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  1. Be careful, built with plastic, including lens.
  2. What is difficult? The best way is using flare, with grid setting on viewing screen, to see the flare whether is horizontal. But if really no flare, you just take circle/square/rectangle object, can easy to find distortion after decompressed.
  3. Nothing to do with fps. To use 2X anamorphic lens, 4:3 video is the best ratio.
  4. IMO, this lens should work with 100mm to complete avoid vignetting. And since it is not easy to use as dual focus, focus ring is needed. FM(Focus Module) was design for it. BTW, 16H/8Z/ELMOSCOPE II are perfect for 85mm without vignetting.
  5. Ebay, search for these key words!
  6. My mounting way for 58mm filter thread (Canon 85mm f1.8) taking lens is here. BTW, this lens is easy to add(glue a step up ring) non-rotating filter thread for CPL
  7. usually, red one is more expensive. I sold mine earlier. And red one has the least flare due to its coating. following all pictures were from my lenses.
  8. Totally different shape. Big one’s front glass is much bigger. So adding filter is not easy, need 82mm or above I think. Theoretically, big one has higher resolution. I posted both samples before.
  9. ken


    Hi, I can tell you this one is exactly renamed 16D. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sankor-Anamorphic-35-J-Projection-Lens/223770656675
  10. ken


    16H and D, the difference is only view angle. the front and rear glasses size are almost same. I never own S. But looks it is close to D. might be a little bit wider.
  11. Looks like this lens was modified somewhere. There are some little screws which can disassemble all parts. I also mods it as no lock(re-drilled holes to make it) . The rear big ring is not necessary. It was for adapting to around 71mm(70.65?) projector lens.
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