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  1. I have X-T3 and before Samsung NX1. Both APSC format sensors. I always filmed with 1.5x stretch scopes. Works perfect, only sidewise a bit cropping. vimeo.com/keeswaque
  2. Thanks! where I live in The Netherlands it's all flat. We like mountains and especially this place in Austria. NX1 is a great machine, but I sold it last winter to upgrade to Fuji X-T3.
  3. One more from our holiday in Austria last summer.
  4. From last summer, finally a bit time to edit. Iscorama Cinegon mounted at Voigtlander Ultron 40/2 on Samsung NX1
  5. Thanks Attila, I used F-Log for this one and graded with Venice Cine lut; https://www.sierracreativeco.com. The oval at 2:10 is from the lens, colours from the lut.
  6. Shot this one with my X-T3 in April. I was happy with my Samsung NX1, but X-T3 is way better (except battery and grip). Filmed with anamorphic lens Bolex Moller 16/32/1.5x.
  7. Thanks Malik. It's a rare gem that Bolex. Hope you find one.
  8. This was yesterday evening in our recreational area 'Het Twiske'. Colour of the sun was extremely due to sand out of the sahara. My favourite setup Fuji X-T3 + Voigtlander Ultron 40/2 + Bolex Moller 16/32/1.5x + Rectilux HCDNA. Variable ND filter Mentter HD. F-Log, Eterna in post.
  9. Nice, what are "Paired with the usual suspects"? taking lens?
  10. In Premiere with 60% Eterna lut, saturation at 95%, Vibrance at 35% and contrast at 35%. Little S-Curve + some individual settings on the clips.
  11. My first short movie with Fuji X-T3 'Winter Efteling 2018-2019'. Filmed with anamorphic lens Bolex Moller 16/32/1.5x. HLG and Eterna in post
  12. My first short movie 'Winter Efteling 2018-2019'. Filmed with anamorphic lens Bolex Moller 16/32/1.5x. HLG and Eterna in post
  13. I do not know the others, but came from another winner the NX1. I have the X-T3 since a few weeks and I am really impressed about filming with the Fuji. Only the size and feeling in hands, battery life ... NX1 still winner. The X-T3 produces colourfull footage also when there is less light. I filmed recently at 'Winter Efteling' in the Netherlands, most shots during evening and even night. Very colourfull and even at ISO 6400 good. For (professional) photography I think perfect... for me ;-)
  14. more than 60 pages before, this thread started wit "I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!" and I have him! I sold my Samsung NX1 and bought a X-T3. Great camera for photos and filming. Now building my ideal setup that will be finished end of december I hope. I ordered the cage and some other things at Smallrig. Lens setup; Voigtländer Ultron 40mm f2.0, Bolex anamorphot 16/32/1.5x, Rectilux HCDNA.
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