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  1. Looks like this lens was modified somewhere. There are some little screws which can disassemble all parts. I also mods it as no lock(re-drilled holes to make it) . The rear big ring is not necessary. It was for adapting to around 71mm(70.65?) projector lens.
  2. Post a photo to have a look.
  3. I also like to mount this anamorphic lens and take photos vertically. So just looks as normal, not widescreen. 😁 1. F1.8 2. F5.6 (to get good flare, need to use small aperture)
  4. I am pretty sure Kowa B&H, 16H, 8Z and Elmoscope II (there are other re-branded name too) have the same optical glasses. Only difference are rear diameter, distance marks(only Elmo use metric system, so I keep it) and coatings, actually two color amount them. Except 8Z, I owned all other three before. I don't know why B&H's price is higher. So I sold it. Its rear diameter is bigger, so unable to mount closer to some lens. I also like metric system.
  5. I don't think so. Here are samples of Elmoscope II (=16H)with Canon 6D, 85mm f1.8 lens @f1.8.
  6. This is older model. need to modify to use with FM single focus lens. Schneider Cinelux lens are unable to use as double focus. But it is perfect to fit with FM lens. http://anamorphicshop.com/product/fm-lens/ But they like ISCO, very sharp with poorer flares(so I think golden anamorphic lens has the same characters). Maybe older model's flare has a little bit better. I found their coatings are not exactly the same.
  7. The min focus distance is 1.5m. if you want flares, just forget all golden lenses. 😀
  8. I can tell you a little bit. 1. same as 3, but might be different in coating. it is multi-color coating. 2. earlier version. IMO, 1 & 3 are better. If I remember correctly, its front rotating. 3. If I remember correctly, coating is green, more flare than 1. All of them can be used on full frame camera(3:2 photo mode) with 100mm lens without vignette at infinity.
  9. Usually, various single focus solutions has no focal length changed, which is insignificant. My way has more changed. 😀
  10. maybe no lock if not seen “lock” mark. Not every lens has it.
  11. never own this lens, usually to lock/unlock focus ring by push and pull front part.
  12. What I mean is this lens is a better choice comparing to this video: BTW, from a very basic test, I found this lens is a super wide lens comparing to most of 1.33x lens. Basically, it’s front glass and rear glass space is near none.
  13. I don’t have GoPro cam. So only interested in modifying the ana lens to work with other small cmos cam. This lens size is more useful than iPhone’s ana lens.
  14. Thank @Tito Ferradans, just found your video. 😉
  15. Recently, I got this lens as second hand https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1063456-REG/letus35_lt_anx_gp_gopro_anamorphic_lens_adapter.html But it does not like most of anamorphic lens. Looks like it has only front glass, lack of rear glass. Is it normal? How does it work?
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