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  1. Just bought the package for S series. It kind of pulls towards green cast a bit, and if I change tint towards magenta the lips become a tad pink. Any alternative method to try to fix that?
  2. So is this a final statement from Leica? No plans on fixing this?
  3. Translated in English, if one wanted to use v4 GH5 for S1H, should one expose the same, and then if there's some color case at which node should it be corrected? Thanks!!!
  4. Is there anyone using v4 LUT with S1H? I wondered if it could be used at all given the fact GH5 is using v-log lite. If so, could someone share few hints what one would need to do to make it work with S1H, please?
  5. BTW Why would one want to go with SL2 instead of S1H for video? I’ve also read moire is quite prominent with SL2.
  6. And I had almost sold my M10 and S1H, sacrificed fast rangefinder focusing to dingy focus peaking in EVF for SL2. Boy, I am glad I didn't do it. It was the moire that kept me away, but I must admit I was ready to swallow that too. Regarding Leica not responding, well, that's nothing new. It's their way or no way, and that's perfectly fine. They should issue you a refund, though. One of the camera's main features is not usable.
  7. Very nice. Do you use any single focus solution with it? If so, which one?
  8. Is there anyone here using Kase magnetic filters? I have tried Xume, but they add too much thickness, especially when stacked. If I received the correct info, with Kase I’d be able to attach their ND filter directly to their step up ring, and it would be really thin in profile. My understanding is Xume uses adapter ring for lens and adapter ring for filter, Kase on the other hand (if I got this right) only has lens adapter ring, and their filters have a built in ring. The problem with Kase is what if I wanted to add a diopter in front of it. I am not able to find if there’s an ada
  9. My setup is 2, 2.5kg. I like it, but need better ballhead. It is a bit hard to push it up the angle, but doable. Vertical movement might be tricky, going down especially. This review is nice, the only thing missing is variable dampening.
  10. It would slow me down, and limit the movements.
  11. So I bought the slider and like it a lot, however the ballhead it came with is not ideal for my setup. Can anyone recommend a ballhead that I could use instead? The “only” issue is I am using manfroto based plate so it has to be compatible in order to easily move it from tripod (E-Image GH06 ballhead), monopod and slider. As you can see in the second photo I use some cheap manfrotto based base on the original ballhead, but it keeps unscrewing. I cannot screw it in tight enought as the ball starts spinning at one point. Whatever I found was arca swiss based.
  12. Honestly, the number of people visiting such events is very low compared to the actual number of the consumers. Having a new product reviewed on Youtube is much cheaper, hits larger audience, and this is where it all goes. I understand your point, but it is getting "old". You better focus on the reviews, but you need to add video content, you have a good starting point. ...unless you're camera shy Cheers!!!
  13. What are the other advantages, please? Rolling shutter is just a matter of time.
  14. What loses light, FF when stopped down? That's true, but I'd say you end up with more or less the same IQ. I didn't do the comparison directly so I can assume you're right, but I wouldn't think the difference would be significant.
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