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  1. Hey all, I recently purchased an E mount 24mm Sirui anamorphic thinking that, like my 35mm, it had an I interchangeable lens mount which it does not. Now I’m needing to sell it to get the M4/3 version. Selling for a discount at $900. Message me if you are interested!
  2. I recently bought an E mount Sirui 24mm on eBay thinking that, like the 35mm it had an interchangeable mount. It doesn’t not, fun fact! So now I need to sell it, never used, to get the right one. I’m obviously not going to be able to sell it for retail, so I’m asking for $900. If anyone is interested hit me up!
  3. Selling one of my anamorphic lenses to a good home, no scratches on the glass, the front variable diopter is less than 4 months old and barely used. Comes with custom clamp for the anamorphic and custom rear clamp that adapts to 77mm. Asking $1500
  4. YAwesome Elmoscope ii anamorphic with added threads to accommodate the Rapido FVD on the front. Comes with rear clamp with 77mm threads. No scratches on any of the glass, the FVD is only a few months old and barely used. Asking $1500
  5. Had a similar issue with my Elmoscope II, turns out the focus ring was bent in making it a hell of a time to unscrew. Cut my fingers on the threads a few times but was able to use a cut up tennis ball to give me the grip I needed to wrench it off.
  6. Ok, killing it man, so crispy. You make that A7sii look like a totally different camera! So many questions- Does that Isco really clear 50mm at full frame? Was that internal slog2, or to an atomos? Also, for the ambience, was that all foley or did you rig a shotgun to catch some of the sounds? Killed it. Definitely inspired me to try some new stuff with my work.
  7. That makes total sense. In a business environment- which I think most of us would like to find ourselves in if we can make it happen- it's not practical to jump through that many hoops for something a lot of clients frankly don't even notice. (unless you've been hired specifically for it) Those square fronts are going to be sick! How long until you think you'll be able to get them?
  8. Love the BTS shots! That's a cool connection through your job. Keep the great stuff coming!
  9. Depends on how small you need it to be! Here's a few setup recommendations from my experience. 1) The Anamorphot 50 with the Rangefinder is a classic setup, and the flares work well together. The full kit can be had for less than $800 if you wheel and deal on ebay. If you stay stoped down and don't use lenses with long focal lengths (85mm+) that is a great one to start with. People make a deal about it not being sharp due to the Rangefinder, but at the right aputure and focal length settings, it does a great job. 2) If you don't mind getting a little bigger, the Kowa prominars
  10. That is sick! Ok, more info needed- is this a commissioned project or did you do this one for fun? And I take it that was a Kowa Prominar? What kind of car mount did you use?
  11. I'm really curious to see what you guys have been able to make with your lenses! Let's see your stuff! Doesn't have to be finished, or really have any structure, just some footage you've shot! Post it here and leave the setup you used in the description! I'll start, I shot this wedding with an Ursa Mini 4.6k, a rokinon 50mm T 1.5, Rokinon 85mm T 1.5 a Schneider Super Cinelux and a Rapido FVD-16A variable Diopter. https://drive.google.com/a/kimhaskell.com/file/d/1CdLZc746FEAo-j6fRRfyh4nxUZQIpOh3/view?usp=drivesdk
  12. Only on the gh5 does it increase the resolution to my knowledge. Good point, I was thinking gh4s to bmcc 4k.
  13. Have to add this here because I think there's some confusion on crop factors, lens focal lengths and 4:3 shooting modes. First misconception I see is that "not having a 4:3 shooting mode means you are loosing resolution if you shoot 16:9 because you crop it later". You aren't, in fact. If you do the pixel math you'll find that either way, you are cropping the same amount to reach your desired aspect ratio, the only difference is one is being cropped by the camera to create the 4:3 and the other you are cropping in post. Though the BMPCC 4k doesn't yet have a 4:3 mode, you can still use 4
  14. Looking to buy a Proskar 16 in good condition. If anyone knows where I can get one, let me know!
  15. Looking awesome! I'm excited to see the finished result!
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