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  1. Thanks for the info everyone. What a great resource, to learn from so many generous people here. I really appreciate it. It looks like the Isco Blue Star is a good starting anamorphic. That's what their mini one is, with a part removed.Other sellers have it for less. I'm not sure about their focusing mechanism, but for starting, I think it might be best to just pick up the lens and simpler clamps elsewhere and try that first. There seem to be other options available for the price point they are selling their kits for.
  2. Hi, I'm learning about anamorphic lenses and options. I have gone through Tito's videos and guides as well as purchasing and reading the EOSHD guide yesterday. For my tastes and starting out, I am interested in the Isco anamorphic projector lenses, for their sharpness and price. I came upon ebay listings by http://anamorphicstore.com with items that I wished to ask about here. 1. Has anyone used the Isco Anamorphic Lens SINGLE FOCUS? 2. What is it? It looks to me like a Cinelux or some smaller Isco anamorphic projector lens, with a 3D printed part, and possibly a non anamor
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