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  1. Hah, thanks man. Yeah the pre-36 clears 50mm full frame (the widest you can go - any more it will vignette). Richard gale has some nice videos demonstrating this: my Nikon pancake 50mm produces very little vignetting. Ambience was sound design my brother did in post, and I recorded internally on the a7s. Glad you feel some sort of inspiration!
  2. Here is the probably the cleanest thing I have shot (a7sii, iscorama pre-36, Nikon 50 1.8): and here is just a montage from my old anamorphic set up (sun 2x, rectilux):
  3. Oh, are they no longer in production? Seems like I got mine at the right time 🤞🏻 Imo they were quite expensive (cost me a third of my actual Isco), so you’d probably have to pay over the odds if anyone did want to part with it. Well engineered though.
  4. Thanks bro. I used a zhiyun crane 2. It’s a pretty capable little unit. Considering getting the ronin s, but unsure if it’s worth it.
  5. Thanks! A7sii Cheers man. Yes I have to agree... I never actually used the tripod once due to laziness, and I did employ slow mo too much for sure. I even had to speed up some shots as I wanted them normal speed, which was annoying as i could have shot them 4K; I hate having to make the decision of slow mo when filming... wish it shot 4K/50fps so I could decide in post. It was my first time using my new phantom 4 advanced... I LOVE the images - such an insane step up from my Phantom 3 4K.
  6. As far as I am aware, the only upside is size, as it’s very compact, which is pretty nice when on a gimbal/run and gun.
  7. Cheers ! I actually only used the Nikon Pancake 50 1.8, with a variety of cheap diopters.
  8. Please do, i’d love to see it. I really would love the terra... maybe slightly out of my current price range, and might just get the a7siii... but the images look incredible. My next pick would be the ursa mini 4.6k, but it’s just too big. Am also wondering if the terra could fly on the crane 2 (or more likely ronin s), stripped back (with only the battery grip) and a small anamorphic setup like the pre-36 and pancake.
  9. Hello. I recently purchased a pre-36 from a user on here, and used it for a project; a promo for an arts fair, held on the kubrick estate every year. Hope you like it !
  10. That looks beautiful 😮 Do you have anything you’ve shot it with? And how are you finding the camera?
  11. Nice contributions so far guys.. keep em coming! I just got my pre36 and have rigged it up. Definitely missing the flares from my now sold Sun 2x.. the isco flares in such a boring way.. but the trade off is sharpness, resolution, form factor, and just about everything else ! I’m sure I’ll learn to love the isco flaring, but from my testing so far, it seems a little too ‘clinical’. Anyway, here’s a photo;
  12. Hello all. I’m awaiting my isco pre36 in the post, but was surprised to see very little photos of them rigged up (specifically on Sony a7 cams). Andrew has a few nice photos for sure on his mkiii, and I’ve seen others floating around.. but I just wanted to see how others rigged theirs, and what it looked like. I figured I’d start a thread to see what rigs looked like in general (for reference in case it interested anyone.. it’s also just nerd fulfilment). I can start to get the ball rolling, although this is no longer my rig (I sold it the other day). I’m hoping my isco setup will be much more compact, and nicer to look at. So; post up any anamorphic rig you have. Iscorama pre/36/cinegon specifically desirable to me, but any setup welcome!
  13. Thanks for the reply.. super helpful. I do kind of want to replace at least some of the body, as the isco I’m buying does look a little worn...and I hear what you’re saying about weight and size..definitely the main thing that’s holding me back. I’d like to keep the setup compact as possible, as I mainly run and gun.. I think the best option (for me) is just a proxiscope mod, with Redstan mount (Alan said he’s working on a new vari adapter, allowing optic coupling). This i feel provides the best of both worlds, in terms of focus gear, metal housing (albeit only the front half) and small form factor, with close focus. I’d maybe benefit from the maxiscope, but don’t like the rail mount that cannot be detached, and would prefer the option (akin to the v2 Van Diemen). With this in mind, do you think a Tokina achromat would be worth the purchase? I Would it increase overall image sharpness? Jeez, I haven’t even received my pre-36 yet and am already creating a shopping list around it. I’ll experiment with it when it arrives which will give me a much better idea on my needs.. Your isco looks quite beautiful btw 😮 Again, thanks for the detailed response.
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