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  1. Very clean is the Contax G 45mm f2.0. But you need to rehouse the lens to Leica M for better focussing.
  2. I have sold all my NX1 gear. I love new things, but to be honest; NX1 has a way better grip and I liked that camera a lot. I hacked my NX1 and that improved quality, but the dynamic range had also his limitations, especially on skintones at sunny days (whitening out). I use my camera mostly for filming with vintage and anamorphic lenses. Sometimes I use the camera professional photos for a magazine. X-T4 has a bigger battery and IBIS. Also the smart switch between photo and film is a big plus. I think when X-H2 comes out, I switch again, but then I will keep my X-T4 for photographing.
  3. Thank you! I now switched from NX1 to X-T3 to X-T4.
  4. could this be true? It seems a post from june 2020; https://www.xiaomist.com/2020/06/how-to-abandon-photography-department.html
  5. Now on my X-T4, with Bleach Bypass directly from camera.
  6. quote from your blog; "What is interesting about this is where will Fuji draw the line? Will the X-T4 get it? Will it be internally recorded on the GFX 100 to high-speed UHS-II SD card? I doubt it, but we can dream". Probably the best dream after the rumor of Samsung NX-2 Fingers crossed. Let dream come tru!
  7. NIce to read about the Bolex Moller! One of my favourite is his bigger brother 16/32/1.5x. Love to see some footage
  8. waiting for yours of course
  9. Probably the best test;
  10. hmmm... I do not know if the guy on the left is the same. Settings of the X-T4 are not OK, not sharp at all.
  11. yes, and the NX1 is 5 and a half years old....
  12. Enna is stil using NX1. I watch his films often while I also had that great Samsung camera. Now he is testing both, X-T4 and NX1. ISO jump.
  13. found this test, quit new. also about stabilizing.
  14. Andrew, as I know you own also a few anamorphic lenses. Can you please do a test with X-T4 when you have the camera? Thanks!
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