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  1. Elmo II is top notch. Elmo built some very advanced projectors and good cameras. They were and are still used by pros. Tito just had a poor example for his test. For the looke I like Moeller even more but sadly the rear is smaller. Moeller is king! Had them all and sold them. I am an idiot...
  2. Wow! You did a great job. Never tried my Isco on a gimbal. Looks very good. Color is also superb. Just a suggestion: maybe there is too much movement and slowmotion. For dramatic and dynamic reason it could be used more sparingly?!
  3. I've been filming Super8 with anamorphics a lot. The Iscomorphot is the grand daddy of Iscoramas and from the 8mm area. Maybe you could try the cheap Cosina/Revue pocket camera. They were sometimes sold with Baby Hypergonards (rarely) when I remember right. I have seen footage from that combo (hurt my eyes). I recommend using stock with very little grain: Kodak 50D. The grain will be stretched and become more prominant.
  4. This is so bad. Even filmed with a mobile phone from the white wall looks much better (when you can control the speed of the projector). Ochoypico in Madrid do a great job with a self built scanner and very affordable. Sorry got you wrong because you mentioned Kodachrome which is K14 and cannot be developed since they shut down the last lab in 2010. Thanks for your videos and comparison. Very interesting. Astonishing how good super 8 can keep up with S16 in quality (when I compare with some of my films). But still I prefer shooting film and projecting it on a big screen instead of watching d16 footage on 5kmac. Unfortunately for 16mm you need much more space and the projectors are even more noisy.
  5. A shame...? If you really think of shooting S16 you'd get an Aaton or Arri and you're fine. I think it is a shame they did not go the Polaroid direction to bring back analogue to the masses. Which is right now very successful. As same as records and soon cassettes and tape. Mattias thank you for your input and being positive. But there is something in between filming professional at big budget (S16) or filming as an enthusiast and trying to get good results. With a good camera (like the Leicina Spezial with its great sharpness and good registration) and Kodak 50D with nearly no grain you can achieve remarkable results which people often think are S16! Of course the material had to be proper scanned by pros and no DIY, Reflecta, Moviescanner... (prior scanning film has to be washed and you don't want that super sensitive negative being scratched by shitty scanners and operators). If you are talking about pro stuff think about scanners like Cintel Millennium, Spirit Classic and so on And I am still scratching my head how you managed to develop Kodachrome (k14) in color...
  6. Kodak missed the point! Bring back reversal film (Kodachrome, E100D) as soon as possible. And a cheap good camera like the Canon 310 and easy to use projector. The magic of motion picture film comes with the projection. All the hassle and the costs to watch the film on Vimeo, Youtube... For small digital screen digital video is just fine! http://gmpphoto.blogspot.de/2015/03/leicina-special-best-super-8-camera-ever.html
  7. Ok, understood: You are never too old to do your home lessons... Thanks! On the other hand we are not talking about big money here... BTW I have learnt something new: Never heard FUD... And big thanks for your research. Those test footage looks really artificial and blurry. I still love old school ergonomics over software. I am an old man
  8. Yes... during long and cold nights the myths and tales from cheap Iscoramas on ebay and flea markets are told... Well, miracles do happen. But can you wait for one? But be careful of evil guys offering Iscoramas for less than $1,000. I made some experiences... Good luck!
  9. Thanks a lot. I nearly bought it. That would probably have been a waste in my case. I will rely on my tripod
  10. I am very intrigued of this. I am still on GH4. Sometimes I use a gimbal but as I prefer shooting anamorphic thats could be as solution as I think IBIS is a problem anyway? Hmmm... why is the workflow cumbersome? Found it in the FAQs - it is somewhat cumbersome!
  11. +++++Breaking News: Panasonic is actually developing a tripod with IBIS++++++++
  12. The answer is very simple I think: What do you expect from an anamorphic lens? You want a "cinematic" image with loads of character and get red of videoish look. Probably flare, bokeh... Unfortunately all those new Schneider/Isco don't get the job done. Why? Because they were built for the oposite thing - just project! a super clean, sharp neutral image. These are not tools for filmaking. I like to compare it with the use of speakers. You would not use a Yamaha Monitor One as a substitute for a Marshall speaker or VOX AC30 if you play guitar. So better avoid the hassle and shoot sperical and crop if you don't want to invest in expensive glass.
  13. Fantastic! Buy your girlfriend a nice present - maybe not at the thrift shop . Lenses look fantastic and sample image as well. I cannot imagine there is much work for the repair guy. They look like new However I never understood why Isco made a monobloc without the possibility to detach the lenses. This is totally sensless. I think these monoblocs were made for SLRs. Once you shot your 8mm (Iscomorphot - granddaddy of all Iscoramas), Super-8mm (Isorama36 and Cinegon, Isco42 and 54) or 35mm stills (Iscorama 32, later monoblocs) you detach the anamorphic lens and mount it on the Iscostat. You project everything in the perfect stretch factor and now the really cool thing happens: You watch your films or photos in glorious widescreen. The projection is what Scope is all about. That is the real fun. Widescreen/Cinemascope was not made for TV- or computer screens! I am still searching for a 1.33 anamorphic with better quality than Optex or LA7200 tried them for projection with beamer but they are to bad. For films I use Elmoscope II and Isco54. Furthermore I never understood why Isco didn't make more Iscoramas with 2x stretch (Andrew Reid has one super rare 2x). At least for the stills market. The quality with 35mm should be fine. For Super-8 1.5 is just perfect and 2x is too wide for that tiny image though.
  14. Interesting approach and nice video! It is also looking quite filmic: I have a couple of faded Eastman Kodak features which look very similar
  15. You are right regarding the answers. Maybe too many people thought this is just another "I am selling..." thread. Unfortunately too many people misuse this forum. (there is a marketplace on EOSHD!). Of course I am very interested!!! I am really looking forward of more sample pictures and maybe some videos
  16. Hi medegh2, I am very sorry! I was sure the irony is pretty obvious... Apologies for my weird sense of humor As I mentioned: Absolutely great find!!! I am jealous and never owned such thing. These are really rare. I thought they look like a 42 because they don't look like the older Iscoramas 32/36 without the rubber. Again - enjoy shooting and handle with care
  17. oh my goodness the Iscorama bubble... don't get to0 excited about these! I owned also 5 or 6 of those. But aren't these monoblocs coupled with Isco42? I sold them rather fast and got some proper anamorphics from the gold series! They are so sharp and don't destroy your image with defects like flares and so on. Yeah we want it crisp and clean. I also sold my Marshall adn VoxAC30 and play the guitar directly on Yamaha Monitor ONE. Honestly: Great "find"!!! However I would sell one and get a 54 as addition. That brings some flexibility into the game. Enjoy that beautiful glass!
  18. Hi Milton Nice shots and once again a very nice example for the beauty of vintage glass! Congrats to your tiny sweet YashicaScope! Why buy boring overpriced knew projection lenses? They are only great for projection!
  19. I have the GH4 and there is also a very convenient combo especially for run and gun: You can pair the 35-100 2.8 quite nicely with the Iscorama. You have a light weight, stabilized zoom combo. Even autofocus does work (so so). Of course it has not the character like a combo with old basic-vintage primes but it works quite nice and adds some character to the sterile GH4/5 video. ....Ah sorry.... got something wrong here: I read Iscorama and 1.5 stretch... and thought you own one :-) You should also watch out for ELMOSCOPE II They are cheaper then Kowa B+H and I am sure they are on the same level (sorry Tito: loved your comparison but I think you had a bad Elmo for the test ;-) ) In fact Elmo had and still has the best reputation and made the best projectors and fantastic projection lenses. I own four projectors and several lenses. My Elmoscope II is brilliant and easily as good as my Iscoramas and Moeller.
  20. Thank you very much for the invitation Ian and rest assured: I WILL! There are much too many grey days nowadays ;-)
  21. so beautiful and heartwarming on a cold, rainy and grey day here in Hamburg (northern hemisphere ;-) ) Thank you very much for posting!
  22. That was a great way to spend 15 spare minutes! Really a pleasure and relaxing after a long day with much work! Wonderful video
  23. The Cinegon is a single coated 36 as well
  24. I think this is basically the same like many common 16mm Projection adapters. I. e. Sankors 16 F,S,C... Bolex 16 (not Moller!), Kowa 16 S. Proscar (?).All their design is similar. Only different labels. It is often said that B&H received the better ones. But who knows
  25. Of course the mighty Iscorama 54 is the best bet for Super 8. It was built for that purpose. Works great with the high quality Schneider zooms you could find on many different Super 8 cameras especially the better ones (Leicina, Braun, Beaulieu, Movexzoom, Fujica ZC, Nikon, Canon). But this is quite expensive. I have another suggestion but I am not sure if this will work (I sold my Sankor 16F about 6 years ago...): The tiny and cheap Canon 310 XL-S is a great camera and has a very small zoom lens. This could reduce vignetting significantly. This could be a cheap alternative. Good luck!
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