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  1. @Sage Any update on GH5S profile?
  2. @Sage Any updates on GH5S profile?
  3. Proxiscope will be available again if there are 10 buyers available. The survey is currently going on Proxiscope Facebook page. If there’s anyone interested in a buy please vote, I did
  4. I see your Input Color Space is set to Rec.709. Is this for CineD or you use it for vlog-l too? My impression was that input color space should match what the original footage was recorded with. BTW Any updates on GH5S profile? Thanks and cheers!!
  5. mirekti

    what about s1?

    Rolling shutter?
  6. @Sage Hi there. Are we close to getting GH5S conversion?
  7. While it looks bad if it doesn’t spread towards the center you should be fine. I was surprised how small the circle is used, I think it was less than 10mm radius from centre point.
  8. How loud is your PD Movie? I have received Live Air and it’s super loud. Not sure if it is faulty it is simply loud. 437308E1-2EEB-46E1-8068-491BCE872646.MOV
  9. Did you register to ask this? Googling could have been faster.
  10. mirekti

    Z CAM S35 camera

    So there’s been an ongoing thread on Z Cam Facebook group related to their Fall to be released S35 camera. The company is really trying to get customers’ input regarding the features. There’s also a rumor it would be presented on NAB. 14+ usable DR, 6k 60 fps, probably EF and M43 mounts will be available. Anyone here excited about it?
  11. I saw in this video that Radeon VII can actually work in crossfire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFoPwxr-75g&t=1540s (Warning: It is in German). Do you think/know if Resolve could make use of such configuration?
  12. Should I have HDR monitor for this to be used on timeline? Rec 709 sounds correct to me, but of course I might be wrong.
  13. I am using P4000 in my system. Adding NR and other OFX in Resolve slows down my 1008p timeline. Would it be wiser to sell P4000 and buy Radeon VII or invest in another P4000, and having dual P4000 in the system?
  14. @Sage I was thinking of experimenting with HLG a bit, but didn't find much description in v3.0, only that PRE needs to be used. What about the input Color Space in Resolve, is it supposed to stay Panasonic VLog or something else should be used?
  15. mirekti

    HLG explained

    HLG makes sense to me. For example a football match and half the field is in shade, the other lit by Sun. With SDR we can have on or the other exposed ok and that's it. HDR itself, well, that's something I really don't understand. I mean, we had HDR photos way before video, and some well processed looked gorgeous on SDR monitors. Why the heck I need 1000 nits or more in a display, a day on the beach perhaps? I am still to be convinced this HDR is the way to go, and not a marketing scheme like 3D (it obviously is, and that's what market dictates), but I am perfectly fine with 6-7 stops. Don't get me wrong, I do want a camera with more dynamic range, but only so I could be able to map it to those 6-7 stops. So SDR, with wider gamut for better colors pulled from let's say 16 stops camera and BT.2020, that's it. Example, look at some lit part of the room but not too bright, and then look somewhere where it is darker. Your eyes almost instantly adapt, open aperture for that darker scene and start noticing things. The more the stops between the lighter and darker area the more time it takes for the eyes to adjust. My question: How will HDR do that? No way, the image has to be withing certain dynamic range so our eyes can look at it at once. Not sure how much, but event these 6 stops we have right now make LCD black which is not black truly black in our head. The second thing, the area of a display is a too small area for our eyes to behave dynamically. Great video, btw. :D
  16. @Sage I still think we need a dedicated LUT for GH5S. To me, it seems there’s a bit of green cast in some shots. So even though this looks really good, it would have been better with a dedicated GH5S LUT.
  17. ...I gave up, had SW271 for a day, returned it, and purchased PVM-A250. That’s it.
  18. One thing confuses me a bit in terms of color accuracy. The monitor comes precalibrated for certain color spaces. Then you can also custom calibrate it. Let’s assume that the factory precalibration was perfect and the monitor is great out of the box, at one point in time these precalibrated profiles become bad as we all know one needs to recalibrate the monitor every now and then, correct? So what’s the use of those predefined profiles as eventually you need to use those custom ones?
  19. Yes, I am using LG 38WK95C-W as my main monitor, and that's fine. But in Resolve if you wanted to enable Monitoring (full screen preview on another monitor) I had to buy the card. Has that changed? Basically, on top of LG I have been using some old Dell Ultrasharp which started giving up, and it needs to get replaced.
  20. Ask that Black Magic, they have come up with the sw configuration in which you need to use an external reference monitor.
  21. I cannot, I am using BlackMagic Intensity Pro 4k. It has HDMI 1.4a SW271 has HDMI 2.0 and from Tom's Hardware -> Correct signal handling for all formats https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/benq-sw271-27-inch-professional-monitor,5785-7.html So if I keep my timeline to 24fps it might work after all.
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