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  1. It would also require reframing, a bulb will show up as a green blownout dot somewhere in the frame. As said, in controlled environment it is perfect, not so much in low light.
  2. No doubt they would, but my question was whether it was physically possible to build an ND throttle and a speedbooster in the same adapter.
  3. I get a strong reflection back to the sensor in certain scenarios and really hate it. In other 90% is perfect.
  4. Yesterday evening I sent them dm on facebook. Still waiting...
  5. Very interesting. What I mind about the filters is they reflect the light back from the sensor so I end up with strong and harsh reflections which are soft and pleasant without bpm filter. DFT sounds interesting, but I don’t see support for resolve.
  6. Dude, what are you on? ??? Just kidding, thank you for the reply. I know there were some filtermatic lenses in the past, maybe that approach could be taken, maybe in camera ND. Not sure which one, but I certainly need one so I can get rid of the one on the lens’ front filter thread.
  7. I would really like to see a combination of speedbooster like Zhongyi Turbo II and Fotodiox ND throttle in a single EF to M43 adapter. Do you think it is physically possible to make such adapter?
  8. @Sage Any signs of GH5S profile? Thanks and cheers!!!
  9. It would certainly be great to have such option in GH6.
  10. That's what I actually meant (4k 60p internally - 10bit 4.2.2), thanks for clarifying it for others.
  11. So Panasonic only needs to provides us with a FW upgrade that enables full VLog for GH5S (and possibly 4k 60p internally). ...not sure if the latter is technically possible, but full VLog should be.
  12. Exactly, all FFs are not there yet, and as I wrote above it is my main reason not to jump on the FF wagon. I also truly hope Panasonic understands this (the reason why they call both S cameras photography oriented cameras), and will come out with even better GH6 in a year or two.
  13. You can see it at the end here, it is the main reason I am holding off of FF for now.
  14. Is VLog for S1 only? I saw S1R has three modes, FF, APS-C and 2x in 4k, and this seems like a nice way to utilize a single lens on it for video. Ah, never mind. Now when I saw it all, where is GH6?
  15. It seems next Thursday is the day. https://www.l-rumors.com/l5-confirmed-panasonic-s1-s1r-full-announcement-on-january-31/
  16. Has AWB lock existed before or it is a new feature? This is something I really miss in GH5. ...sometimes
  17. Where did you get this from?
  18. Hm... B&H shows 600g difference (Crane 2 is 2.76 pounds) which makes the weight difference 1.34 pounds. Add an external monitor and 600g soon starts to make a big difference.
  19. Crane 2 is 500g lighter than Moza Air 2 and can handle it easily. Yes, it seems we need to wait for a next generation of gimbals. Weebill lab was so close to be a perfect gimbal.
  20. Weebill is a great small gimbal, but it suffers from the same issue most gimbals do - a too small cage. Couldn't someone finally come out with a light (maybe carbon fiber) version that has a larger cage. I was really close to buying weebill as I like the removable handle with quick release, and the fact it is so compact and adding 1 inch in each direction of the cage wouldn't make it much bigger. Ah....
  21. I was all Panasonic S1 up to discovering this. Now I don't know what to think. S1 is bulky and full frame, and this super compact which I love (especially the fact there's no viewfinder prism), video dedicated, but for some reason I am afraid vloggers' oriented i.e. it will lack many features Panasonic offers. Ah, the time will tell.
  22. I’d rather see a 24MP 4k with a better dynamic range, less noise and custom sensor reading so one could zoom in on a sensor. I know the latter already exists, but needs some improvement. Having a 35mm lens (FF eq.) which can actually be a 35-70mm zoom in single prime lens maks things much simpler.
  23. What does everyone expect in terms of dynamic range for video?
  24. Feelworld fw279 - $259 A bit above the budget, but 2200 nits, 4k, focus peaking, custom anamorphic desqueeze from 1.20-2.00... PS I use it with BP-U30 batteries.
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