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  1. On a 16:9 sensor x1.33 scopes convert that image to a 2.39:1 ratio. But if you use x1.5 you have a tiny crop but still keep all the desired traits like ovals, waterfall bokeh and distortion.
  2. yes, every so slightly in close focus, because it has a shorter nose.
  3. Would you consider selling your isco optic seperately? Thanks
  4. here's my take: -consider that the summicron has a protruding back element, so it might bump into your speedbooster XL and not reach infinity -it sounds like you're more of a proxiscope shooter instead of maxiscope. If you plan to use it as single person shooter and want to keep it light go for the proxiscope. Maxiscope is great for pro use with bigger teams, bigger sets. I would choose the proxiscope also. -for clamp i see a lot of people just stack step up rings, because you can align the iscorama. I own the redstan clamp and it is amazing. Go for that and you also have a foot, so rod support is also possible from there if needed. -enjoy that iscorama, still on the hunt for one. Hit me up if you ever plan to sell it. ?
  5. GH5, SB XL, zeiss 58mm, iscomorphot 16 x2, CoreDNA
  6. The achilles heel of the GH5 is Dynamic range imo. So when choosing between HLG and V-log I prefer more DR, thus V-log. Also as a film maker I want as much flexibility in post as possible to create a look. HLG was not designed for that. It's much more of a baked in look and if you prefer that look for your project, sure, choose it. But for creative freedom I prefer V-log much more. HLG is valuable for actual rec2020 delivery, or a work around if you don't have, or want to purchase V-log imo.
  7. announcement will be on the 6th of januari for distributors. My guess is that the press release soon follows after that.
  8. We're living in a time where the uncensored, unedited and raw media lives. This is why YouTube is so popular in my opinion. 30 minute vlogs of people rambling and saying what's on their mind. Right now the majority of viewers find this refreshing, more honest, more direct than television for example. I personally hate it. I do think this will pass though. People will get bored by this format and will look for a next development within YouTube. It's all just part of a fad, trend that will die, or transform into something else. You just have to wait it out.
  9. Back in 2013 I still used to own a menswear label. For that label we did a collaboration with Gshock, that video was based on cinemagraphs as part of the concept. Directed by Hesdy Lonwijk, DP was Tibor Dingelstad.
  10. I found that any flat Alexa LUT works quite well on V-log.
  11. Hey Aanamorphic shooters!, You're all invited to Anamorphic on a Budget in Amsterdam. Here we all can meet, network and of course show each other's anamorphic sets. The event will take place on Friday December 15th 18:00 - 21:00 at Zamenhofstraat 108 unit 201 at the camera rental Budgetcam Amsterdam. The GH5's are set up, Red scarlet-W, Varicam LT and the Ursa mini pro, so that we can test all our vintage lenses on beautiful focus charts for fun. Budgetcam provides hospitality. Access is free of charge. You can RSVP at http://bit.ly/2AnFVO2 or via tomas@budgetcam.nl! Bring your own anamorphic sets! Thanks Tito Ferradans and Tim Moichido!
  12. 50mm on a speedbooster xl is very wide, what scope are you planning to use?
  13. I respectfully disagree. Traditionally anamorphics are not bought by consumers, but strictly rented, due to their high prices. It's just us independent film makers who recently found out that stacking adapters comes close to that high end cinematic feeling. Most DP's that work with anamorphics rent them.
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