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  1. Sorry for late reply, like I said at my last reply to "Malik", I have no experience selling oversea, although I buy a lot, I am little nervous about how to receive the payment, what is you suggestion? For the lens, it is a OCT19 mount, all 12 of my Lomo are OCT19 mount, didn't have the money to change them all into PL. Both the front and rear optics are in excellent condition. But on the middle optics, there is some kind of oil? Can't see it when looking through the lens, only when putting a flash light and in an angle then it will show. Original I thought it is fungus, but my lens technician said it is not, it didn't affect the picture at all so I never spend the money to take apart the lens to clean it. Attached are some photos I took last night, please review. The last photo you can see some stuff are on the middle optic.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, been running around with the family problem....... I don't mind to ship to US, but I never sell any lenses and ship oversea before, saw some bad story about getting the payment & paying the wrong guy, what will you suggest?
  3. Hi Guys, deal to my family problems, I have no choice but to sell my collection, I am located in Toronto, hope I can find a local buyer. Please help to spread the word to your friends if possible. All pricing are in Canadian Dollars. https://www.kijiji.ca/o-profile/56727740/1
  4. I saw this lens in this Forum a while ago, then somehow I won it from Ebay. I got a really good deal, and I believe it is because no one able to figure out how to mount it and make it work. It is hard but I finally figure out a proper way to build a rig for it and it work perfectly. And this lens is crazy sharp!
  5. I have them since 2014, was going to use them for my own company.
  6. I am sorry if I post this in the wrong section. If you are planning to start your Blog, I have some nice domain names for sale: Canon4K.com Fujifilm4K.com Sonyalpha4K.com Mirrorless4K.com Actioncamera4K.com I am also listing them at Sedo.com for sale. It proved that I am the actual owner of these domains, if you are interested, please feel free to make me an offer. Thanks Danny
  7. I went to Custom menu p3, Operation Lock setting - Display button and set it to OFF, but the display button still working? Anyone have the same problem?
  8. Hi everyone, just wondering who/where do you go to service or repair your anamorphic lenses? Please share with everyone, I believe I am not the only one want to find out more about this topic. Thanks so much
  9. Hi Andrew, Can you please tell me when you are using the 6K anamorphic mode with open gate, what will be the HDMI output? Wondering will it be better to record it in prores directly with an external recorder like the Shogun Inferno or Odyssey 7Q+. Thanks
  10. The anamorphic mode is in 4:3, with a 1.5x lenses, it will come out as 2:1 , and if I am trying to de-squeeze it in to 2.39:1 or 2.66:1 , it means I need to crop the footage and it is going to lose resolution, am I right or wrong?
  11. It sounds like the new anamorphic mode is only good for 1.33x and 2x anamorphic lens, anyone can share their ideas about the workflow for 1.5x lenses like iscorama & bolex anamorphot ?
  12. It may because of your HDMI cable, some of them won't support the 4k output.
  13. The price for lomo anamorphic prime lenses are going higher and higher, also almost impossible to find latest model in good condition........
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