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  1. I'm a color junky- And I'm most interested in the Fuji X-T3 Or any of their Medium format GFX cams like the 50S or that epic 100mp coming out... but I'm also very interested in the Sigma Foveon cameras like the Sigma sd Quattro H Two topics of interest... When is the new full-frame Sigma Foveon Camera going to be released this year? And will it actually have a video mode as well as a crop mode for photos and or video to go back down to APS-C or H?? Does anyone have insider info on this... would really like to finally know this release day Furthermore, has anyone done tests (and
  2. I think the fuji has 11.2 for video mode. for photos I cannot say on the 5d I have see results vary in the range of: 9.5 10 10.3 11 11.3 11.5 11.7 11.8 So yeah.....
  3. hmmm Okay to that's good to know. Though testing for Dynamic range could be affected by shutter speed though as a result of the shutter letting in more or less light/second right?? I was figuring this is the reason for the various results of DR being measured for a given camera. So you're saying that these Dynamic range results appply equally both in the camera's still and video mode?? Somehow I doubt this because there's a higher color bit in stills mode than in video modes and such? Right? For iso then: Fuji x-T3 base for stills is iso160 while for video is iso640 For the canon 5dii
  4. Does anyone know the dynamic range of the Fuji X-T3 when taking video as well as stills when the shutter speed is set to 1/50th?? Same goes for the Canon 5diii with Magic lantern for comparison. And yes, the closest shutter on the 5diii to get to that is using 1/48th Would be great to confirm a comparison. The reason for wanting to know the actual dynamic range of both camera at this shutter speed of 1/50th (or whichever option is closets) is because I only ever use this shutter speed of 1/48 on my 5diii because it's the proper pairing with 23.98 or true 24fps when shooting video.
  5. Hmm Metabones it is then. Strange though -- they have canon FD to Fuji X... which is worthless, and yet (speedbooster or not) don't have a single 'EF' to Fuji X adaptor ughh... I'm patient to wait. Maybe the Panasonic FF cams will have a aspH or s35 crop mode for stills and video to be an alternative to the Sony's that do so... but ehhh, I truly then rather really be patient and wait to save up for a medium format Fuji and use my FF lenses on it with that fotodiox adaptor switched to 35mm mode. Or to save half the money, I'll wait and see if the Sigma FF will have a crop mode to compet
  6. Yeah... I just really do not like Panasonic-- forgetting the whole anamorphic 4:3 mode options such (we are in the ana thread), I just think the colors, skins tones, higher MP, and the larger native sensor size to start from is great with either a Sigma or Fuji. Lamely, the Sigma foveons don't have video modes (absurd!) but crossing fingers that this will change with their FF coming out this year. Plus... it won't have that ridiculous SA mount (which any third party still has yet to make an EF to SA adapter for!) thus making it useless. Thank goodness for the L Mount alliance. Now I kno
  7. Alrighty here we go!! thank you The be-all-to-end-all-grand-daddy question: does anyone know of a speed booster (or simply a focal reducer) at 0.85x??? If so which is the best one for quality?? Or I could also ask, which is the best speedbooster marked as 0.726x, 0.71x or 0.64x but in all actuality has a true measurement of about a 0.85x focal reduction??? My plan: find a .85x speed booster that is Canon EF to Fuji X -- so I can use my large collection of full-frame EF lenses on a Fuji X-T3 Alternate plan: wait to see if the New Sigma FF Foveon camera actually has a video mode + a
  8. ummm.... is your math calculations correct? I'm trying for the life of me to replicate your figures for the maths on the GH5 4:3 sensor and Speedboosters: 17.3 X 13mm X0.64= 27X20mm X0.71= 24.3X18.3mm - For the Metabones Speed Booster XL 0.64x wouldn't it be both width (17.3) and height (13) multiplied by 1.64? So instead it would come out as... https://www.metabones.com/products/details/MB_SPEF-m43-BT6 X0.64= 28.37X21.32mm - Same goes for the ULTRA 0.71x https://www.metabones.com/products/details/MB_SPEF-m43-BT5 X0.71= 29.58X22.23mm - And the Zhong Y
  9. Yes I totally made that explanation confusing. To clarify. I'm trying to get to the closest digital size as if I were shooting 4 perf 35mm film BECAUSE I know that anamorphic was created for that image size format AND THUS for 35mm lenses with an image circle to cover the size for that film negative. So X0.71 on a m4/3 sensor at 24.3×18.3mm is pretty darn close to that original film size of 23.16×18.16mm (which the cropped from 2.66 to 2.55) Caleb, can you please write out/explain the arithmetic for how you derive the mm dimensions? Reason being, I do know of another speed booster
  10. Ohh thank you so very much for this info!! My whole thing is to get to a 4:3 mode on a digital sensor that is closest to the specs size of 4 perf 35mm film. This original anamorphic cinemascope is 23.16×18.16mm So it looks like a X0.71 speed booster would be perfect for FF lenses on a m4/3 sensor since it results in 24.3×18.3mm This is even closer than aps-H at 26.7×17.9mm Cool. So here is my question then: would this m4/3 + X0.71 speed booster combo allow for being able to go to wider focal lengths before vignetting when paired with FF lenses?? In other words, does this c
  11. Yeah that would be perfect-- don't know if it exists though: a 35mm 4:3 crop mode for anamorphic .... yes, please!? But... again on the ML's canon's -- they have NEVER figured out how to simultaneously jailbreak the stills function to actually take photos of what the liveview is seeing while even in video mode-- taking stills always reverts backs to 16x9 or 3:2 now of course, one can put stills mode into 4:3 FF but again, no custom multi-sensor crop modes were ever made for the stills mode-- WHICH SHOULD BE SO EASY, especially one can already do a 2.66 video crop mode in 1080p resolution of
  12. Love the post - Yeah, I was advised on getting a Lomo square front (which is a non-projector lens setup) -- but where to get these and how to mount them and for what price?? I do not know but apparently these are the best option to shooting on a 35mm sensor size and get wide angles to 25mm - on the modern end of this same approach there is the SLR Magic which does have a 2x front element screw on solution (I believe) but I don't know how wide they can go and they have a reversed nikon stlye focus pull and the marks on the dial are entirely silly with no ft or mm distances markers. - For
  13. hello-- thanks for the response. For your simple method- I'm already employing this with my canon 5diii using magic lantern to display custom crop marks atop the LiveView. Currently i'm using one for 2.55:1 with a rule of thirds grid line. 2.55 is my final exhibition format. However, with this method, it doesn't get passed me that my HFOV is far wider than the same focal lengths of their 35mm film format and are also on a larger format to capture this virtual equivalent. Of course, this method just gets me the same perspective FOV but not with the true DOF and focal length combo as in 35
  14. One question I haven't asked-- I were to used an apsC camera like that Fuji X-T3 (which only has 16x9)-- if I were to attached an external recorder of some make & model --- do these external recorders have some sort of sensor override function? So do any allow for imposing a multi-sensor size function? Just trying to find out if there is a work around where I could force a 4:3 sensor mode via an external recorder onto an apsC camera so that I could get 2.66 out of a 2X front element adapter
  15. Hmmmm yeah I mean in many ways-- I am more so looking for a DLSR Stills Camera that can perform the duties of capture anamorphic images in-camera ~ So I can monitor the de-squeeze in camera and then have the ability to take a screen grab/screen capture/snap shot/ of that image.... (in other words, I can then avoid having to purchase and rig up an external recorder) Because If you think about it: I know now that there are now reverse speed boosters (so I can fit APSC lenses onto my 5Diii and utilize a smaller image circle lenses attached to my 2X adaptor in order to go wider into focal len
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