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  1. Is there any chance that some manufacture created a 105mm + 1/8, +1/4, + 1/2, Achromatic Diopter?
  2. Hello, If you have a single, Atlas Orion 40mm lens for sale, please contact me as I am interested in buying it. I know someone who is selling a set and if you are interested in splitting a set and taking the 65mm or 100mm, please let me know as we can join forces. Thank you, James
  3. Hey Everyone, I've discovered a new method that is far safer than adding super glue to the metal tabs. If you remove the three metal tabs, and slowly increase the diameter of the holes in each tab by using a drill, you now have extra rotation. This extra "play" or rotation in the front lens element, will allow you to better calibrate "infinity" focus. My method: I started with a 1/8" drill bit and held the metal tab with a pair of pliers. With the drill in reverse, I started to bore a hole. After a few seconds, I switched the drill into forward mode and held on tight with the pl
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