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  1. @Rikoshet No, I sold it about 2 years ago.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223735772092?&shqty=1&isGTR=1#shId If buyer lets me know they are an EOSHD member via ebay message, I'll refund postage costs to UK and Europe.
  3. When it comes to anything Apple power/ charger related - It is often best to avoid the cheap Chinese knockoffs. Always better to go for the expensive versions made in the factory next door.
  4. I think Apple are way too late to the party...like an arrogant drunk waving his wallet around. Apple won’t surpass Netflix and Amazon because they’ve insisted on being too proprietary in their thinking and have no innovation sparkle under its current dictatorship. It is essential these days for consumers to have choice of platforms to view streamed content. People expect everything to be available on a phone, laptop,desktop,TV and totally agnostic to which manufacture of peripheral you are viewing it on. Apple TV is an example of the last clinging attempt of Apple to lock and control mass
  5. For Rectilux I’ve used basic white Lithium grease that can be found almost anywhere. A good quality synthetic grease like that is sold in cycle shops or DIY stores. You can buy it in small tubes and the grease itself has a similar consistency as hand cream. In my experience, more specific greases that have thicker viscosity and higher drag values are often harder to thin to get to a desirable friction. There are quite a few synthetic grease brands out there that can work equally well, the trick is (especially with Rectilux) is to coat a very small and even amount throughout the helicoid,
  6. @billputnamphoto “So the question is, based on the photos here what's it worth”? As it stands, those web marks will effect the flare and image on that already soft lens. I guess it’s worth what anyone wants to pay for it. I’ve had a few of these lenses in the past, one in a similar state to yours that I disassembled, removed fungus, cleaned and re-lubed back to good working condition. They are not the easiest lenses to work on for a first timer though, since they are so small and quite delicately engineered. FYI I never paid more than $350 for my mint copy of that lens (3 years
  7. Not meaning to open a can of worms - but most iscorama models (at least 36, pre 36 and 54 types) have an actual stretch factor of 1.42x. But to answer the question - no, I’ve not noticed any discenable shift in ratio when setting minimum focus using the proxiscope.
  8. You don't get a dongle when buying the BMP4K - the Resolve Studio software comes on a SD card in the box. inside the SD card holder is a card with the activation code. You can also download the Resolve studio software from BM website, by using the same code to unlock and register. If reselling camera and Resolve studio, you can simply deactivate the activation inside Resolve and pass over to a new owner to re-activate.
  9. Blackmagic already have prores export functioning on the windows version of thier Fusion software...as of yesterday that was how I’d normally export ‘genuine’ Prores from my windows 7 workstation. Now with Adobe being granted prores export for windows (as long as you are on windows 10 that is) it makes life a lot easier. Blackmagic indeed need to implement prores export via Resolve - or at least a simple ‘send to Fusion’ dynamic link feature so as to make that software suite complete for windows users. DNxHD flavours are all well and good, but deliverables often need to be in a reco
  10. To be fair, it is hard to avoid strong brown tones when filming the seafront of Weston-Super-Mud
  11. A rear plug that effectively creates an aperture that is spaced away from the rear optic of the Iscorama will of course create an undesired effect. The rubber ring method however does not - because it is situated just on the very edge of the rear optic edge of the pre-36 that is collecting the light and causing the white vignette and square rainbow flare. The rubber ring is acting as a pellicle/baffle, not as a mask or iris...it is a common method (with many vintage lens designs) to help clean up just the unwanted light and edge glow from an optic edge - that can otherwise introduce contr
  12. The iscomorphot 8/1.5x is a nice lens...did not want to give it too much of a hard time, but it's limitations on wider apertures can be an issue. I seem to recall that I got some good results with taking lenses that maintained a spherical aperture when at f4-5.6. I made a fixed f5.6 spherical aperture disk for my taking lens so that I could never go wider than the baby could handle (especially on FF), the spherical disk kept a perfect oval result in the bokeh.
  13. I’ve had 3 copies of the iscomorphot 8/1.5x over the years, two with optics in fair to heavily used condition that I took apart to re-grease the helicoids...one lens that I owned was totally pristine. All lenses were soft unless taking lens is fairly heavily closed down with better performance on smaller sensors. I found that the characteristic ‘bloom’ softness that the lens has is a limitation of the front focusing optic. It is of not of a sufficient design that was intended to resolve sharpness at wide apertures on sensors with an equivalent gate size that is larger than for 8mm film, a
  14. The greater the stabilisation needed, the greater the crop will be to hide the edges of your footage from being ‘in shot’ after correction. So shooting at a higher resolution (such as 4K+) on a wider lens would be beneficial in most cases, since any post crop introduced from the software would have a negligible effect on resolution, or nil impact if delivery is HD. The nice thing about the SteadXP software is that it allows full override control of the stabilise intensity, with options to keyframe just the sections in need of maximum stabilisation. In other words, a slow keyframed po
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