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  1. As S1 and S1H have different sensor, do you expect each would need its own set of LUTs? Also, S1H has OLPF built in.
  2. Anyone here tried S35 60fps vlog (same for HD120fps)? For some reason when I select it my files are H.265, and they appear as if they were already graded in Resolve’s Color page. When S35 24fps is set, the files are H.264 and vlog looks pale as it is supposed to in Resolve. Funny thing is I can open that H.265 in VLC player and it looks ok (pale). H.264 I cannot open in VLC player. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Tried changing data levels in clip attributes from Auto to both Video and Full, but it didn’t help. Not sure what else I could try.
  3. Right, 10ms sounds crazy good. I’ve also read (can’t remember where) that even FF 4k might be recorded 10 bit 4:2:0 internally, but that doesn’t match you chart. Are the specs you posted official ones from Leica source? One more topic, please. How big is the real life difference between pixel binning and regular 4k readout? Would there be a noticeable difference in footage if one combined SL2’s S35 and FF clips or one would only noticed it when pixel peeping? The reason I am asking is that I own M240 and few M lenses, plus S1H. I understand compromises need to be done, but the idea of having a single body to use for both, video and stills is very compelling. I am yet to do a more thorough comparison between M240 and S1H photo modes, but initial shots done by S1H didn’t hit the nail compared to M240 so far.
  4. What about rolling shutter? I’ve read on film 5d an article it is only 16ms in FF and expected under 10ms in S35.
  5. A bit off topic. From your blog: "I had to dial the temperature down to 4100 in Resolve" How do you dial the temp down in Resolve to 4100K. I didn't know one can set the temperature by Kelvin there.
  6. What do you think I am, a sponsor? Get real. BTW
  7. Same here regarding the GH5S. I can understand this is a time consuming project, but it’s been almost two years.
  8. mirekti

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    You might be right, and I have posted a wrong link above. ? Check it at 2.20
  9. mirekti

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    Did you watch the video? The organic sensor itself is also a built in ND filter i.e. the sensor itself is bringing: more dynamic range, global shutter and ND filter capacities
  10. mirekti

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    If you check the end of this video there's a statement this organic sensor will be used in Lumix series too, starting with the end of Olympics 2020. We are talking about built in ND, higher dynamic range and global shutter sensor. This is revolution!!!
  11. @Sage Any update on GH5S profile?
  12. @Sage Any updates on GH5S profile?
  13. Proxiscope will be available again if there are 10 buyers available. The survey is currently going on Proxiscope Facebook page. If there’s anyone interested in a buy please vote, I did
  14. I see your Input Color Space is set to Rec.709. Is this for CineD or you use it for vlog-l too? My impression was that input color space should match what the original footage was recorded with. BTW Any updates on GH5S profile? Thanks and cheers!!
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