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  1. Someone managed to do it ? Nevertheless, I'm looking for a better taking lense. I thought about a Canon FD 50mm f1.4 but I will get vignette with a speed booster. Would you prefer using a normal adapter to a speed booster with vignette (&crop)? Best regards!
  2. Cool Idea and looks really nice. Probably, I will go for the ISCO lenses as an introduction in anamorphic shooting.
  3. Ok, thats interesting. It definitely has more character than an ISCO lense.
  4. Thank you guys for the answers! I didn't start searching for kowa or other lenses because I've read that you can't shoot under f/5.6 for example. Low light performance is important for me, so I excluded kowa, sankor(am I wrong?) & SLR. As I understand, there are important differences in golden ISCO lenses with Ultra Star or Blue Star.
  5. I looked up and found some Schneider Cinelux lenses. I have read that ISCO build better ones for my use. Still I'm interested in Schneider because there are so many on ebay. Do you have experience with both? Here from Schneider: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Schneider-Kreuznach-Super-Cinelux-Anamorphic-MC-2X-Anamorphic-Lens-Cinemascope/264457325410?hash=item3d92e28b62:g:JzkAAOSwqYxdGM4c What would you choose?
  6. Thank you ken for your response, so I see you acutally own both. Do you have video footage or pictures? I really like flares these flares, so I would go for the 3. one. Do you know anything about the min. focus on these lenses?
  7. Hey guys, actually I should work on my projects but just for a second I decided to look up some GH5 anamorphic setups. Currently I am really happy with my Leica Lenses but something is missing for me. After many hours I have found my desired setup. - GH5- - leica 42 5mm f/1.2 nocticron - clamp - ISCO Ultra Star 2x Anamorphic - Ultra Wide Adapter? Single Focus System (range finder) I guess there is still a mistake or a missing piece, so please correct me. My questions: - One calculator says that I will have a vignette and another one
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