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  1. I am no expert and have just been researching this a little and it appears that the 480 gb drives do have 512 gb of storage. It appears that what happened was SSD drives were originally labeled with there full capacity of 512 gb but only 480 gb was actually usable for storage due to over provisioning of the drive. At some point SSD's and RED switched from labelling the drives with the useable data rather than the full capacity which is were this whole mess comes from. This has been explained in the numerous threads out there and if true would make your class action lawsuit unlikely to succeed
  2. I will add the Lomo Foton 37-1400mm to the mix. One of my favorite lenses, it has a vintage look and a softness that balances out some of the sharpness of digital. It is very small and relatively light weight, considering it is all metal, and can be found for under $1K. It has an interchangeable mount that you can get several mounts for I know PL and EF for sure. It's biggest issues are that it is not very fast T4 and covers s35 so no full frame. Also they are from the 70's and 80's so condition varies. One thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't matter if the lens is parfocal if your FF
  3. Go to image size, set mode to percent and set the width to 133%, leaving height at 100% if you want to maximize image size. you can also leave the width at 100% and set the height to 75%.
  4. I have never used this particular lens but all of the anamorphic adapter I have used decreased as you focused closer. For example I had a Kowa 16H that was 2x at infinity and about 1.8x at min focus.
  5. Also I am sensing from your replys that you may not have a complete understanding of focal lengths and how the relate to different formats. If I am wrong I am sorry but I recommend you study up on that a bit first.
  6. There are no speed boosters that can boost that far, APS-C is is the maximum the GH5 can use. I believe the Pocket does have the same sensor, 4:3 and anamorphic modes are probably likely but I don't what support it currently has and what is planned. There are speedboosters that can go from FF to APS-C but it all depends on the flange focal distances of the lenses and camera. So you can buy a speedbooster to go from FF to APS-C on a Sony where you have EF lenses and the Sony E mount.. As for focal lengths and anamorphic adapters I think the widest focal length that can be used is 58mm
  7. Yes, that is basically the concept of a speed booster. A speed booster takes a larger format lens and allows you to attach it to a smaller format camera. It then strinks the image circle of the larger format lens to better fit the smaller sensor and in the process the image gets brighter. In order for this to work the flange focal distance of the lens needs to be much larger than the flange focal distance of the camera in order to fit the optics required inside. So for the GH5 it has a FFD of 18 or 20mm, I don't recall which, and you can get a speed booster for EF mount lenses which has
  8. The speedbooster basically will make the m43 sensor into aps-c size sensor while giving you about one additional stop of brightness in the image. Also I am not really aware of any cinema prime Anamorphic lenses in EF mount, that could be an issue for both the cannon and speedbooster options.
  9. Yep as stated above no such camera exists. GH4 or GH5 with a speed booster is as close as you will get. Are you sure the MIII has a 2x squeeze mode? That is news to me as I didn't think any Canon camera could do s 2x desqueeze. Are you using Magic lantern?
  10. dhessel


    Ridiculous marketing ploy, 8k is utterly useless in a home tv.
  11. FYI comments like this tend to make other not want to help rather than encourage them to take time away from their lives to help out... I have owned a dozen anamorphic lenses from the gold isco's to cineovisions but I guess the two day time limit is up for advice.
  12. This lens will most likely not be single focus. Single focus have a variable diopter design in the front which is not visible here.
  13. Here is mine, still working on how to get ND's filters. Not easy finding a cheaper mattbox that supports a 153mm rear opening. Any suggestions from any one who has rigged up a foton-A would be appreciated.
  14. It absolutely can be comedy, I have heard several funny bits thanks to the Catholic church. This is something that comedians run into all the time. Their out there making jokes and everything is fine, then they make a joke that you think crosses the line and now it is no longer jokes they are statements and the person needs to be punished. So where exactly is the line anyway? Who gets to decide? Notice how you said "talk like that" not "jokes like that", see you don't see them as jokes you see them as statements because you have just been offended and now someone needs to pay. Just becaus
  15. This demostrates one thing I realized years ago, which unfortunately many others didn't, that I will absolutely be teaching my daughter when she is old enough. Social media is dangerous,. When you put something out there, its out there. You can never take it back and the wrong thing can destroy your life, reputation and carreer. As for Gunn, I a haven't read them all. The ones I have read do appear to be jokes as he has said. I can see how many would find them offensive but the thing is these tweets as far as I know were from many years ago. People do change and it sucks that fact is not
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