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  1. It is rather funny and a good amusement that these discussions are popping up again and again. At least every time when there is a new cheap solution. And in the meantime we had so many "game changers" that I already forgot the name of the game. Thank you Tito, for sharing your experiences. Tinkering with that kinda stuff is also a good amusement for many people: Adding inserts, filters, grease on the glass and even bigger bumper stickers "super-duper-anamorphic". Sorry didn't want to be offensive. This Siriu seems to bit a show off lens compared to what it does. These Suriu, FM lens, SLR, Vaz
  2. Sorry I really don't get the point of that lens except it might be cheap (if you only want to shoot at 50m). The image is so dull and boring to say the least. Don't get me wrong Tito: You are really into what you are doing and very dedicated but as a long time "vanilla" hobbyist I am - I would not waste my money for something like that. I liked your video but honestly subtract slowmo and music and just judging on the image you'd be better of with a more beautiful spherical lenses. If you cannot afford a better looking lens or don't have the patience and dedication to cope with other solutions
  3. Really liked this lens! And the price is absolutely ok?
  4. I just care about good looking results? And if the tools are less expensive - even better.
  5. I was creating content for VR but they ditched the project because of the lack of resolution. Might be ok for gaming but not for this particular purpose. I am also creating images at 16000x12000 therefore a better monitor would be nice. When it comes to movies I love watching super-8 feature films mostly because of the colors. It is like a painting versus digital print
  6. Oh yes please... I want that cinematic-filmic-sci-fi-look for cheap. I want my footage look professional. Especially sun rays shining through leaves. And ordinary people downtown (in slow-motion of course). Add some musicians work and I am good to go! Looking forward to show "my work" on YT.
  7. Hello everybody, I'm selling a couple of diopters. They are all in good shape (Tokina and Tamron nos). - 72mm Kaiser +1 - 72mm Pallas (made in Japan) +1 - 67mm B+W 0.5 -55mm Kenko achromat 0.0 -72mm Tamron (threaded!) 0.5 -72mm Tokina 0.5 I don't have a clue about pricing. I consider Tito's list from page one outdated?! So just drop me a line when you are interested.
  8. Nice! Just tried it with ELMO II and Pana 35-100 (GH5 VLOG L). Interesting combo because autofocus sometimes helps double focus
  9. Elmo II is top notch. Elmo built some very advanced projectors and good cameras. They were and are still used by pros. Tito just had a poor example for his test. For the looke I like Moeller even more but sadly the rear is smaller. Moeller is king! Had them all and sold them. I am an idiot...
  10. Wow! You did a great job. Never tried my Isco on a gimbal. Looks very good. Color is also superb. Just a suggestion: maybe there is too much movement and slowmotion. For dramatic and dynamic reason it could be used more sparingly?!
  11. I've been filming Super8 with anamorphics a lot. The Iscomorphot is the grand daddy of Iscoramas and from the 8mm area. Maybe you could try the cheap Cosina/Revue pocket camera. They were sometimes sold with Baby Hypergonards (rarely) when I remember right. I have seen footage from that combo (hurt my eyes). I recommend using stock with very little grain: Kodak 50D. The grain will be stretched and become more prominant.
  12. This is so bad. Even filmed with a mobile phone from the white wall looks much better (when you can control the speed of the projector). Ochoypico in Madrid do a great job with a self built scanner and very affordable. Sorry got you wrong because you mentioned Kodachrome which is K14 and cannot be developed since they shut down the last lab in 2010. Thanks for your videos and comparison. Very interesting. Astonishing how good super 8 can keep up with S16 in quality (when I compare with some of my films). But still I prefer shooting film and projecting it on a big screen instead of watc
  13. A shame...? If you really think of shooting S16 you'd get an Aaton or Arri and you're fine. I think it is a shame they did not go the Polaroid direction to bring back analogue to the masses. Which is right now very successful. As same as records and soon cassettes and tape. Mattias thank you for your input and being positive. But there is something in between filming professional at big budget (S16) or filming as an enthusiast and trying to get good results. With a good camera (like the Leicina Spezial with its great sharpness and good registration) and Kodak 50D with nearly no grain
  14. Kodak missed the point! Bring back reversal film (Kodachrome, E100D) as soon as possible. And a cheap good camera like the Canon 310 and easy to use projector. The magic of motion picture film comes with the projection. All the hassle and the costs to watch the film on Vimeo, Youtube... For small digital screen digital video is just fine! http://gmpphoto.blogspot.de/2015/03/leicina-special-best-super-8-camera-ever.html
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