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  1. Thanks for reply. Yes have set taking lens to infinity etc. I have tried all focal lengths on the Super 8 cameras stated above. (I.e. Canon: 8.5-25.5mm, Eumig: 7-56mm and the Nizo: 7-56mm) Vignetting appears via the prism/viewfinder but am unsure about whether this is an accurate reflection of how the exposed footage will look. Guess I'll know once I get a roll developed! Pretty sure the iscomorphot was made for 8mm projectors/cameras and therefore would have assumed it worked quite easily with Super 8 cameras. Guess one needs to find a camera with a taking lens that has a small front diameter in order to minimize vignetting. If anybody else has any info please chime in! Cheers
  2. Hello all, long time reader here posting for the first time. My question is in regard to shooting Super 8mm with the Iscomorphot 8/1.5x The cameras I have are: Canon 310 XL, Eumig 128 XL, Nizo S560 I'm using a redstan clamp, and when I attach the Iscomorphot to each of the cameras I see vignetting through viewfinder at all focal lengths. Will this vignetting be visible on exposed footage to the same extent as that seen through the viewfinder? Is the aim to get the rear element of baby isco as close to taking lens as possible? Redstan clamp has thread which can position it either very close or a little further away depending on which way round it is mounted. Any advice on shooting Kodak Vision 3 200t and 500t with the above cameras would also be very welcome. A thousand thanks in advance!
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