go for an 85mm focal length if you want full sensor coverage, or pull up 4:3 crop marks and live with dark edges in the shot. Best bang for the buck though, in my opinion, is the SLR Magic Anamorphot 40-Compact. Cheap, available, flares, gives you a taste of what the real deal is, and will work fine with your Helios on full frame.
  6. what tweak said. More like a Sankor 16-D, since the Kowa 16-D is tiny.
  7. Hey Ian! That's awesome, man! (no surprise, I must say hahahaha) Could you estimate how much raw footage (in terms of time) you have, for cutting these 17 minutes?
  8. That is A LOT more manageable, not shooting full frame makes the experience way easier and enjoyable. 😛 As for the square fronts, I love the artifacts.
  9. I heard my name and *poof!* It's not that I don't like the look of the Hypergonar (that's of my most eye-pleasing tests), but all the hassle that comes from bigger setups. Not just from Hypergonars, but the whole big projection scope lot. I'm a weakling - aka I don't do too well carrying a lot of weight - and I don't like how long the setups get. Attached is a photo I took of the setup for that video. This is the Contax 135/2.8 behind the Hypergonar, and the FVD is at the front of the system for single focus. I don't realistically see myself shooting something with that. I fear it'd snap at the mount, or be impossible to balance on a tripod/shoulder rig. Then I don't like how narrow the FOV gets, forcing you to telephoto taking lenses. If not properly rigged and supported, you end up getting some angle on the lens itself, shifting your focus plane and rendering weird out-of-focus areas that shouldn't exist.\ I also get what @Julien416 is saying about me being bothered by projection scopes. I tested a lot of them. For three years every week almost. So we built this weird relationship in which their flaws started to really get on my nerves. There are a few exceptions and surprises out there, but the hassle just makes it unbearable for me. On top of that, I'm on the cusp of getting a set of LOMO squarefronts, which changes the game completely for me. I shoot a lot of low-budget indie stuff in which the shooting itself is ALWAYS in a rush, so adding an element that's time consuming and not everyone can understand gets immediately pushed aside (which is why most of what I shoot is NOT anamorphic and I want to change that).
  10. Sci fi short, shot on Iscorama and Contax Zeiss taking lenses + Original 2.5K BMCC
  11. You can get an adapter for the FVD that gives it 72mm threads, and then just use a step ring to connect it to the front of your 40-Compact.
  12. I just posted this on my channel, it's my graduation project at film school here in Canada. Shot on a pair of Iscos pre-36 and wider shots on the Sigma 18-35 + cinemorph.
  13. They're PL mounted, so no clamps needed, thank god. And my Iscorama has the Maxiscope mod on it, so it's also super easy to handle.
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