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  1. depends on how you measure the length. looks you measure it at the longest. if measure in shortest, kowa's length<diameter. But Isco Ultra Star is internal focus lens, never change in length.
  2. mine is not orange flare one. ebay pn: 323677406425, not sure.
  3. I use mspaint and working too.😀
  4. I think free HandBrake can do it.
  5. This lens wide/angle is between 16H and 16D. On FF, 100mm taking lens is safe, no vignetting at infinity. 85mm lens can use in closer focusing.
  6. where you see 2.1 and 2.4? taking lens aperture?
  7. IMO, if you can use it with standard lens (50~58mm) on FF, you need to thank god. 😇
  8. I sold mine. Its IQ is much better than many other 1.5x vintage ana lens. But I can tell you, it only works on PENTAX Q or smaller cmose/ccd.
  9. try to focus(both lenses) at infinity with F11 or smaller. if still not clear, then it is misaligned issue of the ana lens.
  10. Your lens barrel has been cut out the distance marking part, obviously. Mine's price? I think it worth around $200 nowadays. Its front lens was too bad when I bought, not usable. So I took out rear lens for use with other front lens.
  11. Hey, your lens has been modified. I believe it has reached to one end. Please refer my picture. BTW, if you need, I can sell mine to you, mechanic parts only, no glasses. 😁
  12. my mod is just cut it. if you need to take out front lens, besides loosing screws, you need to soften epoxy points by heat gun.
  13. Believe or not, Moondog lens for iphone is the least distortion lens and widest too I have ever used.
  14. I think because it is projector's lens. Widescreen actually is curved. So the lens may design this way could focus on edge.
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