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  1. I shoot on S35 and the widest taking lens I own is a 50mm.
  2. With my taking lenses I do not notice any added vignette from the HCDNA after the modification. Also with the HCDNA you get about 16" closer focus than with the FVD-35 which is quite a difference. I also think the build quality and optics are better on the HCDNA imo. On the front I have a raf camera 114mm mattebox adapter which is why it looks different.
  3. I know I will regret selling this rare beauty but family obligations are needing funds at the moment. This scope is an absolute stunner! I am selling it including a Rectilux HCDA which has had the rear milled out to fit flush over the large front of this scope without any adapters that cause vignette. Monster piece of rare glass with great 1.75x stretch. Hoping to find a new owner who will appreciate it as much as I have. Very pretty flares with a mix of magentaish and amberish colours from the gorgeous coatings. - PRICE: $3495 USD - LENS NAME: Kowa Anamorphic-35 - STRETCH: 1.75x - FOCUS: Custom machined Rectilux HCDA included - CONDITION: Lens is in great condition. Clear with no scratches, fungus, haze or dust. - PAYMENT METHOD: Paypal - SHIPPING: Will ship in pelican case within a larger padded box and fully insured. Contact with shipping location. Any questions feel free to ask. Can provide some stills to serious interested parties. Thanks for looking.
  4. Haven't done much testing yet at all. My taking lenses have a early"red p" coating from late 50's Russia as well, so together i'm still unsure of results but will post some tests soon. Just put things together for first time. I flared it with an led light once which was very blue in temp and I was shooting at 2700k so flares were very blue. Will try with gelling the led to match my shooting temp and try again. What I noticed though is it doesn't flare as easily as some lenses but when it does the image doesn't seem to lose too much the contrast.
  5. The V2 clamping system from Rapido is really solid and priced very well imo. I had rafcamera make me some custom step up fronts with a 77mm thread. Mates right to the Rapido and I used a rotating empty 77mm filter to be able to swap easier once mounted.
  6. So i've been waiting for bit for a while and patiently waiting for the Core DNA to come back in stock to finish my setup. Here is how she sits now! The new Rapido system is great. Had some custom step up rings machined by Raf in russia and everything mates together now. Once I get the rectilux i'll do an initial test then send away for cleaning/adjustment at super16 inc.
  7. Perfect thanks again for the info it's been a great help! Finally have the Kowa in my hands and it looks pretty great! Some light cleaning marks on the front but otherwise very nice from my eye. Just working on making a nice hard mount for it on some rails to start. Next step is order the Core DNA and send the pair off for machining and fine adjustments.
  8. Now lets say i'm using a taking lens designed for 35mm like old lomo's. Is there any difference in those numbers for widest? Would I be multiplying by 1.5x?
  9. I really wish I kept all my old m42 glass now. I still have a Super Tak 50/1.4, 55/1.8, 135/2.5. Interested to see what they look like with the kowa stopped down a bit. I'm shooting mainly S35 format. What math is needed to figure out the widest on s35 vs FF? 58/1.45=40mm?
  10. Fair enough that makes sense to me. No auto calibrate is probably safer bet hah. Can the core DNA be taken apart to have the rear mount milled out? I asked rectilux if he could make a custom one but he said he won't unfortunately. Was worth a shot. He doesn't seem the best at communicating which made me a little skeptical but if you say the optics are worth it i'll take your word for it. Pretty close to pulling the trigger on one. Did you mod your own setup or send away? What is your favourite taking lens with your setup? How close do you align the kowa rear element to the taking lens? Cheers!
  11. Thats great info thank you. Would you say now with those mods the unit is production useable? Would you attach a Fiz motor to the dna? How close to the front element do you have the dna? I noticed the rear is 75mm on the dna which is a bit too small to fit the kowa inside unless some machining is done to either lens or the dna?
  12. Thanks for the reply Hans. Do you have a Core DNA yourself? Could you speak of it's optical/mechanical quality at all?
  13. hey tweak thanks for your input. I wasn't really worried about what it does or doesn't cost but rather to gain some more knowledge from others who have worked with it. Can you tell me a little about the history of those optics and how much they originally cost compared to say the Kowa bell howell? During your testing why did you come to the conclusion that they are not worthy of your praise? As I understand these lenses were only made for airlines to use with expensive onboard 35mm projectors. They spent lots of money to make sure their passengers enjoy a "state of the art" flight, in return for a pricey airfare. Back when airlines had decent margins of course. These were apparently also produced in the same factory that Kowa made their cinema glass unlike their other versions of projector lenses. This is the only reason I paid whatever I did for mine because i'm not looking for just an good enough lens. I probably wouldn't pay what that particular buyer is asking due to my own budget restrictions but I didn't seek the lens out for getting a "deal". Depends on what tool you want for what job I think. What I rather be doing is buying a 3 lens Prominar cine set but I don't have a spare $45k for that investment just yet. The glass element dwarfs anything else i've looked at getting in the projector world. Will try to take some scale pictures with other lenses when I can. Will probably start by sending my copy to Bernie for inspection and any adjustment if needed, hoping he will be able to throw it on the work bench and see what shes resolving at. Interested to pair with a my minty 90's lomo 35/50/75 copies. I'm after more of the "cooke look" rather than maximum sharpness and saturation. Closer to what the Kowa anamorphic cine lenses feel like in terms of the tonality and creaminess while still retaining sharpness. Hopefully I can arrive at a winning combo eventually. Then make it battle ready for the trenches. Baby steps. What i'm on this forum for is to see If anyone has any of their personal experience with this particular piece of glass and would like to share their thoughts, observations, suggestions. I understand it is rare so maybe nobody has one on here, which is fine. Best, Vic
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